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  1. ajcgn

    Does sync always sync everything?

    I believe that when you sync with iTunes you can check a box to indicate if you want to sink apps as well. Hopefully by un checking the box you will get rid of the error message.
  2. ajcgn

    transferring photos from a computer to an Ipad2

    The most common way is to use iTunes. You can download it for free onto your PC. If you've never used it before it may be tough to figure out at first as iTunes syncs to get files onto your iPad, instead of a file manager. I believe you have to sync an entire folder of photos to get them onto...
  3. ajcgn

    Whats more valuable to you: Your ipad or your camera?

    Great pic Lanny But nothing like a DSLR for action shots.
  4. ajcgn

    I've done a stupid thing. Am I done for?

    Why did you let your friend use your iPad? Say no more :)
  5. ajcgn

    Did Samsung copy Apple?

    Best opinion of the legal profession I can ever remember reading. :)
  6. ajcgn

    Welcome to the iPad 4 Forum!

    Glad it worked out for you.
  7. ajcgn

    Welcome to the iPad 4 Forum!

    Curious, don't you still have 2 days to return it? Unless you didn't get it from an Apple store.
  8. ajcgn

    I bought an iPad 3 16 days ago...

    If Apple won't exchange it, I would keep the 3. I guess it will probably be a while before the 3 can't do what the 4 can. I would be ticked if I bought my 3 only 16 days ago though. I know you can't keep up with technology, but at least my 3 was the latest and greatest for six months :) I plan...
  9. ajcgn

    So, who will dump the ipad3 to get a mini?

    I was hoping for a bigger iPad :)
  10. ajcgn

    Unable to sync with iTunes after update to latest OS vers

    Don't know much about this sort of thing, but I was prompted to update my iTunes because of ios6 coming out. Did you update iTunes's recently?
  11. ajcgn

    iPad 2,4 vs new iPad 3

    Sort of why I upgraded my iPhone from a 4 to a used 4S instead of the 5. As to iPad, got the new one because I love the retina display. The other features, for me at least, are just gravy.
  12. ajcgn

    Ipad 3 WiFi vs. WiFi/Cellular

    One more advantage to 3g, Assuming you travel, you can by a sim overseas and avoid data roaming charges.
  13. ajcgn

    IPAD 3 not charging

    I have the same experience. The iPad does charge when the screen is on, however, the retina display sucks so much power that the battery drains faster than the charger can replenish it. Therefore, I have to turn the screen off to make headway.
  14. ajcgn

    No GPS ?

    I use NavFree for voice turn by turn navigation. It works offline. I have Wifi only, and therefore also have a Dual Bluetooth GPS.
  15. ajcgn

    iPad vs iPhone capacity

    I don't know how iTunes resizes the photo, I only noticed the resizing when I shrunk photos to save space on my iPhone and when I saw that no space was saved, I read somewhere that iTunes resizes the photo. The iPad and iPhone can be synced separately in iTunes and should show up as two...
  16. ajcgn

    Why do you prefer iPad to iphone?

    Love them both, use them both.
  17. ajcgn

    Will you update your OS day of release or wait? Why?

    When I updated my iPhone to 5, I remember the battery draining much faster than normal until the next update. But I will probably give in to my impatience and update to 6 as soon as I can.
  18. ajcgn

    Adobe Flash Player workaround for iPad 3?

    I use the TuneIn Radio app. Costs about $5 (can't remember the exact price). It can pick up stations from around the world and seems to pick up every station I can think of here in Toronto. Your particular station might also have its own free app at iTunes.
  19. ajcgn

    Ebay and craiglist scams please be advised.

    Thanks for posting, while I have managed to successfully buy and sell stuff on Kijiji, it is always worth a reminder that vigilance is the price of doing business on the Internet. It's a shame that these people can't apply such creative thinking to something more mundane, you know, like an...
  20. ajcgn

    How are photos stored on iPad

    Don't know how to tell on the iPad itself, but when you sync with iTunes, the amount of space taken up by photos shows up in iTunes on the bottom of the screen.
  21. ajcgn

    MAC or P.C.? What to do, what to do.

    I switched to Mac about a year ago, took a few months to get completely used to it. Something's are better, some are worse. Seems to boot up faster and be more stable, but that could be because its newer, Aperture 3 seems easier for me to use than Lightroom was, I got used to the 2 finger click...
  22. ajcgn

    Left hand side of the road car games

    Are there any car games where you drive on the left hand side of the road and the steering wheel is on the right? I am going to rent a car in Ireland in a few months and thought I would try and see how many times i crash on my iPad first. If nothing for the iPad, is there anything for Mac or...
  23. ajcgn

    IPAD memory solutions

    I have more than 16g of Apps on my 64g iPad. So as to amount of memory, it depends on how much stuff you want to put on your iPad. I believe Apps have to be installed on the iPad to run. If I had less memory, I suppose I could delete the big Apps and resync them later when I want to use them.
  24. ajcgn

    Using an iPad2 for car GPS in UK

    Unfortunately I made the leap from paper maps to the iPad, so I don't know how the PDA works. The below link will show what the Dual can do. I believe there may be other products out there, but this is the only one I have experience with. I guess you can try and see...
  25. ajcgn

    Using an iPad2 for car GPS in UK

    777 is right on both accounts. When you said you don't want to attach anything, I don't know if you also want to rule out the option of a Bluetooth gps. I use the Dual gps and it works fine. Connects a bit more slowly, eliminates the savings from not purchasing a 3G iPad, but at least you can...
  26. ajcgn

    No sender

    I get it on my iPhone sometimes. I think it happens when mail hasn't fully downloaded/processed. Usually goes away when I check for email again.
  27. ajcgn

    Considering iPad; had a few questions?

    I considered buying an iPad 1, but at the time the prices weren't low enough to justify so I got a new iPad 2 instead. I never owned the 1 so I will let others comment. Some bits and pieces I've learned: If you want built in GPS get a 3G model. You don't need a carrier, but the non 3G version...
  28. ajcgn

    Tutorials/CBT/Video's for the elderly (70+).

    I often use youtube for how to guides for all kinds of different stuff. I would guess that there are some good iPad tutorials there.
  29. ajcgn

    Anybody like me?: Love the iPad, but prefer Android phones over the iPhone?

    Thanks for the link, those are some of the things that are a PITA about my iPhone. Still have a long time on my Rogers contact, so plenty of time to worry about what my next phone will be. It's weird that Apple is so restrictive. Seems like they would be better served if they could have expert...
  30. ajcgn

    why are the pics small when email from ipad

    When I email a photo from my iPad using wifi it defaults to the actual size. Maybe that was the last size I sent? The draft email also shows how large the photo is, on the From line on the right side . When I click on the size of the photo, I can chose a smaller size at that point. Hopefully...
  31. ajcgn

    Card reader

    Hello fellow Olympus user. Apple sells an iPad camera connection kit. Doesn't work for xd cards as far as I know, (I always use compact flash or SD on my micro 4/3) however, it also comes with a USB connector, so you will be able to plug your camera directly into your iPad.
  32. ajcgn

    Watching Live stream football

    I sometimes use JustinTV
  33. ajcgn

    Opad external storage

    Filebrowser, for access to a wireless hard drive.
  34. ajcgn

    How to delete magazines from Newsstand on ipad2

    Tap and hold any of the magazines for a couple of seconds and they should all start shaking. Then hit the X and they should disappear. Not sure if they are gone for good at this point as iTunes might have a record.
  35. ajcgn

    Why is there no Flash on the Ipad 3?

    They upgraded the camera to 5 mp, but didn't add a Flash! :)
  36. ajcgn

    Trying to decide between iPad 2 and 3 (main concern is HD video quality)

    For me if it was just video, the iPad 2 would suffice. The difference is noticeable, but not enough to pay for. For browsing and reading, the new iPad for me was worth paying for.
  37. ajcgn

    Who replaced their mac with ipad 3

    Says it for me. Since I got an iPad, my Mac gets a lot less use, but I could never get rid of it.
  38. ajcgn

    Will Apple ever abandon 4:3 aspect ratio?

    I have owned an Olympus 4:3 camera for years. So by pure luck, the iPad is perfectly configured for me. :)
  39. ajcgn

    WiFi Signal Strength APP?

    Good question, hopefully there is an answer as it would be a useful app. I try to get a better idea of signal strength by using the FCC Test App. It's not perfect as the tests can vary by quite a bit, since it is designed to measure broadband, however I find that it is much more informative than...
  40. ajcgn

    YouTube ?

    I have multiple YouTube accounts and they all seem to work. Believe me when I say its not because I know what I am doing. If no one on the board can figure it out for you, the only thing I can suggest is to see if you can try someone else's iPad or have someone else with a YouTube account try...