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    How to make my address book contact same as my iphone 4

    I use funambol easy to sync all contact on all my devices.
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    Re: the Blue tooth "Apple" OEM key board . . .

    I dropped mine on the corner and the power button stuck. Aluminum is not a good durable product around kids.
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    Just bought a ipad 2

    Do not open the white box in the iPad 2 case. A small chinese man will pop out and sabotage all your non apple products.
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    USB connection for iPad 2??

    You can buy the camera connection kit it has USB. Keyboards and some microphones work.
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    Cleaning Zagg Screens ?

    I dunno but my invisible shield turned a real yellow color. Is that covered over the warranty ?
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    How to remote control an IPAD ?

    If you have a classroom of children and you want to be able to see what each iPad is doing. If you have a older adult and need to remote control from the internet to assist them.
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    How to remote control an IPAD ?

    Yup just unthethered jail broke mine. Freedom is great.
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    How to remote control an IPAD ?

    vency is free, or vnc
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    Just jailbroke the ipad 2 woot.
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    Should i upgrade to ios 5 ?

    Is it worth the fun going to iOS 5. Or should I wait til the bugs get watered down?
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    Apple component cable ipad 2 not working

    I'm having the same issue. Just bought component cable and with new iPad 2 and iPhone 4. No work when on the box says it will.
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    You're stranded on a desert island...

    simple jack lol
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    Ask you broker to make a iPad app. Btw who is your broker they may have one already.