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    How pervasive are the iPad 3 WiFi problems?

    I have a 64 gb wifi only.. Until today I thought it was fine but I was in in my car dealer's wifi lounge and the wifi on my iPad 3 only had one bar and kept dropping out. Meanwhile my iPhone 4S had four bars.
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    Can someone recommend a Longer USB power cable for IPad 3 that works

    I have used the Griffin and the NewerTech from OWC( with good success. On the other hand, none of the cheap eBay cables charge properly.
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    Reflective Screen

    The iVisor AG helps some. The biggest advantage is virtually no fingerprints.
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    New iPad screen protector?

    I think the iVisor AG is excellent. Its installation is a breeze since it only adheres around the edge so you don't have to fight bubbles, wrinkles and dust. It helps some with glare but the biggest advantage I see is virtually no fingerprints.
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    USB cable not charging the new iPad even though I'm using the factory 10W charger

    I just got a couple of these after the aftermarket ones I had for my iPad 2 no longer worked with my new iPad.
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    What bag ?? Ipad and Ultra slim Notebook

    I use the Flight Jacket by MacCase. Best prices at I love it.
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    Just in, my new Grove made case/cover

    I just got the Grove cover for my ipad 2. I am not as happy with it as I thought I would be. If the cover is not aligned precisely the "smart" magnetic features don't work. Frustrating.
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    Smart cover user? If so what color? If not then what case do you use?

    Harters, Both the SmartShell and CoverBuddy fit perfectly even though I had the BodyGuardz installed. Charlie
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    Smart cover user? If so what color? If not then what case do you use?

    I have a Navy leather Smart Cover. I installed Bodyguardz on the back from the beginning. Then I got a Switcheasy CoverBuddy which I really liked but I just replaced it with a Speck SmartShell Case because it has a magnetic strip which holds the SmartCover in place when it is folded back. I...
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    To upgrade? And if so, which?

    I suggest you go with 64gb if you can afford it. I went with wifi only since, like you, I already have an iPhone. There is enough wifi around that I didn't think another $30 data plan was worth it. My son and I have black and my wife has white. My take is that video is best with black and...
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    Ipad in bed

    I have used pillow and the Griffin loop, both with good success. I don't think Griffin is still making the loop but I just picked up two new ones on eBay to supplement the one I already had. The link above has a video of the...
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    Ipad 2 owners, any general issues?

    We have three in our family, all 64 gb wifi. None of us have experienced any bleeding or any other issues. Only problem is that they are addictive and we cannot put them down.
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    Best case compatible with Smart Cover

    I just got the clear cover buddy to go with my navy smart cover. I think it is a great combo.. I couldn't be more pleased.
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    Smart Cover Compatible Cases List

    My Switcheasy clear CoverBuddy today. I think it is the perfect complement for my Navy SmartCover. Quite thin, good back protection and the whole thing still fits in my Targus Hughes brown leather case (Best Buy$30).
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    My final 4 Genuine leather cases

    My son has a Zoogue case for his iPad 2. The smart cover on-sleep function works perfectly. He had a Zoogue v2 on his original iPad and was very happy with it. It is thicker than I prefer but to each his own.
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    Reserve and Pick Up Ipad2 in NYC

    Vince, No one can give you an accurate probability of success. That said, availability seems to be loosening up. I got my wife a late Mother's Day iPad from J&R. I ordered on a Tuesday and had it on Thursday. In NYC places to consider besides the four Apple Stores include J&R and B&H. I think...
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    Retail inventory improve yet?

    I do not believe they will permit you to upgrade on an exchange.
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    Ipad trade in

    Sell it on Craigslist. It is free and you are sure to find a local buyer. I sold two iPads there when I replaced with iPad 2s. Both sold within one day for a fair price. Good luck.
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    Thin hdmi cable recommendation

    I just mine from Cables for Less today. Thinner than what I had and I think it will be more convenient.
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    white or black?

    I went with black for better contrast when playing video. My buddy, a retired Sr Sony VP, told me the consumer TV figured that out a long time ago. Good enough for me. That said, the white looks cool.
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    Screen protector preference?

    I use bodyguardz on macBooks, iPads and iPhones. They work great if you take your time when installing. Good luck. Charlie
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    4.3.2 update / issues

    I updated software on my macBook then synced my iPad and then downloaded/updated the iPad firmware. Everything seems fine so far. Charlie
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    Cannot set up Microsoft Outlook Exchange email on my ipad2

    I drove myself crazy with this problem with my iphone. It turned out our IT department had to "check the box" for mobile access for my exchange account. It worked out of the box with my iPad since it was already set up for my iphone. Good luck.
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    Ipad 2 cases

    I have the full bodyguardz and a leather smart cover. They go fine together. Not to worry. Charlie
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    Ipad 2 cases

    Harters, click on the distributor link and you'll find a UK source.
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    Does the iPad2 have stereo speakers?

    Nope, only mono.
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    fed ex weekend delivery? and how many people pre sign.

    I had my Yankees season tickets delivered on Monday two weeks ago by FedEx. They actually sat in the local office over the weekend because it wasn't yet time for delivery so it wasn't a special high priority package. it is my understanding that they don't deliver on Saturdays unless a premium...
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    Leather smart cover worth it over poly?

    Got navy leather. The poly looked cheesy. Charlie
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    Name Your Issue/concern/problem With ipad2!

    I find plugging the sync cable in at an angle is more difficult than on my original iPad or iPhone. Also, the smart cover has been "bumped off" a few times. Charlie
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    Ipad 2 cases

    I got a navy leather smart cover and installed clear bodyguardz on the back I also bought a Targus Hughes brown leather case. At Best Buy it was only 30 bucks. I think it is a great combo. Only downside is I cannot charge it while in the Targus case. Charlie
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    Can Ipad 2 print from any wireless HP printer?

    If you have a Mac try Printopia. I use it with three HP printers on my home network. Otherwise, Google iPad print pc and you will see several options. Good luck, Charlie
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    Shipment date moved up!! Anyone else?

    I ordered a 64gb black wifi from AAFES on 15 March and when I inquired they said it would ship during the first week of April. I killed my navy leather smart cover order with them which I ordered on 14 March since it wasn't shipping until early April. Got one at Target.
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    Protect the back but still use Apple cover

    My son and I installed the front and back bodyguardz together it I my easier with two people to line it up around the home button or camera lens and then roll it into position. We have done this on a couple of MacBoooks as well and it gets easier. Use plenty of spray on the film and your fingers...
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    What do you have, white or black.

    My buddy, a retired Sony senior VP, told me the consumer TV industry figured out a long time ago that black afforded better contrast. That's what I got. Charlie
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    iPad 2 in the U.S.

    The Philly area is real tough. I got one at the Apple Store in Voorhees, NJ on Tuesday Many false starts and near hits but I finally found one. I shopped many Targets, Walmarts and Best Buys by phone and in person to no avail. The Target online inventory system was never accurate, often days...
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    Protect the back but still use Apple cover

    I have bodyguardz film front and back and am waiting for a navy leather smart cover to arrive. Charlie
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    List Your Two Most Favorite Apps for iPad2 (one Free + one Paid)

    Paid-Scrabble Free-Drudge Report
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    IPad 2 UK launch

    Jim, Order online and go to the store on Saturday. If you are lucky at the store, cancel the online order. No harm, no foul. Charlie
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    IPad 2 UK launch

    Here is one American's experience. I successfully queues up for a couple of iPhone launches but chose not to do that this time. I did venture out a few hours after launch to a couple of Apple stores as well as two Best Buys, Walmart and two Targets, all big box stores.......all to no avail. I am...