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    Jailbreak for iPad 2 (sigh)

    The long wait continue... :(
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    "I just cant justify the cost...ipad 2 is too expensive!"

    Why worry about other people think? It's your money, you have use for it and your happy with it. If they have a hard time justifying it then that is their problem not yours. Sucks to be them if they can't justify it. I rather surf on bigger screen than surf on my little iPhone screen. I use...
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    Battery starting to...

    I always charged mine through wall outlet with the charger that came with.
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    Battery starting to...

    Last longer now that I had my iPad 2 almost two months. I still have 4.3 iOS on it and somehow the battery drainage stopped happening. Anyone having the same experience?
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    Since iPad, I now use my computer ____________.

    MBP + iPad + iPhone = Is like the father, son and holy spirit. In a sense and please no judgement against me. :).
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    Since iPad, I now use my computer ____________.

    If flash player requires or d/l music, otherwise I use 98.99% iPad 2.
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    Just Returned My Ipad-2!?

    First of if you need help convincing your wife let her read what about to tell you. I use to own the first iPad and it was a wifi version and to make story short, it stayed at home even when I had the capabilitiy of tethering with my jailbroken iPhone. Having 3G iPad is more enjoyable and you...
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    Would you have still bought the ipad if it ran android?

    That's like saying putting pinto engine onto a porche car. :)
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    Didnt use all of my data this month...

    It's better than go over and pay extra. I do have the post paid with ATT.
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    I hate ipad 2 cause im addicted!

    I am more addicted to it as well now that I have 3G version. I didn't use to bring my iPad at work to surf at break and lunch and now thats all I do to get away from everyone. It's becoming my me time and my iPad. It helps because ideal with co-workers all day long. I use my iPad for sense...
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    I want to hear from all you 3G ipad owners, has it been worth it?

    One reason, my first iPad was wifi and I ended up leaving that at home most of the time. I sold it and bought an iPad 2 3G and ever since then, I had more reason to take it with me anywhere. Any regrets? Nope, I love the flexibility of having 3G and I can use my iPad 2 to it's highest...
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    Best Buy Ipad Sale

    Best Buy has been very good to me. And ive been very good with them. I'm proud to be a silver member. :)
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    Question about prepaid data on AT&T

    Glad I can help out.
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    AT&T iPad to iPad 2?

    Just to be safe, call Att customer service. I think they have to transfer your MEI info onto your iPad 2. That's just my guess.
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    Question about prepaid data on AT&T

    With Post Paid you have to call in to cancel. With Pre Paid you may cancel at your own convenience.
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    Question about prepaid data on AT&T

    That's still not bad. Its still beats paying 10.00 than being obligated to pay 25.00 for 2 gb. I have the post paid and never gone over 1gb yet. I also bought this one app " download meter for 3g/wifi/edge for easy way of monitoring my data usage. It's very helpful.
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    Question about prepaid data on AT&T

    When I got over my dilemma choosing between wifi and 3G. Another dilemma came and the question was, what is the best data plan for my iPad 2 3G? I was torn between pre-paid and post paid. I came across a website that post paid is the overall deal breaker. The pros for post paid was that if you...
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    4.3.2 update / issues

    I'm not updating from 4.3 to 4.3.2 until iPad 2 Jailbreak is available. Even though I have face time issue with it, is no big deal since I rarely use it. As far as battery life, I just adjusted my brightness to low, not lowest and my battery life has been pretty good.
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    iPad 2 WiFi issues... Frustrating!!

    That's weird. My apple extreme is set up as 2.4 ghz and my iPad works. I think it might have something to do with the routers brand. Long time ago I had issue with first gen iPod touch with linksys brand router, but when I switch to a different router my iPod touch then stopped having issue...
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    iPad 2 WiFi issues... Frustrating!!

    Wifi connection is strange that way. And what are the odds you got another lemon from Apple? Somehow I have a difficult understanding that.
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    Battery Life

    I was experiencing battery life issue with my iPad 2 as well but since I change the brightness to it's lowest part, I'm able to surf on it using wifi for almost 2 hours and only lost 10% battery life. I was doing this with my iPad 1 and so I don't think is the iPad 2 issue. It may just be your...
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    iPad 2 WiFi issues... Frustrating!!

    Like I said try any coffee shop that offers free wifi. Also you said you are running 2 routers? That also can contribute to your problem. Turn one them off and just run one of them alone. They may be causing some interference.
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    iPad 2 WiFi issues... Frustrating!!

    Also try other wifi areas, to see if whether is your router or not.
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    iPad 2 WiFi issues... Frustrating!!

    Have you updated to current iOS 4.3.1? Sometimes that can resolved issues by updating the firmware. iPad 1 had some similar issues with wifi antenna back then. You want to isolate the issue first. If firmware doesn't resolved your issue, then it's definitely hardware issue.
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    tethering question

    But what if somehow something goes wrong with your phone? If you don't have wifi nearby, you can always turn on your 3G iPad without contract.
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    Upgraded to ipad 2 but was it the right choice??

    Even though I have an iPhone I still like the idea of having 3G iPad as well.
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    For those with wifi only versions of the ipad 2

    I couldn't agree more on this statement.
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    For those with wifi only versions of the ipad 2

    Using mywi on iPhone would takes maybe 5 to 10% of your battery faster. Also there is a setting in there where you could compensate your mb transfer rate versus battery life. The higher you set your mb transfer rate the faster the battery will consumed. As far as iPad 2 with mywi, I never...
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    Should I upgrade to 4.3.1?

    There is a way to go back, but it requires some googling online and patience.
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    More news of ipad 2 domination

    Because they are waiting for the iPad 2 sales to die down. I'm glad I'm not stubborn like other android fan out there. They know what is good and what not about iOS but they are still persistent android base platform is the best. Oh well, they will have to wait because of them being close...
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    For those with wifi only versions of the ipad 2

    You can also go to their website and check your monthly usage. I had one month which is last Oct of 2010 that was 5 gb but then I don't remember if I was streaming with Pandora and slacker app or I was using MyWi.
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    For those with wifi only versions of the ipad 2

    Golf apps is one of them
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    For those with wifi only versions of the ipad 2

    No problem. I went through the same dilemma about what to choose between wifi vs 3G at least this time around. In my own opinion, why not go to fullest instead of going halfway by not going with 3G capability iPad? You are almost there. Again that is my choice and others may have different...
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    For those with wifi only versions of the ipad 2

    I experienced both wifi and 3G. My first iPad was wifi and this time I thought I try iPad 2 with 3G instead. The experience for me has been great with 3G because one, I can always turn on my 3G when I'm out with my iPad. Even though I have a jailbroken iPhone 4, with miwi app for tethering, I...
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    iPad 2 must go!

    You don't need to apologized or something. I know a few people that has a difficult time justifying and owning an iPad. It works for me since I can take this to my work because my work somehow don't allow a laptop. I guess maybe because iPad is not a full blown laptop. It's ok with me.
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    iPad 2 must go!

    I was in the same dilemma but since I got a 3G version iPad 2, I came to like it and I have more fun with it. When I had a wifi first gen iPad, I wasn't as excited because I always leave it at home. 3G version was only missing. I much rather take this with me anywhere than my MacBook pro. I...
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    iPad 2 Charger

    Thanks for the information.
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    iPad 2 Charger

    Hi all! I'm just curious if anyone notice when charging the iPad 2 is much faster than the original iPad. I think it is, but I just want to know what you guys think of it. I was using the charger that came with the unit. Anyhow, using another brand like griffin takes forever for recharge...
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    why does people dont interested in Verzion Ipad 2?

    I was close to getting the iPad2 VZ as well. After doing extensived research and getting over my indeciveness between Att vs VZ data plan, I'm so glad I went with 3G Att version. First, I am already an exceptional ATT customer and second I want to have my iPad/iPhone in one bill. Asides from...