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  1. thelaurelflower


    Ya isn't it awesome? :D
  2. thelaurelflower


    Hey everybody! I just wanted to share that I have gotten iPhoto on the iPad 1! And it's really cool! If you want instructions on how to do this, reply to the post.
  3. thelaurelflower

    Ok weird random thought...

    What happens to the data on your iPad or other Apple device when you restore? I mean ya I know it deletes it, but it deletes it to WHERE? Just thought I'd throw that out there... :)
  4. thelaurelflower

    Epson NX625 not recognized in Air Print

    Thats not an HP printer is it??? Air Print can only print to HP printers, at least thats wat I have been told. Please correct me if I'm wrong... :D ~Banana+Ll
  5. thelaurelflower

    setting up iphone for ID question???

    He didnt say that the yahoo did NOT work, he was simply asking if he should use the apple ID he normally uses, or the account which he rarely uses. I would still go with the Yahoo because if that is the Apple ID you use for the App Store as you said, that will be the one that lets you...
  6. thelaurelflower

    iPad 1 wont update to iOS 5

    THANK YOU IT WORKED!!! ~Banana+Ll
  7. thelaurelflower

    setting up iphone for ID question???

    generally you use the one u use for buying apps/music/movies. So use the yahoo
  8. thelaurelflower

    iPad 1 wont update to iOS 5

    Whenever I click the update button in iTunes for my iPad 1, i get an error message saying "iPad not eligible for the requested build" I'm running iOS 4.2.1 on the iPad My computer is a Mac OS X 10.7.2 Lion My iPad is jailbroken using tethered RedSn0w Thanks!!!
  9. thelaurelflower

    Ios 5 update wont install

    You didn't do anything wrong. Don't worry! All it is is the new iOS 5 software requires a restore and iTunes is just checking that you understand this (which most people don't) and is pretty much saying "WARNING THIS WILL RESTORE YOUR IPAD BACKUP FIRST!" So before you continue make sure you...