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  1. J

    WHich video format when converting from avi?

    I guess you are talking Windows machines as Quicktime + Flip4Mac (registered) plays and converts AVI and WMV videos to iPhone or iPad video formats. But if you register the Quicktime on the PC it will allow you to make the conversion. However there may be better options. You are asking for what...
  2. J

    Ipad Owners are SNOBS!!!

    ARDOTBEE And for a suspicious observer studying iPad users you acted like a snob person, as you say. So your "behavior" confirms "this suspicious iPad bad attitude". That is how you become an "inevitable" statistic confirmation. I am not saying this is the way they conducted their study but...
  3. J

    Ipad Owners are SNOBS!!!

    You forgot to mention the study concludes with also "wealthy" people. And I ask myself: Who picked those hateful labels? I can imagine, selfish humans. At $500 starting point the iPad may be just a bit expensive but only compared to most common netbooks. And in fact, as some other recent...
  4. J

    DVD to iPad

    Don't give up! Ok, I use Handbrake for movies and it works great. But you are right on the video series conversion as it doesn't know what to do with every episode. But my niece learned to do it so I hope I can guide you (if a child can, You can, :). Remember Handbrake is free but it produces...
  5. J

    With whats available on the market today...

    Men, those Scotch bottles looks like, meeeeeeeen!!! "Men men men men, manly men men men!"...
  6. J

    Wi-Fi Reception: mine is not good, how's yours?

    Yes, with the update the improvement is substantial, faster connections and better signal.
  7. J

    Apple is working on the iPad Mini ?

    Actually Apple ordered 5.x and 7.x screens and it began the speculation. This sizes don't correspond to iPhones or iPods nor to iPads. The source speculated the smaller iPads will focus on e-reading and the bigger actual iPad for multimedia. I am not sure this is true and don't know about that...
  8. J

    How many apps do you have?

    Hey, I am not doing that bad I have 46. But I don't want to put to much in there and actually I don't have all my apps active.
  9. J

    DVD to iPad

    Use the venerable and free Handbrake, this is what I use for PC and Mac. Use a 640 x 480 - 720 x 480 resolution up to a 2000 bitrate or constant quality up to 63%. Encode using .H264 for video and AAC audio codec. This will give you the best quality / reasonable file size. Read this post and I...
  10. J

    Ipod videos to Ipad

    Drag them to iTunes again when connected to the iPad, however it is possible there could be a better official happier way. I hope you don't need 2 files of the same movie, it wont make to much sense. The iPhone videos should work fine on the iPad as the top limit on the iPad video capability is...
  11. J

    What do you think you'll use your iPad for?

    There are rumors of smaller iPads that will be launched on 4th quarter. Anyway I think at some point Apple will launch new iPads and will diversify the iPad line. I see so many uses for the iPad that I can't even start. But as an artist I think the iPad excels as a tool. I was thinking to get...
  12. J

    Ipad and pdf's

    Hi there. I think I could offer you some help on why this is happening. I am a digital artist and I work with a very powerful computer that I put to it limits. As a reference I increased the memory on one computer to 10 gigabytes of RAM because a similar situation was happening to me and it now...
  13. J

    iPad or macbook?

    My suggestion would be the Macbook. The iPad is great and sometime is all you need but it can't replace a "real" computer with a full OS. I think you will have to manny format shortcomings with the iPad as you will be fine as long as you create a document with it but not so much opening someone...
  14. J

    Ipad and pdf's

    I tried a large and heavy graphic PDF on my iPod Touch 2nd geneneration and it transferred fine using iTunes but refused to open on iBooks. On the iPad it opened fine.
  15. J

    Magazines on pdf to Ipad

    Well, you will need the have the PDFs already on your iPad or an access to the internet with a link to your PDF files. But you can drag them on the Library section on iTunes and they will be transferred automatically to the iBooks section. Then press Sync to transfer the PDFs to your iPad.
  16. J

    What would you like to see in the new os?

    Easier ways to use the iPad or iPhones as real hard drives. Even if the formats are not supported on the devices. I want to transport or carry my files with me.
  17. J

    Transfer of PDF files

    I used this and worked for me but I haven tried an entire folder, just single files. Now that you mention this I am going to try it myself and see what happens. "Drag the PDF over to your LIBRARY section in iTunes and it will be added to the Books tab". Then you need to sync with your iPad...
  18. J

    What do you think you'll use your iPad for?

    I believe prices for ezines are starting to go down and in the coming months it will be more apparent the definitive emergence on the digital format. Less chopped trees and wider distribution of quality content. As an example Wired ezine reduced the price from $4.99 to $3.99 and I am waiting for...
  19. J

    Predictions for the iPad 2

    Different screen formats One feature that I would appreciate is different screen formats as it will allow more flexibility. Something like 8' and even 7' could be lighter and even more portable, will still allow to read way better than smartphones and watch movies or play games.
  20. J

    iBooks will support PDF

    I am not sure about this and it is a bit early to tell. We need more information to see what features will be implemented. Macs already print everything in PDF but this is not the most efficient way to publish in the PDF format. This may have something to do with PDF's rights on OSX so we need...
  21. J

    What do you think you'll use your iPad for?

    I know I wont be with my iPad everywhere as I think the iPod or iPhone are better suited for that. I think my iPad will stay home and because I am a Graphic and 3D Artist I will be using the iPad to show my portfolio and presentations to clients. The best use for me is to read graphic books and...