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  1. dhewson777

    Importing flac files

    According to the App Store listing, this app has all the standard file movement abilities, including iTunes file transfer, web browser, and cloud support. Probably the easiest is the web browser upload option. Go into the app and find the wifi transfer option/page and turn it on (if required)...
  2. dhewson777

    Stop Pestering Me?

    I usually find updating stops the reminders ;)
  3. dhewson777

    Laugh Of The Day

    Although it was added to many dictionaries in 2006, the first recorded popular use of google as a verb was in 2002 (an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer). I guess we can all thank Joss Whedon for that! ;)
  4. dhewson777

    Removing FaceTime green strip from home screen

    Double click the Home button. You'll see all the open apps which you can scroll through. Find FaceTime and swipe up to close the app. It does sound like you did something in FaceTime that left open a connection (or attempted connection), and that is what the green bar is there to remind you...
  5. dhewson777

    new guy

    It's general Internet security software, in this case Titanium Internet Security license for use on 3 devices, i.e. PC, Mac, Android, etc. It does not come pre-installed, rather a license code for use on the devices you choose to add it to. In regards to the iPad, there is no such beast. It's...
  6. dhewson777

    Is there such a thing as a fake App?

    Any link to an iOS app should take you to the App Store to download. When checking the Purchases list, do you have it set for Not on this IPad? If so, it will only show apps that are not currently installed.
  7. dhewson777

    Apple Pay Now Supports Tesco Bank and TSB in U.K.

    Apple Pay launched here in Australia today, but with just American Express on board initially. None of our banks seem willing to give up any of the lucrative transaction fee to Apple at this point, with contactless payments already widespread.
  8. dhewson777

    4K video

    The question is, does an app exist that even plays 4K video? I doubt the screen is capable of displaying in true 4K.
  9. dhewson777

    Apple TV to Get Siri Support for Apple Music from the Beginning of 2016

    Beginning of 2015 - lol, should be 2016 ;)
  10. dhewson777

    Not hacking

    For security reasons, no device will generally show the password for a wifi SSD. The best option is to log into your wireless router and re-set your wifi password. This way, you can update all your devices to connect automatically.
  11. dhewson777


    Using the Mail app, or via Safari browser?
  12. dhewson777

    Seven Annoying or Missing Features in iPhone 6S/iOS 9 that We Wish Apple Would Fix

    Yes, I see your point. If so, it wasn't articulated in a way to clearly convey that point. ;)
  13. dhewson777

    Seven Annoying or Missing Features in iPhone 6S/iOS 9 that We Wish Apple Would Fix

    I don't understand the rearrange icons one. This has been a thing for many years. Getting it into the mode to rearrange the icons is as simple as holding the icon for a few seconds until it wiggles. You can move pages, create grouped folders, and more.
  14. dhewson777

    Hi and please help

    And if you have tapped the star next to a file, an offline version of the file is also kept locally on the iPad (within the app). This is likely the data it is warning you about, although a copy should already be in your Dropbox cloud.
  15. dhewson777

    iPad can not connect to EasyAcc Bluetooth Speaker 4.0 DP100?

    Did you follow the pairing instructions for the speakers carefully? Usually you have to enable pairing mode on the device as part of the process.
  16. dhewson777

    Mail message not downloaded from server

    If possible with your email provider, use IMAP rather than POP3 to sync emails between the server and multiple devices. This method keeps a copy on the server until you delete it. POP3 will attempt to download, then remove the email from the server unless you have "leave a copy on the mail...
  17. dhewson777


    One other thing, typing in caps is considered "shouting", and one should refrain from doing so if possible during any sort of electronic communication. ;)
  18. dhewson777

    iPad wi-fi configuration challenge

    With the right wireless router, you can actually plug in a USB 3G/4G dongle to give an Internet connection to the devices on said wireless network.
  19. dhewson777

    iTunes, how do I do a manual check for update

    I believe the menu bar may be hidden in iTunes (by default?). Not having a Windows machine I cannot suggest the method for unhiding them, but it may be just a matter of hovering over the area or clicking a certain icon to reveal the menu.
  20. dhewson777

    credit card reader for ipad

    Here in Australia, PayPal have card readers that work with the PayPal Here app. Just need a PayPal Business account. I suspect that they would have something similar in comparable markets.
  21. dhewson777

    I can't stream radio stations live.

    Telstra is probably the best network to be on in regional areas, so that's good. I'm stumped why the stations via apps like TuneIn would not work if you have Internet connection. As TP mentioned, I'd check in Settings -> Mobile Data and scroll down to each app to make sure it's green to allow...
  22. dhewson777

    I can't stream radio stations live.

    True. Actually in the top left of your screen you should see 5 dots (a mix of solid and/or empty dots), followed by the name of your provider, then, if on wifi, you should see the wifi fan. What does it say up there? I've never had any trouble with TuneIn, have not tried the others. Have you...
  23. dhewson777

    I can't stream radio stations live.

    I'm wondering if it is a general lack of cellular data available out in those country areas. What network is your SIM connecting to?
  24. dhewson777

    I can't stream radio stations live.

    Two questions, is the iPad 4G (in other words, has a SIM on a data plan) and what app are you using to stream the radio stations?
  25. dhewson777

    New Itunes only good for WIN & or later??

    Unfortunately it is nostalgia in most part keeping you with Windows XP, rather than any practical reason. A lot of people like XP, because back in the day it was the most used OS on the planet. I remember when XP was released I got my first PC, which was a second-hand ex lease Dell, the...
  26. dhewson777

    IOS 9 Instillation

    Which iPad are you using?
  27. dhewson777

    Widgets are Twice as Nice

    Automatic in ios9
  28. dhewson777

    Unaccounted Memory Usage

    Sounds like the second set of figures could be your iCloud storage rather than your on board storage, which both reside in the Storage section of Settings.
  29. dhewson777

    IOS 9 Instillation

    Is that the freezing when connecting to Gamecenter? I remember it did that some time back on a previous iOS version, and an app update ironed it out.
  30. dhewson777

    Urgent help requires with Proxy

    I'm wondering if Configurator could be helpful in this instance? I've never used it to manage iPads, but being designed with corporate profiles in mind, maybe it could assist?
  31. dhewson777

    YouTube bookmark

    Ok, yes, I have YouTube bookmarked for use on my Mac. On my iPad, I just use the app. I do some content creation, so I do keep it handy as a bookmark.
  32. dhewson777

    YouTube bookmark or do a Google search
  33. dhewson777

    YouTube bookmark

    You tube works a treat in Safari on a Mac. You should be set!
  34. dhewson777

    YouTube bookmark

    Would it be simpler to search the video in question and re-bookmark it? Do it on the Mac so you don't run into the app opening issue on the iPad. If you have recently been to that video, it should show in your YouTube history, if you always view YouTube logged into your account.
  35. dhewson777

    YouTube bookmark

    I would expect it would only be the current bookmarks
  36. dhewson777

    YouTube bookmark

    You would need to navigate to the page for the clip within Safari to bookmark it. EDIT: you could actually copy the link, then paste that to Safari then bookmark it.
  37. dhewson777

    Google drive app

    Is the app logged into the same Google Drive account?
  38. dhewson777

    My iPad is slowing down the Internet for everyone else.

    Pings, of course! ;)
  39. dhewson777

    how to eliminate video ads in youtube

    When it comes to YouTube, ads are not that much of a hassle. You can skip within 5 seconds in most instances. Just keep in mind that ads help support your favorite you tubers to continue what they do via ad revenue. That being said, there is nothing you can do to override ads in the YouTube...
  40. dhewson777

    My iPad is slowing down the Internet for everyone else.

    I've never heard of bandwidth or internet speed measured in milliseconds.