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  1. JCat

    Should I give up my search?

    Well, we're a two ipad household. We sold our two ipads weeks ago to purchase the ipad 2. At launch, I went to Best Buy figuring I may actually have a better shot. I was number 26 in line... so all was good. Had a credit card ready for mine, and cash for my partner who was not present but can't...
  2. JCat

    Tip: You can put 6 Icons on your App Tray

    Thanks for the info - will try that now. Now I am wondering how many pages of apps the system will display...?
  3. JCat

    1st Impressions.......

    LOL - me three! After the sync was finished, I had a heart attack for a sec.... my friend's ipad was still first syncing and I was like ...'hurry sync, I need to see if this guy's ipad has the same marks". Sure enough it did, and then he suggested they they might be shooting stars. heh
  4. JCat

    1st Impressions.......

    Oh my GOD is this an insanely fantastic piece of hardware! Just tinkering around with the various apps, my jaw was dropping with every finger swipe. The screen is so amazing, it makes all hand held and portable devices look dated. Most of my older apps looked actually fantastic in 2X mode, while...
  5. JCat

    Sent from my iPad

    Two of them were with my doorman - now on my table but we're having coffee and bagels first, THEN we open 'em (after washing hands of course). ;-) I hope everyone who ordered gets 'em today!
  6. JCat

    Who's camping right now!!!!

    Let us know if a crowd develops! Do you have a reserved unit?
  7. JCat

    Just a bit confused in App Store..

    That at last I can answer: Yes indeed - everyone and his/her mother have been downloading paid and free apps for ipad since last evening. Some are even free just for April 3rd.
  8. JCat

    Just a bit confused in App Store..

    I'm sure it's right under my nose, but I can't seem to pull up a huge list of ipad apps. It's either "new and noteworthy", "top free, "top paid", and so on.. but each category has a certain amount and that's it. Is there a continuous list that has all supposedly 1300+ new apps that you can check...
  9. JCat

    No Sleep Tonight...

    A number of contacts from Canada are driving in like 7 hours to pick one up! Gotta love the high enthusiasm.
  10. JCat

    Shipped! With tracking number!

    I've been reading everywhere that because of this special set up between UPS and Apple, tracking information is completely out of whack. I've never seen such weird activity on a parcel...but I'm betting at this time tomorrow, we'll all be face deep into the pad.
  11. JCat

    No Sleep Tonight...

    ..though I must in order not to collapse tomorrow! The amount of news articles, video, and the insane app store landslide is overwhelming; I cannot believe all the ipad exclusives, Universal apps, increased feature apps and the original touch/phone apps. This is the launch of all launches.
  12. JCat

    iPad Apps are up in Itunes!

    I think Twitterific on iPad is free
  13. JCat

    iPad Apps are up in Itunes!

    Yeah, when I get back tonight I'll start going through 'em to see what's to purchase. I also want to wait to see how some of my 50+ itouch apps look in 2X as well. lol
  14. JCat

    iPad Apps are up in Itunes!

    Lots are already up in the itunes app store now. Things are moving fast (except Saturday).
  15. JCat

    UPS shipment changed locations (states) overnight?

    I had the same "internal activity" in New York status last night, and today in Kentucky. I'm confident that all of us will get it on Saturday. Hey, this is a very special set up between Apple and UPS, so I don't expect UPS read outs to be normal.
  16. JCat

    UPS Exception Just Posted?!?!

    Well, looks like our shipment is in New York now... same state as my physical being. I hope none of the UPS guys are dying for one of these.
  17. JCat

    UPS Exception Just Posted?!?!

    Mine showed shipped from China 2 days ago, then yesterday, it appeared to be in Kentucky for a while, now Kentucky is no longer there and it shows shipped from China again. I have the exception as well -- but so does everybody! Hey, it can come from the depths of hell, as long as it arrives...