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  1. K

    Help me to decide my new purchase

    Ha. Yeah I know you were just joking. Anyways after 2 days I have no idea how to use the thing. There is just too much to do. Good luck with saving up for one. Have will power and commitment and you will always get what you deserve. I look forward to a FaceTime chat once you get there. Kendo
  2. K

    Help me to decide my new purchase

    Sorry, sorry. I wasn't mentioning it for kudos. More to tell people that it is worth the purchase. Ive had computers in the past. I've paid allot of money for computers in the past but apple iMacs just win. Just buy one. I got my, buy now pay in 6 months.
  3. K

    Help me to decide my new purchase

    Sooo.... I chose an iMac. And holly sh.......t. It's amazing. Picture is amazing. Better than the pictures for movies. Iphoto = amazing. FaceTime = amazing. iOS= amazing Amazing.
  4. K

    Help me to decide my new purchase

    I couldn't fault the Viao. If I wasn't getting Apple just to sync everything together, I'd get another Viao. Thanks for the advice so far. Are the MacBooks HD screens?
  5. K

    Help me to decide my new purchase

    Thanks. Would I use it even though I have an iPad. As both are portable. Is a mac book air better than an iMac?
  6. K

    Help me to decide my new purchase

    So, here's the deal. I'm ready for a new Apple product. I have an iPhone 4 and an iPad 1. My sony viao laptop has eventually joined the other laptops in the sky and needs replaced. My budget can stretch to about £1300. What should i get. Another iPad, an iPad 2. A MacBook, an iMac? Etc etc...
  7. K

    Video file transfer

    I found a solution to the problem. I bought an IPhone 4 and now I transfer the photos and movies directly to my iPad with the camera connection kit. I'll just use my cybershot for photos now.
  8. K

    Does ipad 3G works in India? Help!! SOS!!

    I thought that was what the search function was for.
  9. K

    Finally Sky TV in the UK to Introduce Free Sky Go Streaming for Subscribers

    Is there an app then? Or do you subscribe through a website?
  10. K

    What size is your iPad?

    64gb. I plan on keeping it for a very long time. Mainly to store photos and videos of my family. Although I'm still struggling to figure out how to get my videos on.
  11. K

    Anyone carry their ipad with them everywhere all day?

    Yep, my iPad is my ultimate companion. I use mine to watch movies while I'm working night shift or travelling on the train. I store all of my photos on it with my camera connection kit. I watch programs on it through sky tv and BBC iplayer. I download games for when I'm bored. I use it to...
  12. K

    iPad 2 is 4x Faster than Original iPad

    I can't understand how it can be 4 times faster. My iPad 1 seems lightening fast for what ever I use it for. I would like to give the iPad 2 a go just to test this out. I considered getting an iPad 2 but bought the camera connection kit and saved myself £700. I think for "kudos" sake it...
  13. K

    Video file transfer

    Hellloooooo ipal's. Here is my problem. I have Sony a w350 camera that I like to take small videos of my daughter with. I also have an iPad 1 with camera connection kit. I'm pretty good at this technology gig and kind find my way around the iPad with the best of him. What i want to do is...
  14. K

    Apple store London

    Oops. Didn't realise there was more than one in London. Ha. I'm talking about the one in Covent Garden. It's far cooler than mine in Newcastle.
  15. K

    Apple store London

    I visited the Apple store in London today for the first time and I have to say. It's amazing. I live in Newcastle, England. As far as it being a store goes, it's not your conventional place to buy something. My wife described it as a large cafe. It thought of it more of an art gallery for...
  16. K

    Smart cover queston

    Haha, sense the ironic humour numb nuts.
  17. K

    Smart cover queston

    Your mom?
  18. K

    Smart cover queston

    Who said it uses magnets?
  19. K

    Smart cover queston

    Will I be able to buy a smart cover for my iPad version 1? This is the thing probably liked the most about iPad 2 being announced.
  20. K

    Am i the only one sick of the Ipad 2 rumours?

    Oh how the irony hurts. I make a thread about not enjoying all of the ipad2 rumours and it turns into an iPad 2 rumour thread. Hahaha. Thanks guys.
  21. K

    Am i the only one sick of the Ipad 2 rumours?

    The iPad isn't a year old. I'd rather read lots of posts about the iPad. Which is real and here. Rather than rumours, false sightings and fake stories. Are you guys really that bored of your iPad already that you just sit and wish the days away for the ipad2 to arrive. Come on guys, enjoy what...
  22. K

    Is 16gb enough?

    I have the 64gig one. Haven't came anywhere near using even half of it's memory and I download movies and books like they are going out of fashion. I'm thinking ahead and hoping that the extra memory comes in handy in the future.
  23. K

    Help from the camera experts out there

    Hi all, I'm after some advice on cameras. I'm in the Market for a new one with a £200 budget. I've managed to whittle it down to a choice of 2. Can anyone help me over the finish line and tell me which one is best between the Sony Cybershot dsc w350 and Sony cybershot dsc T500. All I want...
  24. K

    My Blackberry is not working!

    Hehehe. Very funny.
  25. K

    Game: Answer question with a question

    Do i have to answer that?
  26. K


    Here's a question. Why doesn't the iPad use flash? Not that it has even remotely affected my use.
  27. K

    bestbuy and ipad 2

    No no no no no. The second you decided to mention to the forums it was a gift, you gave everyone a right to have an opinion on what a thoughtless selfish thing you did in taking your iPad back. If you honestly think your wife went out and spent a huge chunk of money on something that would...
  28. K

    Speculation Mounts that the iPad 2 Will Launch in US on April 2nd or 9th

    Naah. I disagree. I think Apple have thought about it and it make sense. Try the new one out one the Americans. Then we can iron out the faults and only annoy the Americans. That way our British customers won't have any issues, as they are most important customers to us.
  29. K

    Wallpapers for individual pages

    Why don't you just type the name of the app you are looking for, on the search page?
  30. K

    Lost IPAD Question

    Did you register it with when you first got it?
  31. K

    Wallpaper changer

    Great idea. Something so simple but would please the masses.
  32. K

    Speculation Mounts that the iPad 2 Will Launch in US on April 2nd or 9th

    I can't see the benefits of only releasing it in America before everywhere else. Does anyone have any idea why they would do this?.
  33. K

    Apple Releases iOS 4.3 Beta To Developers

    Great news. I'll probes keep by button as a mute button but I love the idea of multi finger actions. The game "mirrors edge" already utilises this. By pulling down the screen with two fingers you can pause the game. I think this feature will work really well in the iPod and movies functions.
  34. K

    Apple to freeze vacation for store employees - big product coming

    Hi, What's Verizon?, will it include UK customers and should i be excited?
  35. K

    Going to buy today.

    Buying a case/cover is a nessecity in my opinion. Even when your at home. I just have a leather logic3 book style cover that opens like a book so I don't need to remove the iPad to use it. Other than that I don't need anything else to use my iPad to it's full pontential.
  36. K

    Going to buy today.

    Your bank card pin number. Your quickest route home and the most quiet place in your house, so you can spend hours in peace marvelling at the little piece of electronic genius
  37. K

    Hello to all my fellow iPad Tappers

    Welcome red hawk. I too was in Santa good books this year. I've been using these forums for a couplemof weeks now and find them very informative and useful. But most importantly, friendly. Kendo
  38. K

    Mirror’s Edge for iPad Goes Free in Some Countries, but not the US Unfortunately

    Thank you very much for drawing my attention this. It's free and should be downloaded onto my iPad by the time I finish typing this. However, I'm not holding out much hope for it being good if theybare giving it awaycfor free. Kendo
  39. K


    Ahhh thanks for the advice N-A-P but I live in England. The splitter only ended up costing me £2 in the end, yahoo.
  40. K

    How can I check topics I've recently posted on?

    Aha, thank you very much.