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  1. HuskerPrideinMI

    Best iPad case

    Well I'm really surprised after all the reviews I read, but I hated the zaggmate keyboard case :(. Don't get me wrong, it's very well made. I honestly just prefer the on screen keyboard. I'm a quick touch typist and getting used to the keys just wasn't working. Also the arrow keys didn't have...
  2. HuskerPrideinMI

    IPAD usefulness..

    I think ohana may be in the same boat as I am where it's work that won't allow it
  3. HuskerPrideinMI

    Hello, my name is Rochelle and I'm an Apple Addict

    LOL I did the exact same! However I sold my touch. I actually am torn on the iPhone. I think it's only because I know I can't have one since I'm on Sprint. I would definitely get one through Verizon though. And thank you for all the welcome messages!
  4. HuskerPrideinMI

    Best iPad case

    OK I'm confused even more now :( I've seen all the mentions of the Zagg keyboard/case combo but yet I've seen so many "open product" labels on them at Best Buy. I guess I'll just suck it up and try it for myself!
  5. HuskerPrideinMI

    Hello and welcome :) Please enjoy your stay....

    Hello and welcome :) Please enjoy your stay....
  6. HuskerPrideinMI

    IPAD usefulness..

    What a great thread! I was kind of in the same place (although my iPad is so new, I didn't really have the downtime) Now I've got information overload and will be lost in the app store for awhile!
  7. HuskerPrideinMI

    What do you think you'll use your iPad for?

    So far, it's been mainly movies, Angry Birds, and constant background changing. BUT I know it will be so much more
  8. HuskerPrideinMI

    Hello, my name is Rochelle and I'm an Apple Addict

    Apple has sucked me in....I bought an iMac years ago for college, and hated it. Fast forward 10 years and I again bit the poisoned Apple. However it appears the venom has been sucked clean out and I'm now an Apple fan. Now I've added to my Apple "collection" with a new iPad, and I'm in love...