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    BT speakers

    You can try Kicker Amphitheater there's a bluetooth version of it. Check this , a bass test with this monster.
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    Anybody getting iPad Temperature Warning yet?

    I had 2 iPad 2's , and now 3 iPad 3's . No overheating issues ( at least without the on screen temp warning).
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    Bit off advice please ?

    Try changing the USB port, try restarting the PC / iPad . Or restart the PC with the iPad connected maybe itunes will recognize it now.
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    How to maintain ipad (3rd) battrey LIFE SPAN

    tsmrg try not to discharge the battery all the time, read an article on gizmodo - they were basically saying just let it drain till it reaches 30-40% then charge it to 80-90%
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    Charging iPad

    there was an interesting article on gizmodo, saying you shouldn't completely drain your battering just go to 30-40% then back to 80-90%.
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    Why no stylus from Apple?

    PRSS probably because you don't really need to. For sketching you can use Adonit ones, are great!
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    Do a google search for default password for your brand of router. iF that doesn't factory reset your router ( there's a tiny hole you have to press it with something pointy) Also you can try to restore & set up as new iPad method, just go to itunes on the pc/mac and select restore when you have...
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    Connecting iPad 3 to Smart TV

    Or buy a airplay receiver with video.
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    Puffin browser

    From what I tested, Puffin is the best browser for flash. It's the quickest! Skyfire is ok, photon is really bad.
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    any experience with a sharksucker, brydge, clamcase or zagg pro?

    Chocolate keyboard? 1:00 from the first video. Dude the Clamcase Looks cool but it's too bulky. I got the Adonit Writer after I tested a few keyboards and I'm happy with it. I don't know about the keys... if that's the main reason you gotta test them before buying! Also, you can get a standard...
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    "ZaggKeys Pro Plus keyboard"

    Zagg meh. I got the Adonit Writer. I like the new clamcase but it's too heavy and a bit expensive.
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    Your Best Wallpapers

    Can any1 post some default iOS 5.0 / 5.1.1 wallpapers for the retina iPad? I love some of those and on iOS 6.0 they r gone.
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    Which is the best ipad movie player?

    A good an free version: vIplay . Has subtitle support.
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    Air play speakers

    Or you can get a nice dock and a bluetooth adaptor for ANY soundsystem or speaker. Google " Logitech Wireless Speaker Adapter for Bluetooth® audio devices " I have a logitech pure-fi express dock (an okeish dock) and a Kicker Amphitheater dock which is awesome ! ( great bass great sound...
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    Keyboard Folios - What's the thinnest, reliable, low value, & aesthetically pleasing?

    Dunno about the others, I have the Adonit Witer Plus. It's really nice.
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    iPad 3, Wallpapers, Upgraded to iOS 6.0 from 5.1.1

    I'm talking about somebody to access their new iPad if they still have iOS 5.1.1 on it . You don't need to be jailbroken to copy the wallpapers from the device via the described method.
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    iPad 3, Wallpapers, Upgraded to iOS 6.0 from 5.1.1

    I know I'm asking a lot, but can somebody please upload the default iOS 5.1.1 wallpapers for the New iPad. In iOS 6.0 Apple has decided to eliminate a few.
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    Playing avi movies on iPad 3

    Or.. you can convert your movies to mp4 via Handbrake(free software for osx and windows). I can covert a 720p, and 4.5 Gb about 8 mins and resized it to 1 GB. You should try it.
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    iPad 3, Wallpapers, Upgraded to iOS 6.0 from 5.1.1

    Hello, I'm trying to get the iOS 5.1.1 default wallpapers back to my iPad 3. I've updated it to 6.0 and lost all the wallpapers I like. There are so few wallpapers on ios 6.0 it's quite sad. Can somebody copy the native wallapeprs from 5.1.1 for the iPad 3's resolution ? You can try this: "...
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    Best Notes App - Engineering/Math?

    Nostrebluc is spot on. Notability is pretty good, noteshelf too. If you want typed notes I suggest Daedalus touch and Evernote (free) or Pages
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    Adonit Writer Plus - keyboard case for the new iPad - review

    The iPad is a great resource for students. It's compact and easy to carry around unlike a lot of books and notebooks. So you would want to get your iPad to college to take notes on and replace your notebooks but there's one problem.The iPad doesn't come with an attachable keyboard.So you need a...
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    New app needed!!

    vickyjamesd I think there's an option for that but is not available on the original iPad. You need an iPad 2 or 3 . It's available only on iOS 6.0 and you can't upgrade you software to iOS 6.0 on iPad 1. It's built into the OS and it's called Guided Access, you can limit the the user input in...
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    How Much Would You Pay for an iPad Mini?

    Considering a back camera for the ipad 2 was 2-3 bux.. I believe they can make that effort.
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    Ipad Connection Kit

    No. Maybe if you jailbreak your iPad.
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    New ipad camera quality

    You can try Pro Camera HD for the Ipad( don't confuse it with the iphone one) It takes better pictures than the standard camera app.
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    How many apps can run simultaneously / in the background

    Lots of apps ! But, if you want to conserve battery, start closing ! I saw the camera app burns a little more juice than the other apps.
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    Can not download the DropBox app to my PC

    Have you tried to download the file with another browser? Like Chrome, Firefox, Safari ? I see you're from Adelaide, have a mate there,told me all about it, great place to live ! :)
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    Black or white iPad 2?

    Black version. The colours appear to be better on the black one, maybe because the white one is distracting :)
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    Finding App.

    Do you know the name of the app ? just search it by name on the App Store, and when you find it the 0.99$ or whatever the price is should transform in Install . Then just press that button and your done :)
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    Loading files.

    You can use the camera connection kit to transfer photos and video's from the a USB stick or SD (or micro-sd with the adaptor) to your iPad. You cannot transfer files from your iPad to other stuff. Also you can transfer photos or videos from your iphone to your iPad, but not the other way...
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    Brand new member

    Hello ! What's wrong with your stylus? First, You need a capacitive stylus, not a resistive one. Second, you posted your question in a wrong area of the forum :)
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    Hello from Chicago

    Hello from Romania ! :)
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    Oddities with battery meter and clock

    Close all apps in the background, reboot the device, try a reset network settings if the above fail.
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    iPad mini New physical mockups

    You're right Kaykaykay. I however don't like the 7 inch tablets, I want something bigger. 7 Inch are great for riding the metro and brush up on your reading.. but that's kinda it. I love something bigger, like the iPad. By the way, any chance I could get this article on the first page?
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    iPad mini New physical mockups

    They are marking it because of other brands that are offering cheap and good valued 7 inch tablets and they don't want to loose those profits, they want that those people to go on the Apple ecosystem and not android. Google is offering the nexus 7 at a great price for us ( even a loss for them)...
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    Just a ramble not a rant.

    Hey, If you want to surf a flash websites you can do it with a different browser than Safari. Go to the App Store and download Puffin browser , has a free version too! Because flash is dead on smartphones and tablets ( they stopped updating it, and will not continue adding support for any...
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    iPad mini New physical mockups

    This October Apple is expected to release a smaller iPad, in a conference that would take place in San Francisco, but until then we see again how the device might look like in the real world. A website from Germany replicated in the real world using the device rumored specifications that...
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    Hello and Welcome !
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    Noobie from Texas

    inherit ? :) Wow, never heard that one before. It's pretty easy to use, in a few hours you will be comfortable with it.