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  1. GMLP

    iPAD 5 in near future!!!

    It's an iPad 3S. The upgrades were exactly the same as iPhone 4 to 4S.
  2. GMLP

    Top iPad Applications

    Skydrive app is great to backup your photos. Downloads HD is basically IDM for iPad. Any games from Rovio, Gamesloft, EA, Activision etc are recommended :))
  3. GMLP

    iPAD 5 in near future!!!

    I'm just holding off on the iPad 4 for now. My iPad 3 is still screaming fire and the old 30-pin-connector proved useful in picking up girls since a lot of them at my university are still using old devices, and just last week one of them asked to borrow my cable to charge her iPhone 4S ;p. On...
  4. GMLP

    Official iPad Owners List

    BLACK 64GB WIFI+LTE 3rd-gen iPad + WHITE/SLATE 64Gb iPhone 5