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    How to delete multiple photos

    I never knew!!! thanks for the tip...what does it mean when it says delete everywhere? somehow I have over a hundred duplicate photos and I don't need that so I did the wonderful swipe method and was gonna delete til it said that. ll
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    Apple iPad announced one year ago today

    I admit I wasn't sold on it at first but by October when Verizon started to carry it and the samsung device, I became curious. I was going to be back east for the holidays and needed one device that would allow me to stay connected, play movies, read books and store the large amounts of...
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    The First iPad Appears in the House of Representatives

    although things may have been sai before the "you lie" episode but the media now sensationalize everything!
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    The First iPad Appears in the House of Representatives

    I have seen them used on the television show Criminal Minds....I thought decorum and congress went out the window sometime last year with the whole "you lie" episode.
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    What does your Screen Name/Member ID mean?

    that's cool ten blade. what type surgeon? I am a surgical tech(cardiac surgery).kinda wish I had of thought of a name like that oh well.I do like the name though.
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    What does your Screen Name/Member ID mean?

    mine is simple...I am a Gemini and I have dreadlocks
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    Seven days and seven nights with - iPad.

    I got mine in November and I never leave home without it. I never know when I might have a few moments of downtime. it's a wonderful device and I don't regret getting it.
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    Itunes using Paypal

    i had the same issue with pay pal.....I prefer purchasing iTunes gift cards and buying my apps that way, I think it will help cut down on buying so many. I have spent a lot on apps but I think I have the main ones I need for school,work and just daily life. boy do I love this thing!
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    SO? What did you get for Christmas?

    wow I haven't heard of or smelled the scent Joop in forever. looks like you had a great Xmas!
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    iPad Magazine App Sales Figures Fall Sharply

    I wish that I could get the magazines I subscribe to in digital format..that was another reason I got the iPad....thinking I could cut down on magazines in the mail but I guess not...runners world and triathlon magazine are the 2 I subscribe to.
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    Wallpaper changer

    I would like that too...when I had a blackberry, I had the wallpaper changer and it was kinda nice. and then I started. to save the ones I liked so that I could just use those as my wallpaper.
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    Which iPad model you have?

    32gb wifi
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    "Soon there will be 2 kinds of people. Those who use computers & those who use Apples

    welcome and happy holidays.yeah I love this forum and visit here often. enjoy
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    Anyone else frustrated with App Store?

    I live by appshopper and appnadvice now. have hadbit a few days and it has helped me.
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    So many ipad wallpapers

    nice. thanks
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    New iPad User (32G w/ 3G)

    Currently Verizon is only offering the mifi @$35 for 3Gb of data and I don't know what the other offering is. I have heard that Sprint has their mifi and they offer unlimited data for $40 and plus the cost of renting the mifi device if you don't buy it outright. and then virgin mobile offers...
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    It's official - I'm getting an iPad for Christmas

    I like coming here and seeing the images for the countdown...they have been awesome
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    This ebook thing is expensive!!!

    yep buying books and apps is way to easy...I have to put limits on myself and make wish lists for apps and books. because I would get carried away.
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    Have any scratches, dings, or nicks on your iPad?

    yep, I let my lil 3 yr old nephew play games on it and my 7 year old cousin play angry birds and cut the rope..the parents were more nervous than I was.just lots of fingerprints that can easily be cleaned.
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    i sold a lady in the ipad today

    yep I have done it too and the store employees ask if I want a job. lol
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    A Little bit about me

    nice to meet you.enjoy your time here.
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    What's the last movie you saw?

    in the theatre??? I can't even remember I think it was Salt with a free movie ticket. I watched Savage Grace on my flight back home and boy was it disturbing.
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    What do you want for Christmas?

    hope that all goes well with the surgery...I would only want a barnes and noble or iTunes gift card. :)
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    New Member

    welcome....happy holidays
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    Stupid or Embarrassing Things Involving Your iPad

    also just discovered I can sync my bookmarks from my laptop to my iPad. sweet!
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    buy now or wait

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    Stupid or Embarrassing Things Involving Your iPad

    just discovered today that I can press the power and home button to take a screen shot. I discovered it by accident. lol
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    How often is your iPad with you?

    same here, I take it with me to work and at lunch time I use it instead of the computers in our break room. plus the computers are often times full of viruses and won't work.
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    Will you buy the iPad 2?

    nah, this 32gb wifi does what I need and I can't see me rushing out to get the next one. I didn't get this one til the end of November. before I got it everyone was telling me to wait for the next one because it will have a camera...I don't chat so I saw no need. and I also said that the way...
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    Using my iPad now on plane with wifi!

    yeah i flew with delta over thanksgiving and it was nice to be able to visit this site, facebook, and browse other sites. it was pretty fast. there was a guy next to me on flight back home that had an we chatted up. however, trying to watch movies or tv shows online proved to be bit of...
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    What accessories do I need?

    i got a case, targus stylus from best buy, camera connection kit and the longer wall outlet charger. the shorter one that comes with the iPad is carried in my bag just in case.
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    3-in-1 camera connection kit

    I have the apple one but this is kinda nice because 1) it's all in one 2) it has a slot for micro sd cards 3) the price. 4) color option. I have had a lot of people ask me if I could use the apple conn. kit with the micro card and now I can tell folks about this one. thanks for posting. yet...
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    Angry Birds Fans

    who would've thought that this game would be so addicting amongst adults.???? lol I love it! i have the seasonal and regular on my android phone and also the HD seasons on my iPad. I love the sounds the birds make.
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    Barnes & Noble app

    the nook app is listed in the app store. just went there and saw it.
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    Pogo, Stylis or Whatever

    note shelf looks awesome....downloaded it.
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    Pogo, Stylis or Whatever

    thank you
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    Pogo, Stylis or Whatever

    thank you
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    are you a mac or a windows user?

    Mac user