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    Photos of Ipads from around the world

    Universal Studio Florida
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    Photos of Ipads from around the world

    Manama, Bahrain
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    Photos of Ipads from around the world

    Newark & New York
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    Photos of Ipads from around the world

    Cozumel, Mexico
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    Photos of Ipads from around the world

    Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
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    Did you buy your iPad or was it a gift?

    Bought my Ipad 1 and then 3 years later gave it to my daughter and then bought myself a new Ipad 3 64GB LTE (4G).
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    New to ipad and Apple

    Welcome from Florida the sun shine state. I was able to get my Ipad 3 64G LTE(4G) on sale and so it came out to the same price as a 64G Wifi. I would make sure to buy from a reputable store if I were you.
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    New Ipad purchase un my future

    Welcome to the forum, lots of good information here on all Ipad topics.
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    Photos of Ipads from around the world

    ***Please only post photos of your Ipad*** Again, this Thread was created to show your Ipad in a specific location, like in front of a monument, billboard(sign), so we all could get an idea where you were when you took the photo. Photos in your room or on your desk are not what I implied when...
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    How do i update my ipad?

    Plug it into a computer and launch Itunes. From there you can select "Update" and it will tell you if there is a update available or not.
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    How many GB is your iPad?

    32GB's and still plenty of room.
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    What would it take to get you to buy an iPad 3?

    If the iPad 3 comes with a SD Card slot I will grab one on opening day.
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    Hello from Tampa FL

    Great, someone else from Tampa :) Welcome to the forum. Tagg
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    Are you an Apple Fanatic? What Apple products do you own?

    Just added the Apple Wireless Keyboard to my list...
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    Hello from Clearwater Beach

    Welcome to the Forum.... Nice to see fellow Floridians with an Ipad :)
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    Welcome.... one of my co-workers is a HAM also... where are you located? Enjoy your new Ipad... . . . _ . _ . . . _ . _ Tagg
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    Noob from Scotland

    Welcome Welcome to the forum. You live in my favorite country by the way :) What city do you live in? Please take some photos of you Ipad in front of some cool places and post them in a thread I created called "Photos of Ipads from around the world". In front of a Highland Cow would be...
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    Hello from Spain

    Welcome to the Forums.... There is a Thread I started entitled: "Photos of Ipads from around the world" If you get a chance, take a photo of your Ipad in a unique setting and post it in the thread. It's will really be cool to see shots from all over the world.. Enjoy the forum.. Tagg
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    Photos of Ipads from around the world

    Photos of Ipads somewhere in the world... Let's keep this Thread alive..... Again, the idea of this thread is for you to take a photo of your Ipad in a unique location or some place you visit. The photo should have your Ipad in view, as well as something in the background such as the...
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    Hello from Sunny California

    Welcome from sunny Tampa. I am sure you will love your new Ipad when it arrives. Great info on the site so have fun. Tagg
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    Hello from Scotland

    Welcome to the forum. Scotland is my favorite place to visit. I lived in England (Yorkshire) for 6 years and visited Scotland all the time. Enjoy and keep us posted on you experiences with your new toy. :)
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    Hey from south FLA!!!

    I was just in Miami for a Carnival Cruise a week ago.
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    Hey from south FLA!!!

    Welcome from Tampa :) Enjoy your new toy. I am loving mine.... Tagg
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    Greetings from kentucky

    Welcome from Florida and keep us informed on how you like or dislike your new toy. Tagg
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    Photos of Ipads from around the world

    When you click on "Post Reply" near the bottom there is a button "Manage Attachment". Click this button and you can either download them from a website url, or browse to find them on your computer.
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    Photos of Ipads from around the world

    This is a photo of my Ipad on vacation with me to San Jaun Puerto Rico. The photo is at Castillo San Cristóbal. Great view. Tagg 67.
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    Apple's website has the following for the WiFi - 3G model: 250MB per month for $14.99 per month Unlimited per month for $29.99 per month.
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    love apple more than girls

    I really like Apple products, but not that much. LOL
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    Logo for wifi iPad owner

    Thanks for the clips. :)
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    3G Official Release Date

    That is going to be a busy day the Apple stores across the U.S. that day and the following weekend. Happy Days to those who order the 3G models, I am sure you are going to love it. I love my 32GB WIFI :)
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    ipad camera conection accessory

    Yes, please write a review once you receive the camera dock and try it out. I am wondering how the SD card slot might work as well. Thanks
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    What do you hate the most about your Ipad?

    Nothing. I Love it!
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    New Here!

    Welcome and which model did you order? My two apple stores here in Tampa are sold out of all models :(
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    Will The iPad Eventually Have A Camera?

    I don't see a need for a camera on the Ipad unless it was for use as a webcam. It would be kind of weird trying to hold the Ipad, and then press the button on the screen to snap the photo. A webcam seems more logical to me. IMO.
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    Anyone had any problems connecting to WIFI at any Starbucks coffee shops?
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    PCMag: Apple iPad video review

    I agree, great review with good information for all. Thanks for the post.
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    The ultimate ipad kanga pouch

    LOL, I love the ROO pouch... Tagg
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    Nice Pics of Ipad Accessories

    This is a very cool site. I always go there to review Apple products. Thanks for the post. :ipad-front:
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    Camera connector kit

    Looking forward to getting one also. Please post if any of you happen to pick one up.