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  1. J


    How long do you think until multi-tasking becomes available? They would have to add it sooner or later to keep up with Android.
  2. J

    GPS not availble in the WiFi iPad

    Crap, I just went back to the store page and yeah with the way the models are named "Wifi + 3g" or "Wifi" that is certainly how it appears. Oh well, what's another $130 on top of $799?
  3. J


    I think the real catch will be how to boot it into install mode. Supposedly the CPU is an ARM variant, so the basic support is most likely available but I bet the GPU support will not be. My guess is the it will need to be similar to the Archos Android 5 install hacks where you have to gain...
  4. J

    When in Stores?

    I know they say they won't be shipping for 60-90 days, but do you think they will be in the stores before then?
  5. J

    GPS not availble in the WiFi iPad

    Doesn't that look more like it means both models?