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  1. Moder81

    What are the accessories you use the most?

    Screen Protector & Blk Leather Smart Cover! Sent from my iPad2!
  2. Moder81

    Do you listen to music on your iPad?

    I listen to my iTunes library & YouTube. Sent from my iPad2!
  3. Moder81

    Did you buy your iPad or was it a gift?

    Bought mine from Bestbuy. Cost me $600 with the blk leather smart cover! Sent from my iPad2!
  4. Moder81

    iPad owners average age

    I'm 30!, I love this ****ing thing.... Sent from my iPad2!
  5. Moder81


    50 degrees & Fair Sent from my iPad2 Blk 16GB using iPF
  6. Moder81

    What languages do you speak?

    English, talk like I have so sense! Sent from my iPad2 Blk 16GB using iPF
  7. Moder81

    Favourite TV show

    First 48! Sent from my iPad2 Blk 16GB using iPF
  8. Moder81

    What's the last movie you saw?

    The last movie I saw was " Men In Black" The 1st one! Sent from my iPad2 Blk 16GB using iPF
  9. Moder81

    How Many Apple Products Do You Own?

    My household has 1ipad2, 2 iPhone 4's and 4ipods touches 4th gens! <_UIImageViewExtendedStorage: 0xb7acc80>
  10. Moder81

    What are you guys doing right NOW??? ;)

    I'm actually looking at wallpapers for my ipad2! My screen needs a upgrade.... Sent from my iPad2 using iPF
  11. Moder81

    Food anyone?

    Breaded Pork Chops, Sweet Corn, Green Beans & Scalloped Potatoes! It was DELICIOUS
  12. Moder81

    Cracked the ipad screen, got a free replacement from the apple store

    WOW! That suck., I would literally kill myself if I dropped my baby...
  13. Moder81

    What do you think you'll use your iPad for?

    I mainly use my iPad for networking & web browsing!