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    Message poping up ...... Driving me crazy

    Either take your iPad into your carrier's retail location or to an Apple store to the Genius Bar. They are far more likely to sort this out.
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    Enhanced for ipad 4

    And the best news is you can each take your iPads with you fishing. Hmm... is there a fishing app?
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    Sick of passwords!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    NOPE! you can not use passwords that have been already used. I tried that. It does not allow this to be done!
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    Sick of passwords!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I got my new iPad 4th gen and during the process of setting it up it asked me for my Apple password. I typed it in and it did not recognize it. I made sure I typed it right and paid attention to each and every character while entering, but still it would not recognize it. Then a sreen comes up...
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    Mystery Manor

    I just started up my new iPad by installing my iCloud backup from previous iPad, and I am being asked the same thing. Wants me to register, but doesn't take me anywhere to do that. Any help out there?
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    Mystery manor questions

    I just got my iPad 4th generation, installed my iCloud backup from my iPad 2 that I did last night. I opened Myster Manor and it asked me to sign into the Game Center, which I did. Everything is there, my ID, my achievements etc. But when I try to do anything it says I need to register. But...
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    Just recieved my IPad 4, anybody else

    Just recieved my iPad 4th generation minutes ago. I am restoring it from the iCloud backup of my iPad 2 which I did last night. Bwaaa Haaaaa!!
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    Where can I buy a case for the Ipad 4

    Will cases for the iPad 2 be way too big for the iPad 4th gen? I have a couple iPad 2 cases and if I don't have to buy one I'd prefer not to, but I do want to protect it well.
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    Please, someone correct me if I am wrong, the iCloud's advantage is that it keeps track of where you are while reading. If I am reading a book on my iPhone and get to page 12, later in the day if I open my iPad to read the same book it will be updated through iCloud to let the iPad know that I...
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    Camera+ by TapTapTap

    So the reason Camer+ is so much better than the Apple standard ap is Camera Awesome. Got it. Really apreciate that!
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    Camera+ by TapTapTap

    Can anyone tell me why Camera+ is a better ap than the Apple camera that comes with the iPad. I'm am hearing alot of noice about this ap, but no one is telling me any specifics. Any info appreciated.
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    Cracked Screen - Too Easy!!!

    This is a perfect storm event. Everything lining up just right for the worst to happen. I had a iPhone4 enclosed in a very good case. I was sitting in a chair & placed it into the cargo pocket of my shorts. I missed and it fell just 24 inches onto a carpeted floor. It hit on the corner and...
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    Double emails

    I expereinced the same. I deleted all my email accounts completely from iPad, did a hard reboot, then reinstalled the email accounts. Seemed to fix everything pretty good.
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    Passbook will evolve & expand as time goes on and more users & providers see how to use it.
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    MP3 having trouble getting it into iTunes

    Customer service just got back to me. Seems that the udgraded Ios and Safari are adding an extention to the Mp3 file which directs it to the iQ player and keeps it from going to iTunes. They recommended deleting the current file, then opening Firefox and downloading it again and it will open...
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    MP3 having trouble getting it into iTunes

    I subscribe to a subscription service that sends me a MP3 each month. I open it and it opens directly into my itunes as an audiobook. This month when opening the download, it opened in the iQ player. A search for the file shows it in my iMac as a movie file and it will not move over to...
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    Rant against Hollywood

    Just wanted to vent about greedy %#&*%(^(#% in hollywood. The Hunger Games was released on DVD BluRay Tues. Got all excited to see it, I don't go to the theaters anymore, too expensive. Get home last night fire up the iTV go to iTunes, no The Hunger Games to be found. Search this morning on...
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    Amazon releases Amazon Instant Video app for iPad

    WOW! All this promotion for such an assume idea. I downloaded the app, because I have a number of TV shows I bought through Amazon. They stream nicely on my iMac. How fantastic it would be to send them to my TV through this app over airplay. It DOES NOT work! I only get audio no video...
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    Generic chargers for ipad2?

    Personally I would only use Apple chargers. I once bought a generic power cord for my apple laptop & it shorted out within a month. Never again. Also if you go into an apple store they might just give you a new one if within warranty.
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    Leaving the AppleTV on.

    I always turn mine off at the end of any use. However, within a day or a week, I'll walk by and see that the light is on, then have to turn on the TV switch the imput and turn it off again. Small PITA. Don't know why this happens, I have been assuming Apple is performing an update or...
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    Internet Browser for IPad 2

    Best user guide and free is in iBooks. Safari can be saved with a home page of your choosing. Or you can just save one in your bookmarks and be there with one click.
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    can't tell if i have a glue spot or nail mark on the edge my iPad

    Don't see a thing friend. If it is in the black border or on the edge, you will never notice while you are giving your attenion to the screen. Not a even a little deal in my opinion.
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    iPad 3 - Hype for the Gullable

    I don't understand the reason for your initial post. Do not like the hype? That is what marketing is supposed to do, increase sales. Is that a bad thing? Any reasonable person weighs the hype against personal needs and desires and makes a decision. And that decision is theirs and theirs...
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    Will the iPad 2 Section Die Once Everyone Gets Their Hands on "The New iPad"

    When will they change the name of the iPad3 forum to the 'New iPad' forum. And I am waiting for the 'Newer iPad' forum, then the 'Newest iPad' forum, then the 'iPad to the 6th power', '7th power'... adinfinitum.
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    Apple’s next iPad will be available on March 16th, additional launch event planned !

    USA has four time zones! Which 10:00am???? Actually 5 when you consider Hawaii.
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    iPad 3 Launching March 7?

    Which & where are the right blogs?
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    How can I keep my iPad safe from little fingers?

    If they come over often enough, I would just buy another iPad just for them. Maybe an iPad 1, would be cheap enough.
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    Changing Internet Providers

    When changing routers from what was first installed by your provider, you might want to give your provider a call. When the router that my provider provided died, I called them for a new one and they told me I would be better off getting my own, but I would have to call them, as they have to...
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    Have You Got “iPad Shoulder�

    Can hold it until I need glasses? Give me a break. You can't turn around without someone being offended by something or some researcher finding something wrong with something. If you look for something broken you will always find it. If you look for what works well you will always find that...
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    Is Evi as Good as Siri?

    The servers being overrun just shows how much interest there is in this type of program. $0.99 is a great way to experience this. To me it looks like the expectations of how much interest there is was way low. I'll bet the company is scrambling to get upgraded to handle the demand and in a...
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    Trojan virus:

    I use tapatalk when on my iPhome & iPad, but at work I use a pc. I just found out that I got a Trojan virus 'maljava' from visiting one of the forums I frequent on the PC. Can the same virus infect my iDevices if I go to that forum through tapatalk?
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    iOS 5 Sync Questions

    I was assuming that the sync worked automaticlly somehow. Just last night I discovered that while I no longer have to attach the wire between my iOS device and my computer, I still have to open iTunes on the computer, select the particular iOS device and manually start the sync process. That...
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    Question about I go to this site via safari on my iPad2 and I see no way to sign in to anything. All that somes up is links to instructions to activate iCould, install Find My Phone and install Find My Friends. iCloud is activated on my iPad2. Am I mising something or on the...
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    Thinnest iPad 2 keyboard case Available For Order

    Just got my thin keyboard ordered off of Ebay. That was pretty fast shipping. The packaging was outstanding. The keyboard came in its own original box. The instuctions are on the box, nothing else inside the box except the unit. My iPad2 clipped into the cover with a little effort. The...
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    Thinnest iPad 2 keyboard case Available For Order

    Would you beleive greasy...... not creasy. See what I mean about the stylus? Could be operator error, but I doubt it.
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    Thinnest iPad 2 keyboard case Available For Order

    There is what appears to be the same item for sale on Ebay for $39.95 + free shipping. I just ordered one. For $40 bucks, even if it is crap I can have some fun with it and maybe type a little better. I use a Stylus because I just hate a creasy glass. If this will set up nice on my lap while...
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    Connecting to iTunes from another computer to download iOS 5

    I was hoping that iOS 5 would be available before I had to leave for work. It was not. I will not be back home to connect to iTunes for another 9-10 hours in order to download from there. How much hassel would be involved in trying to install iTunes on my work PC downloading iOS 5 while at...
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    IOS5 release confirmed for 12th October

    Where ever you are on the planet, it is always 'now'. Which means Everyone will be trying to download at the same now. #servercrashanyone?
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    I just got the app tapatalk & thought I could access this forum through it. But it appears this forum is blocked & it won't work. Anyone know what is going on?
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    iPad 2 & amazon instant movies

    I was interested specifically if anyone has experience using their iPad2 to view movies from Amazon Instant viewing & sending it to their HD TV. Did the picture fill the entire screen? Was it easy? How was the picture quality? Did you use Apple TV or HDMI directly from iPad2 to TV? I am really...