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  1. K

    Please help with Textplus (ad-free) app

    Hi, I bought the Textplus app today and am trying to get it set up on my 3G iPad. I don't own an iPhone or iPod so the app concept is a little new to me. I have registered with Textplus and everything seems good to go but my trial text messages shown as sent have not been received by the...
  2. K

    What case do u get for your iPad?

    I have a CaseMate Gelli skin for my iPad and a Booq Taipan XS carrying case, both of which work very well for me. The Booq is a messenger bag with a velour-lined zipper compartment which encases my skinned iPad plus it has lots of extra slots for cords, stylus, folding keyboard, etc, without...
  3. K

    Having trouble finding value in my iPad -- about to return...

    As a casual user, I would like to see it have the capability to replace my laptop for casual use. Sorry if that's not exactly what you want. To each his own. FYI, I'm on my third MacBook Pro. Relax, please.;)
  4. K

    Having trouble finding value in my iPad -- about to return...

    I understand/agree with your point re: Office. Just saying it doesn't replace a laptop at this point which is a direction I'd like to see iPad go in the future, especially at this price point. I paid close to a grand for my 3G 64 with tax and Apple Care!
  5. K

    Having trouble finding value in my iPad -- about to return...

    I agree with Steve Jobs that Flash is problematic. However, at this point in time, much web video is Flash- based and the lack of Flash-compatibility limits my iPad' functionality. Haven't you come across something unavailable to you because of Flash when browsing on your iPad?:)
  6. K

    Is there a point of having an iPad if you own an iPhone

    My iPad experience has caused me to long for (pine for, actually) an iPhone or at least one of the better android phones. We signed a new contract with Verizon for BB Storm 2's in February. Considered the iPhone but couldn't go with ATT's sketchy service in our area. Now that I have the iPad...
  7. K

    Having trouble finding value in my iPad -- about to return...

    Don't understand why this person should be flamed for posing this question although I REALLY love my own iPad. The iPad experience would be even better if the iPad was Flash-compatible and had the ability to run MS Office and save files on the device. I use my iPad mostly as a replacement for...
  8. K

    For those looking for Bags for Ipad

    Booq Taipan Shadow XS. I have this messenger bag and it's awesome. Has a velvet-like, padded inner pocket for the Ipad plus other pockets for charger and other accessories. Not big or bulky but holds Ipad plus accessories easily and safely. Expensive but worth the $$ in my opinion.