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    Mount for iPad in the kitchen

    I'd say the first point is valid - it's strong adhesive so could damage wallpaper if you removed it later, I'm using it on a tiled wall or on my fridge to avoid this. But since it's so strong there is no chance of it slipping to the floor! Berried a couple of wall mount solutions (nothing too...
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    Mount for iPad in the kitchen

    I'm using the Hedge iPad mount now - Hedgie iPad and tablet computer wall mount & holder – It's essentially just Velcro on a very sticky backing - one half goes on the wall tiles, the other to the back of a thin back protector on the iPad. Works great, very minimal and very secure!
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    All About Music And Recording

    Yes, in theory any USB keyboard should work via the camera connection kit, without knowing more about your setup it's hard to know what the problem is - potentially have to change settings on the keyboard to make it output it's midi data? For those people who have controllers which are true...
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    Anyone using their IPAD as a remote control for there TV.

    What IR hardware are you using with this?
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    All About Music And Recording

    An SM58 would need an XLR to USB converter like the Blue Icicle or if you want a cheaper option something like a XLR-USB cable from Behringer or Lindy (all available on, just search for them). A general caveat, these 'should' all work but I've not tested them personally. However, I...
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    Getting back to forum

    Not really sure what you mean... The same way as you did just now to write that comment?
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    connecting hard disk to ipad using USB connector.!

    Calm down! For a start, you do need the the camera connection kit for this anyway, but since the iPad is such an excellent media consumption device and it only comes with a fairly small internal memory then don't you think that people might want to have access to a bigger hard drive or memory...
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    Getting Comparative Cost for eBooks

    I've not seen one but sounds like a good idea! Regarding the same-price thing, it's due to something called an 'agency model' where is the publisher sets the price. It's a bit odd and quite anti-competitive but it's not the retailers choice or preference - there's a long running thread on...
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    Head phones/Ear buds for iPad

    Speaker volume and headphone volume is set differently so check you're turning it up when the headphones are actually plugged in. Also, some headphones do sound louder than others, or you could try noise isolating or noise cancelling versions. Another thing would be to consider something like...
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    All About Music And Recording

    One idea if you're using the ipad to display lyrics is to save them as a PDF with big fonts then display that - now you can skip pages with a swipe of your finger. Just don't forget to turn off the power save/screen blank setting! The iKlip is pretty good to hold your ipad on a mic stand. I've...
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    All About Music And Recording

    It can, it's the same as the iphone socket which allows a mic and earphone/headphone simultaneously. Just check out all the discussion on the iRig, or Griffin's GuitarConnect cable. Mic'ing up the iPad speaker is going to give a horrible sound, definitely not advised! There's also options that...
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    I have similar problems on iOS, it's really not a great experience. The app is only for iPhone, you can't install it on the iPad.
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    Ipad 2 camera

    I'm not sure the rear camera is for video chat. Yes it's unwieldy but it's still useful to be able to take pictures- for me it's the quality not the size that stops me using it.
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    Adding a duplicate app

    ... Without jailbreaking... I was reading about a tweak called iUsers which let's you run multiple user accounts, including app settings.
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    Ipad 2 camera

    No! It's a rubbish camera...
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    All About Music And Recording

    Heads up on a very cool new product from Digitech - a proper hardware pedalboard for guitarists which houses the ipad for it's effects processing. I'll link back when it launches.
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    It's a public beta, NOT a finished product. They made that very clear from the start - I got my invite a day after the release and they've already made substantial changes based on the initial feedback. Part of the problem is that there was an unofficial way to get new users onto the platform...
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    Convert excel to XML

    could google docs do anything? It's essentially XML anyway
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    Convert excel to XML

    Sounds like you've covered all the apps I would have suggested! Good luck though, it should be possible I'm sure!
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    Help Please Skype on Ipad2

    It's maybe down to how iOS treats background apps - it's not actually true multitasking so many apps get suspended and periodically refreshed if they sit in the background. That would explain why your friend thinks your going on- and off- line all the time.
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    DVDs on an external hard drive

    The bad news is that you can't just plug an external drive in and watch movies from it -so there's no cheap and easy option. There are some easy (but not cheap) options around which are specially designed drives - a recent one launched which acted as it's own wifi server to stream conent. Or...
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    iPad + separate dedicated ebook reader?

    I have an ipad and a kindle and they are very different devices. I wouldn't want to read books in bed on the ipad (too heavy & bright) and I can't read on it outside in the sun. The screen on the kindle is so much easier on the eyes! Plus it fits in a coat pocket and has free 3g,
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    Gmail on iPad help!

    Are you using the Mail app? How is it setup? I've always found gmail integration pretty good and straightforward.
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    Sales Entry App?

    I'd try this, and link the database to a google or dropbox account for wireless updates.
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    Music wireless

    That just looks like someone trialling the Amazon CloudPlayer
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    Mirroring to my HDTV from Ipad2

    Just a note on a related topic, it looks like mirroring only works with the hdmi adapter but not with the composite or component cables. I only discovered this after getting one... Looks like I need the hdmi version!
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    TIPS AND TRICKS - for those of us who don't know!

    I think David's point was that this thread is to share tips, not to ask for them... Because of that your question's not going to get much visibilty in front of users who might know the answer so your best bet to get some proper help is to start a new thread instead.
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    Is there any other cheaper device that works as apple tv's airplay?

    Why won't AppleTV work in Asia?
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    Iphone connect to iPad

    You could use Dropbox to do this
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    A Question About Kindle

    You can delete a book in the same way as you do an app icon... Hold your finger on the cover then click on the red cross that appears.
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    Mount for iPad in the kitchen

    Try the Vogels wall mount - very discrete wall mounted part plus a case which connects to it when you need it.
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    car mounts for the iPad

    Have you had a look at the Vogels car mount for a seat-back option for the kids?
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    does using an external mic mute the ipad internal mic?

    If you've got decent mics already then the best solution might be a USB convertor like the Blue Icicle, plugged into the USB camera kit - should disable the built in mic and you get a decent analog-digital conversion rather than the iPad inbuilt circuits.
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    What is the perfect stand to use with the iPad in bed?

    It's just a clamp so it should work with pretty much any similarly sized tablet - looking at the images, there's nothing between an iPad 1 or 2 that should make it specific to just one of them.
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    Game Controller Joypad Joystick

    Have you seen the Ion iCade? Looks pretty cool too!
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    How to save iPad photos to Dropbox?

    So Goodreader can't work it's usual magic with music files?
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    Ipad 2 cases

    Something like the iKlip which attaches to a mic stand? Or have you seen something else?
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    Kindle app

    Just re-download it from the original source onto your pc, or if it's from amazon then go to your online account settings and send it to the kindle pc app. Run it through Calibre then email it back to your device using the free @kindle email address.
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    All About Music And Recording

    Not sure how public this is yet but there's a new standalone touchscreen multitrack recorder/ digital effects unit in development - search for Dark Matter Audio. Not ipad related but very impressive kit, due to launch later this year.
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    All About Music And Recording

    That'll be the Griffin Guitar Connect?