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    UPS guy said something interesting...

    my tracking now says April 5, so the rest of you have fun!!
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    No UPS saturday delivery Houston area

    Yesterday I was told by ups in my area that they would definately deliver on Saturday. Today I got the Apple letter. There seems to be a lot of confusion.
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    UPS Exception Just Posted?!?!

    mine has gone backward. used to say in Louisville, and my home town, and now just says china....BUT we talked with UPS today, my company has an account, and they assured us it will be delivered Saturday, even though there is no regualar Saturday Delivery in my area. I would thinkt that this will...
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    UPS Exception Just Posted?!?!

    03/30/20109:22 P.M.THE SERVICE SELECTED IS NOT AVAILABLE TO THE DESTINATION ADDRESS / DOWNGRADED, FORWARDED TO CONSIGNEE, SELECTED SERVICE IS NOT AVAILABLE Here is my message. Can anyone interperate it. Do forwarded to Consignee mean sent back to Apple?