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  1. J

    New iPad arrived...Tips on what to do first?

    Sweet! Glad I could hip you to it!
  2. J

    New iPad arrived...Tips on what to do first?

    I'm surprised nobody has mentioned CloudOn yet! It does docs, spreadsheets and power points, all from your dropbox account... Runs just like ms office, and it's free!
  3. J

    Photos from Windows computer to ipad2

    Two things... Fiirstly, I've always had problems using iTunes to do anything except handle music, which I do manually by dragging stuff I want to the iPad. I never sync it, ever. So for your pics, just plug your iPad in, don't bother loading iTunes because you won't need it. Windows should...
  4. J

    Cand you sent a text message to a non idevice?

    He said he was using iMessage. To answer your question, no, not with iMessage. You can get an app called textfree and sign up for an account with them which will allow you to send unlimited free texts to any mobile number. All you need is an email address. Have fun!
  5. J

    Gmail user name & password incorrect

    If you are setting it up as an exchange account you MUST use your full email address as your username. When it asks for a server and/or domain it is Try that.
  6. J

    Gmail Contact Groups Sync with Ipad Contacts?

    I stand corrected! Sorry for the misleading answer.
  7. J

    Gmail Contact Groups Sync with Ipad Contacts?

    Sure can... Go in and add an exchange account (exchange is the key). Use as the server. Use your full email address as your username and your normal gmail password. It will then ask you for a domain, which is again You can then sync your calendar, contacts and email...
  8. J

    How to search HDd...

    Try dropbox. That will allow you to have files readily available. I use it and love it
  9. J

    How to search HDd...

    From my understanding...... The iPad does not have a file system that is like a pc in which files reside in directories and subdirectories (at least not for the scope of my post) instead, think of it as each app has its own file system and manages it's own files as needed. So when you upload a...
  10. J

    Using Dropbox

    In dropbox, when you have your list of files open, press the edit button that appears above them, it will then put minus symbols next to all of the files, press that symbol to delete the file that you want to delete.
  11. J

    New IPad won't rotate to Horizontal View

    This has happened once to me as some type of glitch... Power your iPad off and restart it. Don't just put it to sleep, but actually hold the power button for a few seconds and slide the screen to power it off. Then turn it back on after a few seconds. That will probably fix it. Good luck
  12. J

    Brightness question

    My understanding of how this works is this... You set the brightness to the desired level to your liking and then auto brightness will attempt to mimic that effect based on the current lighting situation. Basically, making the screen always look like it has the same brightness to you no matter...
  13. J

    Wrong time?

    Mine runs fast after a few weeks too...
  14. J

    Is my Ipad 2 used ?? :S

    Yeah I wouldn't worry about it at this point... I mean, it wouldn't surprise me if this shop had some shady dealings in the past based on what you said but that doesn't mean that you necessarily got screwed by them. It sounds like its under warranty and you are the first owner.. Just beware of...
  15. J

    iPad2 Face Time with iPhone4

    Go into your settings > FaceTime. In there you should have (or add one) an email address in which your friend should attempt to dial you with to FaceTime.. He should just add that email address to his contacts on his phone and make a FaceTime call to it. It's pretty straight forward. Good luck!
  16. J

    Any college professors using iPad 2?

    Yes there are copyright laws but I'm pretty certain that educational use of copyrighted material has more legal headway...
  17. J

    Good news site?

    Yeah I wasn't trying to advertise anything. I just want a good site that has articles and latest info. This forum is great too but it's nice to have a site dedicated....
  18. J

    Good news site?

    There is a great site that is devoted to the iPhone called ***************. I was wanting to know if anyone knew of a similar site that was devoted to the iPad 2?