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    Problems with Xfinity

    Thanks very much anyway, but I fix it myself, I removed the application and install it again, It is working now.
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    Problems with Xfinity

    For some reason since few days ago I keep trying to play anything with Xfinity in my Ipad2 and I get the message " Sorry, we've experienced some difficulty playing your video." then option to press OK. Before it was working fine, and just to let you know my ABC player is working perfect, so I...
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    Best apps for working with PDF, Excel and Word files?

    I have the same problem, I had bought docs to go, quick office, office 2 hd and none of them works with the excel formulas completely, but I can say the best one to do better is Docs to go, It gives you more options to handle documents. I hope I could get my money back, but that's another...
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    Does Someone have a good experience using an application to manage Excel files?

    Can someone recommend what application is best to open, see and save Excel files on Ipad 2. Thanks in advance George.
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    Very sad today, same problem::::::

    Yes, that's what I'm saying. George.
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    Very sad today, same problem::::::

    Yes, it is not easy to see it, in normal conditions It doesn't show, you have to bring the brightness to the maximum, be in a dark room and have a black wallpaper picture to see it and even like that the 2 or 3 spots are very very light. Thanks for your input guys.
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    Very sad today, same problem::::::

    I exchanged my Ipad 2 today, I bought on the first day they came out, didn't know anything about the backlight bleeding and didn't see anything until I found this forum like 2 or 3 weeks ago, my device had a very light bleeding on the left side and bottom part of the Portrait screen. The new...
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    SwitchEasy Brand?

    In my case it was a big lie. I bought it this passed Friday April/15/2011 and when I bought it it was available on all colors, but yesterday, after me sending about 3 emails complaining that I didn't get a confirmation email, they replayed to me saying that the canvas is not available and it...