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  1. dale600rr

    Apple received 4-5,000 governmental requests to access private user information

    Ye, but if the person is using iCloud for backup then access then the authorities would have access to all messages, including iMessages.
  2. dale600rr

    Skyfire To Bring Flash to iOS

    Actually, Skyfire just tweeted these messages a few mins ago: Skyfire 2.0 for iPhone update - We've received helpful feedback from Apple and hoping that we are closer to an approval Here is the latest Demo Video of Skyfire 2.0 for iPhone - Currently in the submission...
  3. dale600rr

    Ipad Charger UK?

    The US adapter is auto voltage sensing so can take either 110V or 220V so will work anywhere in the world even if it's not shipped with the UK plug. Instead of an adapter or converter, just pull off the actual plug part from the charger (thanks apple for making this 2 separate pieces) and...
  4. dale600rr

    Did a little drawing with my iPad

    Wow, that's really cool! Great job!
  5. dale600rr

    Thinking about buying an Ipad...will it work in Italy?

    The IPAD does come with a universal power adapter, i.e. it can take 110V or 220V so can work anywhere in the world. The only challenge is getting a converter that will allow a US plug to be plugged into an Italian socket. I've noticed that some people think they need to get a 110V to 220V...
  6. dale600rr

    Jailbreaking problems

    Discussing the second question is against the rules of this forum and is illegal. No help from this forum on that...
  7. dale600rr

    Thinking about buying an Ipad...will it work in Italy?

    The Wifi only version will work anywhere in the world, as long as you are in range of a Wifi access point and have access to it. The 3G version is not network locked so should also work anywhere in the world. If you are roaming on your US SIM card then expect to pay high data rates and would not...
  8. dale600rr


    Instead of an adapter, just pull off the actual plug part from the charger and you'll see that there's a normal figure-8 plug in there (see adapter type C7 on this page: IEC connector - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia). Then just go buy one of those from a computer or general merchandise store...
  9. dale600rr

    IPad Stolen

    Oh, lol! Actually, my boss paid me in full for the IPad about a month ago. Now he says that I must not worry about the money and it's not my fault it was stolen. I'm way too ethical to accept that so even if I don't get paid out by insurance, I'm going to tell him that I was and give him the...
  10. dale600rr

    IPad Stolen

    Cool! Hiring me to do what?
  11. dale600rr

    IPad Stolen

    Ye, I'm definitely filing a claim and claiming from my insurance policy that I took out for the trip. I'll be very happy to get the money back and as others have said - lesson learnt!
  12. dale600rr

    IPad Stolen

    I called Apple and they said there was nothing they could do. Unless someone can help me to talk somebody at apple that may be able to help? Thanks!
  13. dale600rr

    IPad Stolen

    Thanks all. I called Apple Care and was told by the consultant that they could not blacklist the device and that the only way to track it would be with mobile me. Thanks again for all the feedback. Cheers Dale
  14. dale600rr

    IPad Stolen

    Thanks all for the replies, some made me feel a lot better - others, well made me laugh :) I'm not expecting to get the device back, I'm just hoping that it can be blacklisted so that it can't be used in future. @windycitycouple: Any idea who to call? Do I call 1-800-MY-APPLE or is there...
  15. dale600rr

    IPad Stolen

    Hi all, I have had the misfortune of having my bosses IPad stolen out of my suitcase on the way home to South Africa from the US yesterday/today. I bought myself and my boss each an IPad in June and had it shipped to my brother in the US who I have just been visiting. I used mine while in New...
  16. dale600rr

    Anyone order and received an iPad from recently?

    I ordered 2 IPads (32GB Wifi and 64GB 3G) on the 25th of June (about 8am California time). The 32GB shipped on the 8th of July and the 64GB on the 9th. Both arrived at the destination in NYC at 10:30 on the 12th of July. The order estimated shipping on the 12th and delivery on the 15th so it was...
  17. dale600rr

    iPad Air Display App for windows XP

    Lol, yes - I was hoping for a free version of the app if I've already paid for the software. Not sure it's possible though for this particular software.
  18. dale600rr

    iPad Air Display App for windows XP

    Hi, I am a customer of yours for the Windows version of Maxivista (v4), would I also be able to use the IPad for this functionality too? How do I go about loading the software onto the IPad or do I have to purchase via the app store? Also, do I have to update the version on my PC, when I check...
  19. dale600rr double billing?

    Thanks! I live in South Africa and my bank (they are a VISA card issuer) call me any time there's a spend outside of my "usual" habits. 95% of my purchases go through without a problem, so it's good to know that if something does happen that is fraudulent that they are likely to pick it up and...
  20. dale600rr double billing?

    Thanks everybody, I checked my account online and there is only today's amount pending so that other pending obviously reversed as figmo10 said. Neither amount has actually gone through but I'll give it a day or 2 and check again to make sure.
  21. dale600rr double billing?

    Thanks, that's what I was thinking. Do you think I should call to confirm or just leave it to see what happens?
  22. dale600rr double billing?

    Hi guys, I ordered my IPad from on the 25th of June and my credit card was billed immediately and my bank called me to confirm the transaction. I received an email today from to say that the IPad had shipped and about an hour later my credit card was billed again for the...
  23. dale600rr

    Flash Runtime Ported to iPad

    Delivery date is indicated for the 15th of July, no word from Apple yet. Either way, I'll only get my hands on it on the 20th when I arrive in the states for a vacation.
  24. dale600rr

    Flash Runtime Ported to iPad

    I would be, it's the first good reason that I have found to JB. Still waiting for my IPad though!
  25. dale600rr

    Firefox bookmarks import.

    I stumbled across something called Firefox Home today which is a free app made by Mozilla for the IPhone. It has apparently been released to the App Store for approval and should be coming through any day now - and will work on the IPad although not in the full resolution mode. Have a look, it...
  26. dale600rr

    how long

    I live in South Africa and ordered my IPad through the US Apple Store for delivery to New York City since I'm going over there for my brother's wedding on the 20th of July. I ordered my 32G WIFI and 64G 3G (the 64G 3G is for my boss) on the 25th of June, shipping is on the 12th of July with...
  27. dale600rr

    Motorcycles! (take that you cagers)

    Ok, I got my post count up enough to be able to post pictures now - actually didn't take too long :) Here is my baby, '04 CBR 600RR - she's an amazing piece of machinery... Sorry for the poor picture quality, they were taken in the basement at work on my mobile phone![HTML]
  28. dale600rr

    Networking and WiFi Question

    Actually, I would say that you only need a wireless Access Point (not a router) since the router functionality is already built into your cable modem / router. These are usually fairly cheap and I'm sure you'll have no problem finding one at your local computer store. You didn't say how many...
  29. dale600rr

    Motorcycles! (take that you cagers)

    I wanted to post a pic or 2 of my bike but unfortunately I need to have a few more posts before I do... Will try again after I've posted a bit more! Dale
  30. dale600rr

    Hello from South Africa

    Hi there, My first post... Don't yet have an IPad but will be getting one when I come over to the states in July. My brother who lives in NYC is going to be ordering it on-line in a week or 2's time so that he has it when I arrive. I can't wait! Thanks for all the good information, I've been...