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  1. Heaviside

    iPad stylus which has a fine tip?

    Great analysis, as usual, jsh1120, but I think you made a small "glitch": I think the Dagi is pretty poor. It is much like the Jot, but was quite ineffective when I tested it. With the conductive grease, the Jot is again my favorite for pure handwriting, with the iFaraday topping the list for...
  2. Heaviside

    iPen for iPad

    On the fineness of stroke---I think that it should in fact be possible to get it as fine as one pixel. Accuracy, though, is another matter. I think that some of these more sophisticated devices might have different mechanisms and algorithms for determining pen point location. As I recall, at...
  3. Heaviside

    Azul Player + Atomic Web = Awesomeness

    On Azul---just navigate to their website (I think it is available from the app, maybe the home button?) and they have you typing in something like Post moderated due to discussion of piracy This gets you to a download site. What is a bit strange to me is that this app is certified by Apple...
  4. Heaviside

    HAPPY FRIDAY!! What is Everyone Up to for the Weekend??

    Theravada or Mahayana Buddhism?
  5. Heaviside

    iPen for iPad

    The iPen looks interesting, but I have to admit it, the Cregle Penbook looks even more interesting! If and when either hits the market I will be interested, but 89 bucks for the iPen as a Kickstarter gamble is too much. I invested twenty or so in the Adonit Jot Kickstarter, only to find that...
  6. Heaviside

    Why is 3G so expensive?

    Yep! Deregulation has unleashed the Wall Street vultures and the banks, created a piranha filled jungle river of the cummunications industry, and led to pandemonium in the air travel industry. Have you ever tried to sit down and really dompare the various plans offered by cell phone companies...
  7. Heaviside

    Connecting iPad1 to TV

    I have been having good luck with my Apple tv in conjunction with AVPlayer HD and also with AZUL. But if you have .avi videos (and maybe some other formats as well?) you will have to convert them with Handbrake or somesuch to stream them. I went through the same thought process as you and...
  8. Heaviside

    Jot Stylus

    Well, at this point I would go for the iFaraday. I personally favor the SALT (shallow angle light touch) model for my handwriting style. It is reliable and does not skip. Of course it doesn't have the precision of the Jot. But don't be afraid of taking the disc off the Jot. It doesn't...
  9. Heaviside

    Jot Stylus

    Too bad Fortigurn's posts were removed. Seemed to me that he was just being helpful, and not pushing the product---at least on this thread. I just saw this on the Adonit web sit and thought it might be of interest to others as well: "Well, the academic year is wrapping up, and I had a lot of...
  10. Heaviside

    What are you reading now?

    Ender's Game was great. Haven't read any of the sequels. Just finished Dune (again). First read it in serial form in Analog. Haven't read anything by Cherryh. Which is first in the series? I will give him a try. Really liked what I have read of Haldeman. I think only the first volume of...
  11. Heaviside


    Yeah, I've been following your posts with interest, JSH. Just wasn't sure how they compared with whatever is considered as standard. And I thought that portability was a big issue for you. I do appreciate Rich's pix and discussion also. That helps. I have an Apple docking station cum...
  12. Heaviside

    What are you reading now?

    "petit enfant" = grandson en francais. I'll have to try Plainsman. Please post your thoughts on the Martin stories when done. The only stuff I have read by Farmer IS his Riverworld series. Have to admit that he kept me going through the whole thing.
  13. Heaviside

    What are you reading now?

    The best of Zane Grey (IMHO) is Riders of the Purple Sage. I, too, am an SF fan---though of the "hard science" variety: Heinlein, Azimov, etc. Also like the River World series by Phillip Jose Farmer, and even some fantasy---say by that consummate master, Roger Zelazny. Haven't read The Last...
  14. Heaviside

    Everything to do with XMAS!

    Sounds to me like something that oozes out of a blister on Santa's hand that he acquired from holding on to that huge sack!
  15. Heaviside


    Rich, Could you give me some idea about the size? Unfortunately, few of the keyboard descriptions I have read---including the one for the Appe---give me any indication of how their sizes compare with the "standard" keyboard. I am looking for typing comfort, not portability. Got any feel for...
  16. Heaviside

    Strange Alerts

    Yep. You are right about the cable: it's a cheapo that I got because of it being much longer than the Apple Store version. So there is indeed a poor contact problem, but I can manually hold the connector so that it maintains contact as I pick the iPad up---and I still get tehe beeps. P. S...
  17. Heaviside

    What are you reading now?

    I'm a Louis fan also, but I think I've read 'em all. Ditto for Tony Hillerman. Currently, I am reading Kindling by Neville Shute. Just finished Pied Piper by Shute.
  18. Heaviside

    Everything to do with XMAS!

    Well, I went to the "Laughs" thread---and spent way too much time reading the whole darned thing!
  19. Heaviside

    Strange Alerts

    Nope, the "maybe not" unfortunately seems to be the case. Went there, did that, but mo luck. Maybe it's the CIA or FBI or Homeland Security checking what I am doing? Or maybe extraterrestrials about to invade through our iPads?
  20. Heaviside

    File manager

    Just to add my two cents of nonsense from my two-bit memory banks, I think that the biggest bane of Windows is that $&&@&$!! registry. When you uninstall a piece of software, the uninstaller typically does not remove all the registry keys. For that reason, I almost always run a utility called...
  21. Heaviside

    Home Weather Monitors?

    Thanks a lot for the links. My wife is an avid and "certified" weather nut, so this thread has given me a great idea for a Christmas gift. The Davis weather station looks good, but some of the comments on are not too favorable. For example, one guy has had two. He claims that the...
  22. Heaviside

    Jot Stylus

    Just tried blowing into the swivel joint, then reassembling. Great improvement.
  23. Heaviside

    Drawing Stylus

    You might check for threads on styli on this forum. For me, the Dagi is a "nonstarter," and the Adonit has some problems---which, if solved, make it the front runner. The iFaraday, at present, is the most dependable.
  24. Heaviside

    Strange Alerts

    Since upgrading to 5.0.1 (or maybe it happened in 5.0?) I have been getting seemingly random audio alerts. They sound the same as incoming email notifications, but occur at other times as well. Seems to happen each time I pick the iPad up (maybe the inertial sensor?) and often when I touch the...
  25. Heaviside

    Everything to do with XMAS!

    It ain't Christmas 'til I've watched this at least twice.
  26. Heaviside

    Jot Stylus

    Any idea what this stuff might be: "(GB-OX guard)"?
  27. Heaviside

    Jot Stylus

    Here's another post on the Adonit forum. Haven't tried it yet, but it looks like a plausible cause and remedy. "For the Jot to work, the metallic cross imbedded in the disk must make electric contact with the ball tip. In my case, this contact was intermittent. I fixed this problem by (1)...
  28. Heaviside

    iSwifter Problems?

    Yep, it's all about i. (Thought it was "all about me," but times do change.) And if iSwifter doesn't improve it's goin' in the dustbin!
  29. Heaviside

    Adobe Indesign

    Does anyone use Adobe Indesign to publish ebooks for the iPad? If so, any comments?
  30. Heaviside

    Anyone self-pub in iBookstore directly?

    Times 2. That's just what I want to do. Apple publishes a tutorial on their website that is downloadable, but I find that math equations get messed up in the exportation process.
  31. Heaviside

    Free word processor?

    The crazy thing is, I don't even write for living, or even as a hobby. Why am I buying these apps again? Undoubtedly because you have the same disease I do: a fascination with TOOLs! I don't mean wrenches and power saws, but creative tools. At least that's the rationalé I've always given my...
  32. Heaviside

    Good email app

    I am using it as my primary app, though it does seem to use the native email app for sending out messages. The single shortcoming I have seen thus far is that there is no setting that will strip the mail from the remote server after it downloads. Gotta' use the desktop to clean out the account...
  33. Heaviside

    iSwifter Problems?

    recently saw another thread about Swifter and was prompted to download it, but have been noticing that movies play in a rather jerky fashion---even at times when my wifi service is pretty good. Anyone else noticed this? Know of any fix?
  34. Heaviside

    The future in our hands?

    Well, interesting commentary. I am clearly not as savvy about computing trends as you guys, but its main benefit for me was the simple message that maybe one day we will be able to actually sever the umbilicus that attaches us to Mother Desktop. (We are still tethered, virtually at least, via...
  35. Heaviside

    anyone having trouble with New Yorker app?

    I have similar problems with my New Yorker, but also one I han't seen mentioned. Maybe this is a dumb question, but isn't the download supposed to continue if you switch to another app and leave the first one suspended in memory? Doesn't work on the New Yorker for me, though it does for email...
  36. Heaviside

    Jot Stylus

    Just an update: I did take off the screen protector and the skipping was still too pronounced for me to use the Jot, alas. How about a bit more detail of how you cleaned it? I used the dishwashing liquid with only my fingers, then used a paper towel to pat it dry. Probably was still damp in...
  37. Heaviside

    The future in our hands?

    thought I would share the followin analysis article that I just turned up. It deals with the tablet versus pc's in a way I found to be kinda' provocative. Hope you will find it interesting too.
  38. Heaviside

    Tab Key in Pages?

    Just an update: if you press the screen at the cursor a menu will pop up that gives you the option of inserting various things, one of which is the tab (to your previously set) next tab point.
  39. Heaviside

    Keyboard "Hesitation"

    I, too, have that hesitation---which can be awfully annoying. I think it only happens when I am using an app that interacts with the internet, like filling out passwords for access to forums and the like.
  40. Heaviside

    Apple Rumors

    In paging through my Flipboard app this morning I ran into an interesting "Apple rumor" article (not from the Apple Rumors website, though, if I recall rightly). Apparently the author of the Steve Jobs bio has just discussed a recent interview with Jobs in which he said that Apple was...