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    iPad 2 May Have Five New Features Including Video Phone and 3-Axis Gyroscopes

    SO, retina display is about the size of the screen not DPI? Please correct me if I'm wrong here. I need to learn more.
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    Getting Started With iOS 4.2

    This thread is upsetting.
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    iTunes Announcement Scheduled for Tomorrow

    They mentioned the Beatles thing tonight on national news so i doubt that is it.
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    Knowing what you know NOW ~ would you still buy your ipad?

    I like my iPad so much I started a development company for it.
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    Is getting a 3G Ipad worth it?

    The 3G version also has the gps chip in it for navigation. I use mine all the time on the road.
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    Watch Live TV on the iPad.....No APP or Hacking needed.

    I have yet to use it for over a min without it crashing and when it does crash it freezes my iPad for about 2 min, I cant even power it off. Needs lots of work.
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    Database app to begin?

    I have several apps that are just data, I had to hire a programer to make a database program for the iPhone and iPad then I load my data in it and sell it through the app store, pm me, if my database code can be modified for your data easily id sell it to you as long as we are not competing.
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    iPad waterproof case...

    I have a sailboat and am on the sailboat forums, you guys would be surprised by the amount of people with sailboats that use ipads for weather, navigation and entertainment related stuff. It keeps the salt spray off it.
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    My email sent box disappeared

    No, I'm on 3.2.1 never did the upgrade.
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    My email sent box disappeared

    I have 4 or 5 email accounts set up on my iPad, two days ago my sent folder or sent box disappeared so now I can't see what mail I have sent. I have not made any changes to my iPad or email accounts. Does anyone know why this happened and how I get them back? Thanks!
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    iOS 3.2.2 Released

    Word on the street is it was close but had some recently discovered security issues (whatever that means) that they fixed and are beta testing now. I hope it comes out in the next 30 days, the jailbreak out now for ois4 will not work on it from what I'm told.
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    Car Tell Auction Prices - confidential dealer prices

    I just used an app called Car Tell Auction Prices to help me buy my Audi S8. It lists how much dealers pay for their used cars at dealer only wholesale auctions. Talk about having some serious negotiating leverage! The data base is fantastic, it has over 60,000 records from the last 30 days...
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    I just bought an Audi S8, it's an older used one but a really sweet ride and get this car guys, I used the new iPhone app called Car Tell Auction Prices that tells you how much dealers buy their inventory for, it's awesome if you want to make sure dealers are not trying to take advantage of you...
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    iOS 3.2.2 Released

    :D I'll hold off. Thanks!
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    iOS 3.2.2 Released

    Does it lock your iPad out from being jailbroken?
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    Do you wish you had purchased the 64gb?(32gb owners)

    Some really good points in this thread, I'd go no less than 32gig (for me, everyone will have different needs, obviously (some people could careless about movies and if your one of those 16 gigs will be fine)) if you can afford 64g why not? The thing is I bet we are going to see some REALLY...
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    iPad Gets iOS 3.2.1 Software Update

    Yes, my router is also a net gear, it's really fast now, about equal to my home computer.
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    iPad Gets iOS 3.2.1 Software Update

    No probs here with the update. Is it just me or does your iPad also run a lot faster over wifi?
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    Do you wish you had purchased the 64gb?(32gb owners)

    I bought the 32 gig 3G because the 16 & 64 gig ones were sold out, I have no regrets. I'm over 16 gigs, prob around 19 now. I have a lot of apps they only take up 2 gigs, the rest is music and movies that I can put back on my laptop anytime if need be to free up space, I really don't need 50,000...
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    how fast is your wifi ipad speeds?

    Running speediest my download speed results are all over the board each time I run it, the slowest is 1.5 mb (download) fastest was 7.5 mb, upload was slow but consistent each time at 471kbs or almost half a mb. I'm on time warners high speed cable in Kansas city.
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    Blackhawks Win the Stanley Cup!

    Congrats Chicago! I wish I were there, a friend who is there just posted some pics on Facebook, the town is parting tonight!