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  1. K

    Ipad 2 case

    Gumdrop drop tech or Griffin Survivor. The Survivor offers the most protection of any case I know, but the drop tech is a tad slimmer. Not a fan of the otterbox. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  2. K

    Does a jail broken iPad allow one to load their own movies to the device?

    I don't understand - you can do that on a non-jail broken iPad.
  3. K

    I HATE screen protectors

    I wouldn't consider going without a screen protector on my iPad, but for a completely different reason from any others that have been stated. Twice in the past 6 months my iPad has been dropped (not by me), shattering the screen. Both times I was traveling and at least 3-4 days out from an...
  4. K

    Need a new iPad 2 case?

    The Otterbox Reflex is much slimmer than the Defender and could fit the bill. The Speck Candyshell Wrap also offers more protection than most shell/cover combos.
  5. K

    anyone used griffin survivor for ipad 2

    Not sure what you mean by "lifts away from the screen". The integrated protector on the Survivor does not "lift away" in any sense, but it does sit every so slightly above the actual screen which is why you don't have to worry about bubbles. It does give the protector a slightly different feel...
  6. K

    What is the Best Ipad bluetooth keyboard??

    Joy Factory Arpeggio, which I've mentioned on this forum previously, is my favorite so far.
  7. K

    Wireless Keyboard Help

    Probably - when I bought mine I couldn't find a single review or report on it anywhere, and it doesn't seem like that's changed much. I literally stumbled upon it myself in a store - a unit had fallen off a shelf and I almost stepped on it - and upon picking it up I was surprised that in my...
  8. K

    Wireless Keyboard Help

    Joy Factory Arpeggio has iOS keys as well, as does the Verbatim folding keyboard.
  9. K

    Wireless Keyboard

    I've tried the Apple wireless keyboard, Joy Factory Arpeggio and Verbatim folding keyboard and my favorite is the Joy Factory Arpeggio. The Verbatim felt like a kludge - creaky, flexy, uneven, etc. and was thick enough to offset the benefit of the folding design. The Apple, on the other had...