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    deleting photos which have been sync. to ipad

    First Happy New Year 2013, and there is a tap that you can select the photograph(s) right on the iPad 1 that allows you to delete/erase as well. Enjoy!
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    Who Drinks Coffee & Why

    I need my coffee to function at normal levels because I am on heavy medications that make me sleep all the time. If I do not drink coffee, I would just vegetate on my bed the whole day. Might as well be dead in that case. Anyways, I am diagnosed bipolar so I have to stay home and cannot work...
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    Family History

    Sometimes you have relatives watching you grow up so you do not mess up. I remember thinking I was alone and then one day my distant distant relative came back out of no where and slap me in the head for being a knuckle head! hehe Well, I got in trouble with the law to make a long story short...
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    Who's still sticking with the original iPad?

    Maybe what is meant is the street address line(s)? Of course, you can add email addresses; However, the street address line(s) might not be included.
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    Please save my sanity

    Hi. Actually, I am still learning to be a programmer so I can get something out there for iPad 1. I promised my Uncle that I would try to get an App out into the Apple Store for the iPad 1 if possible. I really took on more than I could handle. I did not know how complicated it is. Well...
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    Who's still sticking with the original iPad?

    I still have an iPad 1 that my Uncle gave to me when it was brand new. I still remember it like it was the day I unwrapped it. It was so special. I took perfect care of it for the most part. The protection for mine comes from the leather case that completely surrounds it. So, although it...
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    I am new and just introducing myself. I pray I do a perfect job.

    Hi! My name is Tien. I got this iPad classic two or three years ago. I used it for like 3 months and it was nothing to brag about. I gave it to my father and he used it to read for about a year. However, he ended up giving it back to me because my mother complained that I should be using...