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    The 2¢

    I see the tunnel visioned fruitcakes have arrived. Quite why you'd join an ipad forum is a little odd? Lets hope we have some sensible anti-troll measures here.
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    The Reason for No Flash

    Adobe's flash empire is already in some decay, but I suspect it will be the ipad app devs who inflict a mortal wound. They should make the ipad irresistable to the masses (along with the UI and Apple's incredible advertising budget), and then it's game over for flash. All sounds a bit LOTR :D
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    What?!?! Apple iPad does have FLASH?

    The big players will have (some already have) alternatives for those detected using iphone/ipad. Dedicated apps will get around it, and as these devices show up more and more on website analytics, things will change, as you can't afford to alienate such a sizeable market. If Apple stick to...
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    Pee-wee Even Takes Cracks at the iPad!

    Best not go down that road :D Quick effective mock-up though, well done props dept. Didn't know Pee-Wee was still around... never really made it across the Atlantic, but I found his shows hypnotically surreal in my youth.
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    What iPad app would you like to see?

    There's not a game genre you can rule out... external keyboard and even dedicated game controllers. Could even have a reasonable flight sim. Flickfishing would be a challenge :eek:
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    Did the iPad disapoint you?

    The ipad was quite close to what I had imagined (maybe I lack imagination ;) The 4:3 aspect ratio was a surprise but not a disappointment... I'm using a 4:3 monitor right now, it makes plenty of sense for most web content and the books/magazine/newspaper viewing. OK, for video it makes less...
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    Yep, agree with your entire post. I suspect certain apps will eventually be allowed to run continuously, at Apple's discretion, but not anything and everything. Apple wants a totally stable and fast environment for joe public, for whom their product is aimed at... the keys are simplicity...
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    iPad Gaming

    The devs, of all sizes, are up for it by the looks of it on a number of the usual web boards. The big companies have enough vision to know a winner when they see it, and are enthusiastic. All seems promising, just don't expect big titles from big companies at the old iphone/ipod pricing.
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    I can see the big picture

    Thought I'd get in here fairly early... the ipad is going to be huge, therefore this site will be. Just looking forward to the Apple marketing machine and their, to be honest obscene, advertising budget to kick in and get this product across to the general public. Give it to anyone for 15...