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    Viewing Outdoors

    I triple click the home button. It creates a negative image of what you are reading and makes outdoor reading simple. To undo triple click again and screen goes back to normal. In order to set up the triple click go to settings/general/accessibility/triple click home/toggle white on...
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    Could I make a call using iPad?

    Try magic jack app. Works for free outgoing calls !
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    international sim cards

    Not sure then...but mine works both in the USA and Canada...without having to get anything additional. While I bought it in the USA, whenever I buy an app I used my Canadian credit card ! Goog luck !
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    international sim cards

    I live in Canada, bought my iPad in the USA. I travel back and forth often and did not require to buy an additional simcard....using what was loaded in the iPad at time of purchase with NO problem.