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    DIY ipad stylus in 3 minutes

    It worked for me, but soon stopped working, must have a loose coniption.. DAN
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    Homemade Swing-Arm Mount For Headboard

    I like it.. Dan
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    The Daily - iPad's Very Own Newspaper!

    $4.29 per month
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    The Daily - iPad's Very Own Newspaper!

    $51.48 per year.
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    My cheap iPad DIY

    My den is called "Dirtydan's Dungeon" Dan
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    My cheap iPad DIY

    I went to and purchased an Ipad Mount cradle (17.95), also a Ram-B-201U-c long length dual 1" socket arm (17.95), and two Ram B-202u 1" ball base plates (6.10 each). These items will attach to an articulating wall mount just like in the picture from the OP, this was from Amazon...
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    What does your Screen Name/Member ID mean?

    Ok, While working the warrant detail I used a few tricks to catch the bad guys, maybe they were "dirty", maybe they were not,,, Dan
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    What does your Screen Name/Member ID mean?

    Name was bestowed on me by my police partners.
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    Who wants their screen rotation button back?

    Nothing on mine, supposed to Mute sound. Dan
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    iOS v4.2 Update Begins to Roll Out

    Got mine, I had i-Tunes 10.0 and it made me install 10.0.1, then during install of 4.2.1 I had to do a restore. All seems well now. Gotta figure out how to make folders now. Dan
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    How Much Have You Spent Protecting Your iPad?

    Tuf Luv leather case, Speck Shield View, nearly $100
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    My cute little gal photo

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    Extended iPad Charger - $1.14

    No, I don't have a USB extension to test with, just the 10' Apple to USB
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    Alternative photo app?

    Not sure about that, I have only played with it, did some photo editing, each time you complete an edit, it makes a new file for that photo. Dan
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    Extended iPad Charger - $1.14

    I use "Kill-a-Watt", with Apple cable it shows 10 watts, with 10' monoprice it shows 5 watts. Dan
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    Alternative photo app?

    I use Photogene , on My pc I use Irfanview. They are quite simular, Photogene has a little more to it. Dan
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    Extended iPad Charger - $1.14

    Does that still put out 10watts like the short cable? I purchased 10' cable from Monoprice andit only puts out 5 watts, this will only charge when iPad is turned off. Dan
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    A Change in the Tuff-Luv iPad case...

    I like mine also. Do you people think that Tuf Luv is real leather?
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    Just bought ipad, I am so lost as to what style case to get.

    If you have lots of coins, you might want to check out the Tuf Luv, napa leather, black, has stand for Portrait or Landscape. Dan
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    iPad screen scratch protector thread...

    I use a Speck Shield View Anti-Glare Matte finish. It doesn't get finger prints very much, and they clean off easily. As far as effecting the picture, I can't tell the difference from the original iPad screen, except it has a dull finish when observed with the iPad turned off. Easy to install...
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    How to....

    Check your "Photo" folder, should be in there. Dan
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    Update fears

    I updated both iTunes and iPad last night, when I got to the iPad update it showed I wasn't connected to iTunes,I was connected. I then tried a Restore, no go. I re-booted my PC and tried again, bingo, it did it's thing. Dan
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    Which screen protector that doesn't result in a grainy screen

    Speck Shieldview 2 pack anti-glare Matte. This went on easy and I can see no grainy effect. It cleans real easy. -Dan-
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    iPad Case Reviews

    Tuff-Luv multi-viewâ„¢ Napa Leather case cover for Apple iPad & 3G - Black | Buy iPod and MP3 Accessories YouTube - The Best iPad Case - Tuff-Luv Multi View for iPad This is the Tuf Luv, very nice, but expensive. The guy on You Tube says it is not real leather, this is not true, it is a fine...
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    Official iPad Owners List

    I received my 32 wifi on the 25th of this month
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    What's the Secret to Putting on Screen Protectors?

    I put a "Speck" protector on myiPad. This has peel-off sheets on both sides. I had not used the iPad, so it was clean, I wiped it with micro cloth, then peel a couple inchs of the bottom sheet off and lay the bared part on the screen lining it up perfectly, now I slowly peeled the of the...
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    Does anyone have an extra long Apple charging cable?

    I bought two 6' iPad cables from Monoprice, total cost $5.01 to the house. These cables are only 5 watt but they still charge while the iPad is in use, so I guess they will work as long as I don't need a quick charge when battery level gets way down. Dan
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    What is your ipads name?