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    First Official iPad Theft

    That isn't really funny. That is more mean/rude...
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    WiFi Owners!!!

    Which kawi do you have? Klr here.
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    Does the iPad have gps?

    Yeah they do. If I was several times richer, and if Melora had several times worst taste than she does, I would like to think we would be a couple.
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    Does the iPad have gps?

    Rasputina is one of my favorite bands. Good stuff. It's crazy that it is that accurate using only known hotspots.
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    Watching Star Trek was awesome

    Were you able to watch all three without a battery charge?
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    To all you americans...

    Why not just pay an American to buy one on your behalf? I'm sure someone would do it with the offer of vegemite. Speaking is the new Vegemite? I'm a fan of the classic, but 2.0 scares me a little.
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    Does the iPad have gps?

    I was using the google maps today and it was able to get extremely close to my actual location. Is it figuring this out through the internet connection, or does the iPad have some sort of gps built in?
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    Who's camping right now!!!!

    It might be out of context. A few years back there were viral videos out on youtube called Will it Blend. As soon as the iPhone came out...well...let's just say that an iphone will blend.
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    Who's camping right now!!!!

    I just wish you had brought a blender and as soon as you left the store you took the iPad out of the package and tried to futilely put the iPad in it. After failure, you could drop to your knees and begin to shout, 'IT WON'T BLEND!!! WHY WON'T MY IPAD BLEND!!!!!!'
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    First installed applications

    Let's start a thread about the first applications people plan on installing and why. Here is my list: 1) The Elements - Yes, it is pricey, but I am a science major and I look forward to the functionality of this application. It might actually make learning entertaining. 2) iPDF Reader - It...
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    Just a bit confused in App Store..

    That is probably one of the biggest follies with one stop shop application store. It makes it extremely easy to use, but it sucks that you lose functionality because of Apple's international presence and legal issues. You might run into problems every now and then when you install directly...
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    Just a bit confused in App Store..

    Are you able to set up a US based proxy or use a VPN to get unrestricted access?
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    Just a bit confused in App Store..

    And on a related note, are we able to download the applications before the ipad arrives? I have my eye on a science program that is 1.7 gigs and I am wanting to get started on the download now.
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    Syncing Questions

    I've never really used itunes before and have never used an ipod. Can anyone explain how syncing your device works? Can I sync it on multiple computers, or will it wipe out the information on my device if I sync it to a second computer? My question has to do mostly with mp3s, photos and...
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    It was just delivered by UPS!

    I've been checking the tracking practically every five minutes or so and this morning it moved to out for delivery. I thought they had made a mistake because of their agreement with Apple, but less than 3 hours later, it was delivered to my front door!
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    5 Things the iPad needs for business

    The same benefits that there are to having a browser other than IE on a Windows based PC. Having options promotes competition. Other the difference between Netscape and Firefox. They both used Mozilla right?
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    Rumor Alert: Apple iPad Pre-Orders starting February 25th!

    Usually, when they are putting new items up, their website will go offline for a couple of hours. It can happen any time during the day, but it seems to usually happen in the morning or after a press conference. There are no press conferences today that I am aware of.
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    That's exactly it though. We know it will be a good device. With the right applications being developed, it could even be a great device. But if we don't provide constructive criticism and voice our opinions, our opinions will never be heard. I'm not saying that we should only point out the...
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    Multitasking is important for those of us that want to use it for school. It is great that there is a good chance we will be able to purchase text books for it, but I would like to be able to use the text book, switch to a scientific calculator, solve the equation and then switch back to the...
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    If you could only put one book on your iPad, what would it be?

    There is only one correct answer for this question. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Come on, it's the same device people!!!
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    Will the iPad be a LifeDrive repeat?

    I can't see it being that great as an mp3 player due to the size, but now that you mention ipod, I could see it making an awesome docking jukebox. I think it will make a great PDA myself, I just hope it catches on so we will be able to get the application development.
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    What accessory do you think you will need

    Reread the question and changing the answer. The keyboard, definitely the keyboard.
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    Apple strikes again - Major Textbook Deal

    I've got to agree with scotty, it would be great for college. I could get so much more studying done if I could take all my books into a bar or on a train. Or take all my books to work and read on break. It would be great for college. My fear is that they won't discount the electronic...
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    Will the iPad be a LifeDrive repeat?

    I don't know how many of you remember the Palm LifeDrive from about 5 years ago, but the iPad really reminds me of that device. Granted, the iPad is a little larger, but it seems to fill in the market gap that the LifeDrive was going for. The iPad will be better at browsing the web too, but it...