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  1. Jduckip3


    Has anyone noticed a latency issue when watching a QuickTime video? Seems to may have started around IOS 6, but cold just be coincidence. Connection speed is good at 15mb down, so that should not be the issue. Happens with various sites.
  2. Jduckip3

    iTunes Wireless Sync problem

    No problems here. WiFi sync works fine each time. I use it for both my iPad3 and iPhone. Never had to change any settings in the network. You do have to activate the first time with a wired connection.
  3. Jduckip3

    Ipad 3 Wont Connect to my Home Wifi

    Turn the security off on your router for a few minutes. It if works then, it's the security, if not, security isn't an issue, turn it back on (in either case turn it back on when you are done with the test) I had to return my first iPad 3 because the 5ghz wireless a/n wasn't working. Unit was...
  4. Jduckip3

    Ipad 3 - not connecting to netgear Dg 834g adsl2

    I had an issue where I could not connect the wireless a/n 5ghz but could connect fine on wireless g 2.4ghz. Turned out to be a problem with the iPad. As the previous post said,check and at least make sure you can see the SSID of the wireless. One other good test would be to find a hotspot and...
  5. Jduckip3

    Connecting to WiFi from Adsl

    It's great that you have the new iPad. You do need a wireless router. I Googled the 526B, and it looks like it could be the Dlink 526B DSL modem. If it is, it has the wireless router built in. It will have three small antennas on top based on the picture i saw All you need to do is setup the...
  6. Jduckip3

    Wireless A/N 5GHz Router connection

    Update: Well as it turns out, it was the iPad. I found an Airport to try to connect to, and could not connect to it as well on the 5ghz side. I went the Apple Store, and they verified the problem. They gave me a new unit, and it connected perfectly. Must have just been something a miss with...
  7. Jduckip3

    Wireless A/N 5GHz Router connection

    When I select wifi in Settings, I show both SSIDs. I can select either one. It's strange, the 2.4 starts right up, I get "Unable to Join Network" when I select the 5.
  8. Jduckip3

    Wireless A/N 5GHz Router connection

    Hum, thank you. That is the model I have. Mine works fine on the 2.4, but I can't join the 5. Did you make any changes to the router for that band? I set the SSID, left the channel defaulted to 40, entered the Paraphrase. If you wouldn't mind sometime, would you check the security you selected...
  9. Jduckip3

    Wireless A/N 5GHz Router connection

    I have installed a new home router. It is a Netgear N600 Advanced Dual Band router. I can get the new iPad to connect to the G/N 2.4 GHz just fine. But, I can not get the iPad to join the 5GHz band. I have reset the Network Settings, tried running the band with no security etc. I called...
  10. Jduckip3

    Screen protector or no?

    I have had the IVisor AG on my new IPad since day one. Well, today I took it off. It is like a completely different screen. So much nicer, cleaner and bold. Didn't think I would do it, but I don't see me going back to the protector.
  11. Jduckip3

    USB cable not charging the new iPad even though I'm using the factory 10W charger

    Depends. Some USB ports on pc's do not actually contain a high power source. Generally, these are the front buss USB ports. Generally, the ports on the back are the only powered ports. Plug the same cable in a back port if available and see what happens. This is the way my current HP is...
  12. Jduckip3

    Printing to Epson Artisian 835

    From what I read it has to be an AirPrint capable printer. I bought an HP Wireless with AirPrint, and I can print from the iPhone and IPad. Also, you can print to it from any device that can send email. It has it's own email address, and when you send to that address it prints. Pretty cool.
  13. Jduckip3

    New iPad screen protector?

    They charged me $15 for my IPad 2.
  14. Jduckip3

    New iPad screen protector?

    I think it does somewhat. Appears to have more to do with the viewing angle. Some screens doesn't seem to have any impact at all.
  15. Jduckip3

    No personal hotspot button.

    I have the Verizon model. The Personal Hotspot button is directly under General Settings, not Network.
  16. Jduckip3

    New iPad screen protector?

    I put the white IVisor AG on my iPad 3. I like it very well. I had the Zagg on the iPad 2, didn't like it as well Why didn't you order the black AG?
  17. Jduckip3

    Anyone having problems connecting to 3G networks with Ipad 3 after using Wifi?

    I am in Central KY. The 4g works great, just seems revolve around the switch back and forth form cellular to wifi.
  18. Jduckip3

    Anyone having problems connecting to 3G networks with Ipad 3 after using Wifi?

    Hi, I am in US, and I have had the same issue several times. But, mine has not been related to 3G, I am staying in 4g or LTE territory. Same here though, status shows full strength,but if an app tries to get to the Internet, it says no connection. Powering off and back on resolves the issue. At...
  19. Jduckip3

    WI-Fi 4g Internet Connection issue

    I have a "New IPad" 4g (Verizon). I have noticed when I move from wi-Fi to 4g or vice versus and regain a connection, the iPad doesn't see the connection. Once I shut the IPad down and bring it back up, it's fine. When you launch an app, or try to browse it tells me I don't have an Internet...
  20. Jduckip3

    How to turn on Verizon LTE?

    I went with the Verizon version because it looked like they have better 4g and LTE coverage in my area. Activated from he iPad with no problems in just a few minutes. So far I have been staying in LTE coverage and it is blazing fast. Also, using app on my iPad, I am getting the...