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  1. J

    First iPad App (ScoreCard BasketBall)

    ScoreCard BasketBall 1.1 Just released an update to ScoreCard BasketBall. New version adds Turnovers and Fouls ScoreCard BasketBall 1.1
  2. J

    First iPad App (ScoreCard BasketBall)

    I finally posted my first iPad application. My daughter's BasketBall coach wanted to keep track of the kids statistics while the game was going on so I made this app to... Well geek out during the games. Check it out and buy a few hundred copies. ScoreCard BasketBall
  3. J

    iPad Case Reviews

    Just don't like how the fuzz and crumbs get caught around the edges of the apple case. Its great for keeping the screen protected when not in use tho.
  4. J

    To 3(G) or not to 3(G)....

    Went to the Oregon Coast for the weekend. Laying in bed I decided to watch the last episode of FlashForward. No WiFi Around. 3g all the way. If you wana sell it in a few months and buy the latest and greatest, I think the 3g will be easier to sell.
  5. J

    New apps developments

    Sounds like the folks I work with... "I got a problem on one of the tools not sure what the error was or what tool but can you fix it?"