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  1. slayda

    Question about batteries, iPad and other devices

    I am on vacation in NC mountain near Murphy, NC. We have noticed that our iPads and cell phones (iPhone 5, Droid Bionic & Samsung) all seem to discharge faster and charge slower than at home. I am retired and at home use my iPad all day for internet, reading, gaming, texting. At the end of...
  2. slayda

    First Thing Announced at Apple Event: New Apple iBooks

    3.0 doesn't seem all that better, just a little different.
  3. slayda

    Apple Also Teases Their Fourth Gen iPad

    Do you reckon that Apple is shifting their "annual" release dates from March to October? Is it possible that the iPad was always intended to be only an interim product? Inquiring minds want to know! BTW, I just pre-ordered my iPad 4 to replace my iPad 2. Daughter will inherit the iPad 2.
  4. slayda

    Girly wallpapers

    Or you might be able to find an older version of Paint Shop Pro as shareware. At least cheaper than Photoshop if you don't already have one or the other. I made mine with Paint Shop Pro 7.0. It took me a while to determine format (I used JPEG) & size (1280x1024) You can see some other people...
  5. slayda

    One app to read them all? (ebooks that is)

    A possible work-around (since you want to keep your DRM) might be similar to what I do. I use a combination of 'Calibre' & 'Dropbox'. Calibre is a (free) DB manager for your books, & Dopbox is 'cloud' storage (2GB free, if you need more - there is a cost). By keeping my Calibre libraries (one...
  6. slayda

    Texting app using 3g number

    Take a look at 'TextNow'. Not sure about the 3G side of it. I use it with wi-fi & it works great & is free.
  7. slayda

    iPad background photos YOU took!

    That's the Indian Pink.
  8. slayda

    iPad background photos YOU took!

    OK here's mine. A collage of wildflower pictures that I've taken with my name & address (blurred out) so if I lose it and someone honest finds it. You'll see where my avatar came from. That's my favorite wildflower. Scientific Name Clitoria mariana; Common Name Butterfly pea. For those...
  9. slayda

    Personal Cloud Storage

    Problems with Windows 7 (64 bit) & Western Digital's My Book Live Some additional (hopefully helpful) information on the Western Digital My Book Live; I have two Windows 7 computers in a home network. Both running Windows 7 Home Premium. One has the 32 bit version and the other has the 64 bit...
  10. slayda

    Easiest Way to Transfer Files from PC to iPad? Frustrated User Needs Help!

    Thanks to The Archangel's leading the way to personal cloud storage, I have purchased a Western Digital 2 TB My Book Live. I now have my own cloud with 2 TB & with the WD2go app, I (and my authorized users) can get to it from anywhere on the Internet. It's much better than a few GB on Dropbox...
  11. slayda

    Air Print for IPad

    Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately it came a week too late. I had just bought an HP Photosmart 7510 All-in-one printer so I could print from my iPad. Now I have two printers I can print to. :p
  12. slayda

    Easiest Way to Transfer Files from PC to iPad? Frustrated User Needs Help!

    I feel your pain, believe me. If you find a solution, I'd like to know it. I'd bet your not a Mac or other Apple computer user (as neither am I - iPad is my first Apple product). This is probably not a solution to your problem since it is a one at a time (as far as I know) but I use Dropbox...
  13. slayda

    Splashtop desktop remote for ipad

    AS all have said, it does what it says and I use it a lot. However, I do find the iPad's touchscreen a little 'clunky' for mousing. Also I have a large screen monitor (old eyes). Splashtop on the iPad of course has a smaller screen and it does cause my computer's windows to decrease in size and...
  14. slayda

    Air printer/ePrinter

    From HP's site; "What is the difference between Apple’s AirPrint and HP ePrint? HP ePrint is a free service from HP that allows you to print from any mobile devices to your Web connected printer over the Internet. It is as simple as sending an email to the email address assigned to your...
  15. slayda

    Finally I can ditch Itunes!!

    Question removed.
  16. slayda

    iBooks vs. Kindle app

    BTW "The Hunger Games" are a good read. IMO
  17. slayda

    IPad User Guide

    Have to agree with you. Never thought I'd own an Apple product but am in love with my iPad 2. But also hate it and am frustrated with it too. E.g. I tried to separate several pictures into albums. Only trouble they don't move to the new album, they copy so I end up with the same picture in two...
  18. slayda

    Can't text anyone who doesn't have ios5

    You might look at the 'TextNow' app. It might give you a solution to your texting problem, all-be-it via a different app. Of course with the wifi only iPad, you'll have to have a nearby wifi to use it.
  19. slayda

    problem:-no wifi so there is any other way to use internet on apple ipad2

    Assuming you have an internet connection on your laptop, check this site Build a Wireless Home Network without a Router or this one Create Wireless Home Network Without Router in Windows 7/Vista NOTE: I haven't tried these, just read about them.
  20. slayda

    Android apps to run on iPad with Alien Dalvik 2.0

    Myriad plans to pull back the curtains on Alien Dalvik 2.0 at next week's CTIA Enterprise & Applications 2011 conference by showing Android apps running on an iPad for the first time. "Myriad Alien Dalvik 2.0 to extend Android apps to tablets, TVs, automobiles and more, creating new revenue...
  21. slayda

    Face time

    There is another similar app called Tango. There is also an Android version of Tango. It's not as slick as FaceTime but has one advantage - you can restrict it to audio only or audio only one way and audio/video the other way. Might be worth a try. It's a free app & I can vouch for it working...
  22. slayda


    Plus if you recommend someone else and they mention it when they start Dropbox, you'll get an added .5 GB of free storage.
  23. slayda

    Question For 16g Owners?

    I also have the AirStash for movies. It works well with my Vulkano DVR. However my normal use is some music (less than 6 GB, over 1500 tunes) & ebooks (a few hundred). I've never had any problem with the 16 GB memory. Got the Airstash more because I'm a gadget freak than that I needed it. I only...
  24. slayda

    Car charger

    Check out this one at Amazon. Includes car charger, wall charger, ear buds, 2 screen protectors & carrying case all for just $14.99. You'll have to use your own USB cable or try this one for $1.27 (for a 3 foot cable) or this one for $2.40 (for a 6 foot cable). I can vouch that they all work...
  25. slayda

    iPad download sites ?

    If you have a Vulkano DVR, you can DL any video that you've recorded on it to your iPad 2 using the Vulkano app. You can also DL it to your PC for viewing or burning to DVD although you may need to change the video format from MP4 to MPG. This may not get the results you're seeking but it's...
  26. slayda

    DOS like File Manager

    I have a question - If I have an ebook in epub format that I've opened with iBook, then iBook knows where it is. Then maybe I find another ebook reader and open the same ebook with it & it also knows where the ebook. With Apples system, of course I don't have a clue & will have to import it...
  27. slayda

    DOS like File Manager

    Only trouble is, it's not what 'you'd like' but what 'Steve Jobs'd like'. I admit you're right in many respects but the "file" is what I'm interested in, not the app. There may be several apps that can do something with a particular file type, e.g. ebooks & ereaders. But if an ebook is somehow...
  28. slayda

    Can you tell me how to download from a memory stick?

    Or into Calibre where you can convert them as desired and sync to iPad.
  29. slayda

    For all IPad 2 users

    Nothing is perfect so 8.9. I'm still not really an Apple fan but I have been very impressed with my iPad 2.
  30. slayda

    3G iPad2 - Unable to Tether/Hotspot

    Does your iPad see the hotspot?
  31. slayda

    iPad 2 dictionary question

    Is there any way to change the dictionary associated with the English language dictionary function? I am having too many words "not found".
  32. slayda

    Facetime issue

    Take a look at the "Tango" app. It is similar to Facetime but also can connect to Android devices. In some ways it's not as slick as Facetime but it allows 3 options; Video both ways, Video one way & audio only the other way, or just audio both ways. It's a free app and maybe will do better for...
  33. slayda

    Smart cover user? If so what color? If not then what case do you use?

    I got the orange smart cover. It helps when I "lose" my iPad 2. As my grandmother used to say, "My forgetory works very well." I just wish my memory worked as well.
  34. slayda

    FaceTime - IPad - iphone

    Those who have friends without iDevices but with Android smartphones might want to chack out the app "Tango". While it's not as slick as Facetime, it allows you to video call more possible contacts. The Tango app is available for iPhone, iPad & Android Markets. One neat thing about Tango...
  35. slayda

    Will 16GB be satisfactory?

    Cloud computer storage is great as long as you can get to the cloud. There will be, however, times & places where you can't. So if you're totally dependent on cloud storage, you'll be SOL. :(
  36. slayda

    Will 16GB be satisfactory?

    I agree with airhead. I also have the 16GB. I am going on a vacation so I loaded some videos (movies). I already had a lot of ebooks, music, etc. that used less than 5 GB. I added 6 full length movies and it's only got 1 GB free space left but I'll delete the movies as I watch them. It would be...
  37. slayda

    2 month old ipad 2 charger drops dead for no reason

    Check these out "7 items Accessories Case Charger" for charger plus other items - $14.99 + SHP & "Dock Connector to USB 2.0 Cable" $1.67 w/ free SHP. I got both of these from Amazon & they work fine with my iPad 2 plus the 7 items include 2 screen protectors, AC charger for indoors & DC...
  38. slayda

    How Can You Watch TV Shows on iPad for Free?

    I have a Vulkano Platinum on my cable box/TV. With it, I can watch live TV or DL recorded TV on my iPad or PC as long as I have Wi-Fi (I don't have 3G on my iPad). I can also change channels and/or schedule shows to be recorded from my iPad. The iPad, iPhone & Android apps are free but of...
  39. slayda

    Calibre & iTunes (a couple's counseling workshop)

    The only way I can think of to add covers is one at a time. I use Calibre and if it doesn't find a suitable cover I can usually find something I like on-line. I've never cared that much about music while I read but with the iPad, but I've found that I like to listen to Pandora Radio since I...
  40. slayda

    Calibre & iTunes (a couple's counseling workshop)

    MobileRead Forums Some people actually use Dropbox as their primary Calibre library storage. I prefer to maintain my library under my 'complete' control but mirror it to Dropbox using a Microsoft (free DL) SW called SyncToy. (I also use a PC but don't apologize about it. LoL) You can use...