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  1. HedgeHogLuvva

    Movies, old and new

    Work being the very last?
  2. HedgeHogLuvva

    ipad2 and printing webpages

    Double swiped :)
  3. HedgeHogLuvva

    Who will be the Future Direction? Android or Apple?

    Hopefully it will drive down prices too
  4. HedgeHogLuvva

    Noob Fanboy Introduction

    Squeezing juicy insider news for ipf....
  5. HedgeHogLuvva

    Kodak Playsport Videos on the Ipad?

    What is the filename? It needs to be in mp4 format. If it is like dscXXXXX.mp4 where XXXXX is between 00000 to 99999 and stores them in dcim/100msdcf then in theory you should be able to copy them to the ipad, it doesn't have to be 100, higher also works, not sure about lower, as my camera...
  6. HedgeHogLuvva

    Who will be the Future Direction? Android or Apple?

    Lol speccy 48k...... Used to live next to a computer store, pretty much lived there lol I remember having to set the volume just right or it didn't work!
  7. HedgeHogLuvva

    Will Apple ever make an ipad with an sd card slot?

    Depends on the drive, i have several, some of the same size, yet only some work, depends on the power they draw Corsair flash voyager 2gb works for reference That has become my ipad movie drive :)
  8. HedgeHogLuvva

    iPad camera connection kit + ifile- is lower voltage ok with sd cards.

    Dunno about avplayer, but the apple photos app will play mp4 movies if the filename format is correct, but it has to be mp4, not just renamed
  9. HedgeHogLuvva

    Movies, old and new

    Defo, tbh, i just like movies full stop lol
  10. HedgeHogLuvva

    Who will be the Future Direction? Android or Apple?

    Lol yes i remember, remember vcd? Lol
  11. HedgeHogLuvva

    iPad camera connection kit + ifile- is lower voltage ok with sd cards.

    What you need to do is create the following folders on a compatible usb pendrive or sd/mmc card Root/dcim/100msdcf The movie file then needs to be DscXXXXX.mp4 Where XXXXX is between 00001 to 99999 Once above is done, insert usb drive or card, go into photos and import, once imported, goto...
  12. HedgeHogLuvva

    Who will be the Future Direction? Android or Apple?

    Whatever the competition do, apple won't just sit back and watch
  13. HedgeHogLuvva


    Actually, quite interesting, if you are on a download limit internet access, then your stuffed basically, you can't, tried stopping the download by disabling the wifi, and then reooting the ipad, still there, not able to delete, upon starting up wifi, download auto resumes, even worse if you are...
  14. HedgeHogLuvva

    i os dev

    Have you looked at ibooks? Search ios, pulls up some books, some free, some paid, most expensive is £19.99 i believe
  15. HedgeHogLuvva

    Checklist for troubleshooting Wi-Fi connection problems. Have a look half way down, some settings to try out But looking at that forum, seem to be a few people having issues with it
  16. HedgeHogLuvva

    Control iPad with iPod while using AirPlay

  17. HedgeHogLuvva

    Browser with multiple tabs *and* copy/paste?

    Saying that, safari does as well, just not in the way most do, but in windows instead, it supports 9 seperate windows, which equates to 9 tabs
  18. HedgeHogLuvva

    Browser with multiple tabs *and* copy/paste?

    Take a look at atomic web browser
  19. HedgeHogLuvva

    Checklist for troubleshooting Wi-Fi connection problems.

    Check the router settings, it may be disconnecting the ipad due to inactivity
  20. HedgeHogLuvva

    iPad for Business Use (for my boss)

    Probably better off with a windows tablet pc instead
  21. HedgeHogLuvva


    On the ipad, goto to settings, general, network, vpn Have a read of this as well
  22. HedgeHogLuvva

    Who will be the Future Direction? Android or Apple?

    Very true However for me, long time pc users, now a mac user, or rather mainly mac user, still need the pc for work
  23. HedgeHogLuvva


    vpn to where? If to your laptop, then yes it will need to be on and either connected to the internet, or the same local network
  24. HedgeHogLuvva

    Will Apple ever make an ipad with an sd card slot?

    Having read that, i just tried my western digital mybook 1tb drive using the cck, now, normally it would throw up an msg saying the device is drawing too much power, but as the drive is mains powered, no error :) unfortunately, it is formatted ntfs, so i presume that is the reason why the dcim...
  25. HedgeHogLuvva

    Will Apple ever make an ipad with an sd card slot?

    Sd/mmc cards are dirt cheap nowadays Only thing i wish apple didn't do is the curved edges, means that anythng you connect can be dislodged easily
  26. HedgeHogLuvva

    can't control itunes from copying, transferring

    Going from memory, been a while since i last synced :o When you connect the ipad to itunes, it starts syncing, cancel it, then select your ipad in the left column, you can then choose what to sync Hit sync when done, and it will add what you have ticked and remove anythng tha is installed that...
  27. HedgeHogLuvva

    Will Apple ever make an ipad with an sd card slot?

    You chose to buy the cheapest one, you wasn't forced Apple don't expect you to purchase the new model ever year, that is your choice whether you do so or not You can always use the camera kit to store your photos and mp4 videos on sd cards
  28. HedgeHogLuvva

    Welcome International members

    Unlimited 3g? Who? :) guess i should look harder lol
  29. HedgeHogLuvva

    Powering down

    Yes, it will empty the ram, unless it has a seperate battery supply Powering down will only delete/remove stuff you have not saved As for how often, depends who you ask, i only do it when i am forced to, say an app crashes and makes the ipad unusable etc
  30. HedgeHogLuvva

    IPAD 2 jailbreak 4.3

    I'm not that up in this area of electronics, but isn't the bootrom just a bit of software on a chip? Kind of like a bios on a pc motherboard, where the pc one can be updated by the user, the ipad only by apple? I guess we will find out soon enough
  31. HedgeHogLuvva

    Spotlight needs to be able to search for Folder Names

    Not quite getting this, you have the apps catergorised in folders, but you can't find the folder containing the app you require? Surely if the apps are sorted properly, then finding which folder the app you are lookng for shouldn't be any trouble, and if you know which app you are wanting, then...
  32. HedgeHogLuvva

    Can i use gps without internet on a ipad2 with 3g?

    Yes, but not what they are looking for, a free navigation app that does not require internet access. No internet access ones are not free, free ones require internet access, or at least i have yet to find one that is free and does not require internet access on the ipad
  33. HedgeHogLuvva

    Is the iPad future proof ? Will it continue to reign supreme ?

    For tablet computing, yes, for the forseeable future, but won't make much difference to netbooks or laptops/notebooks as they both are for completely different types of users
  34. HedgeHogLuvva

    Ipad2 memory

    Ipad 2 has double the ram as well as a newer cpu, a4 in ipad 1, a5 in ipad 2
  35. HedgeHogLuvva

    Wrong time?

    I just go with the time on the iphone as it is always with me But yes it is annoying, thankfully it isn't that bad, only single figure in minutes not double figures or hours :) now that would drive me nuts lol
  36. HedgeHogLuvva

    IPAD 2 jailbreak 4.3

    They can't patch the ones already out in the market, but they can patch it so future ones can not be exploited
  37. HedgeHogLuvva

    Movies, old and new

    Armageddon, the moon has craters, so it obviously has been hit by meteors, when will it be the earth's turn? Or has the human race been wiped out once before? And that we have risen from the dead?
  38. HedgeHogLuvva

    Create a wifi hotspot

    Apple has no control over this forum and arguing with a mod is not going to do you any good Like you said, plenty of other forums if you don't like the rules here
  39. HedgeHogLuvva

    Are you a social busy bee

    You live here :)
  40. HedgeHogLuvva

    What was your first car and favourite car ever!

    First? Forgot... Pug 205 i think Fav, defo the silver Alfa Romeo 147! Heart broken when i had to sell it, how good was it? When the kid and his dad pulled up, one look and the kid said, i want it! Lol, didn't even bother to test drive it. One that cost the least? The company vauxhall astra...