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    Apple Intends to Patch Latest JailbreakMe Vulnerability

    Hello, I sure hope so. I'm not psyched about buying a whole new iPod touch just for a security patch, when my Gen1 works perfectly fine otherwise. Okay good, I surely hope they do support since perfectly functional devices still use that version. I love my iPT, and it shows no signs of slowing...
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    Front LED Notifications Coming To iOS?

    Hello, I think usually put my iPhone display down. It’s just something I do. But does it continue to flash, or just once? My old Android flashed until you checked it out.
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    Welcome to - Your Apple iPad Forum & Community

    Hello I think,today Apple is more useful of everyone and most advanced desktop operating system. Apple today previewed iOS 5, the latest version of the world’s most advanced mobile operating system, with over 200 new features that will be available as a free software update to iPad, iPhone...
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    Creating iPad apps using iBook??

    I think. The iPad uses the free, open e-book standard, ePub format. Being an open source format, ePub books are already widely available on the net. And The iPad app “UPAD” has probably the most potential of making us truly paperless.
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    3D Wallpaper Pro Now live in the App Store

    Thanks for sharing information about 3d wall papers.
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    Very beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing.
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    Disney wall paper..

    Thanks for sharing wall papers.
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    Recycle Carbon Fiber!

    Very knowledgeable information and I am very happy to read about your goal. Thanks for sharing.
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    SPECIAL iPad + iPhone carbon fiber bundle

    Thanks for sharing the information about carbon fiber case and I want more information about benefits of this fiber case.
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    Smart Case Compatible Ipad 2 Carbon Fiber Cover

    Very good information about ipad fiber cover! Thanks for sharing.
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    New Mach 3 Composites Carbon Fiber iPad Covers

    Very nice looking covers! The cover/iPad combination will also fit into our carbon fiber iPad cases. Thanks for this.
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    iPad Stylus used for writing???

    As with the iphone and iPod Touch, the iPad's screen requires capacitive input, which is why a traditional plastic stylus won't work. The pogo pens have special tips that mimic the touch of a finger, but with considerably less surface area.
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    Xilisoft iPad Magic Tutorial

    Thanks for the information!
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    Where would I find more wallpapers like this?

    Very nice! Thanks for suggestions.
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    Heres some of my great iPad wallies..

    Thanks! That's my favorite too. I'm pleased somebody also enjoys these
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    The next iPad?

    Really, very beautiful and Waiting for more wallpaper. Thanks for sharing.
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    Xilisoft Download YouTube Video For Free

    Real fast searching, Xilisoft download you tube video is the software for us if we are addicted to you tube videos. We will be capable to download and preserve these videos in our personal individual collection.
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    Sony Launches Crackle iPad and iPhone App

    Fine works, I tried to use it on my pad. The player is very good.