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    iCloud backup reporting success. Lying.

    I have been using an iPad 3 for a long time. I have just bought an iPad Air 2. I have both devices on my desk at the moment and was planning to migrate to the new device. The old iPad has been backing up to iCloud without incident for many months. Currently it reports "Last Backup: 12:52" which...
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    Use my iPad's 3G connection from my PC?

    Thanks. I'd read about MyWi but was hoping there's a "legit" way of doing it that wouldn't require jailbreaking. I have nothing against jailbreaking but since there's no untethered jailbreak yet, I wanted to research other options.
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    Use my iPad's 3G connection from my PC?

    I'm aware that most iOS tethering conversations go the other way because people have wifi-only iPads and want to access a 3G connection from their iPhones but I want to do something different. Can someone tell me if it's possible to allow my notebook to use the iPad like a wifi hotspot?
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    Electronic Arts Holds Massive iPad Games Sale Including SimCity Deluxe

    Yup, I was wrong. Sorry. Bought a few 59p titles too!
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    Charging stand and case that work happily together

    That's good advice. Thanks. I've just seen this case however which is a possible solution: Ultra Slider Case for the Apple iPad - SGP - United SGP The trouble is, I'd like a case with a built-in stand that does the same thing (removable bottom piece for docking). I might just give up on the...
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    Charging stand and case that work happily together

    I'm due to receive an iPad as a gift in the next couple of weeks and am researching accessories. I'd like to have a docking station by my bed so that I can simply dock the tablet after use and ensure it's charged overnight. Since I have an iPhone 4 too, these two seemed the most obvious...
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    What do you think you'll use your iPad for?

    The killer app for me is Zinio. I can't wait to move my magazine reading to my iPad. Also looking forward to Kindle on the iPad and syncing my reading with my iPhone.