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    iPad Pro. 10.5 battery life

    Might just be the new-ness illusion of going from a 4 yr old iPad to a brand new one. I believe benchmark tests show that battery life should be aligned with all previous gens. Obvious attention should be paid to uses as well, which all contribute to quicker battery drain. If you're happy with...
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    Possible end of 12.9 Ipad since 10.5???

    I was an early adopter of the 12.9 when originally release and I have to say I love it for daily use. It's all plusses except for the fatigue. It's not really meant to be held suspended in the air for a long period of time and can feel cumbersome when laying down and trying to type while holding...
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    Switching from iPad Pro 12.9 to 9.7

    The wait for another line is actually what I was considering last night. Why jump on board right now, when I can wait it out until the spring for a refresh. Thanks for the feedback.
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    Switching from iPad Pro 12.9 to 9.7

    Great points on both accounts. Holding the iPad Pro 12 for extended periods of time does feel cumbersome. When it actually does get used, it's always attached the keyboard so that's a great point. I might have jumped on this one too quick when it was released and not considered it's intended...
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    Switching from iPad Pro 12.9 to 9.7

    Previous to buying my iPad pro 12.9 when it launched last year. I was an iPad Air 1 guy. Shortly after buying the larger iPad I sold the Air. Now a year later, I find myself not using the 12.9 as often as I thought I would. I also own a 12" MacBook so for any work related portable computing I'm...
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    iMessage question.

    Not yet.
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    What is taking up my iPad's memory?

    Consider something larger than a 16 gb for your future purchase. Pay extra for double the space at least. In this day and age, no one should be lower than 64 gb .. and maybe 32 gb if you're unemployed or something. I know it's more costly, but 16 gb is for children.
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    Will you be renewing your Apple Music subscription after the trial ends?

    For sure. I don't think I've discovered this much music since I started listening to music on my iPod in 2001. It's so much easier to browse and find new music.
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    Multi platform game pad for iPad?

    I've personally been using the Stratus Steeleseries mini version game pad (connects through bluetooth). I'd assume as long as your device has bluetooth, you'd be able to use it with Windows and Android, but I wouldn't know since I'm all about the Apple lifestyle.
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    iPad Air takes top tablet spot in December while iPad 2 sales drop significantly

    Apple kept that iPad 2 to appeal to budget shopper. Someone wants an iPad but can't afford or justify to cost of buying the latest one for 3 times the price. It's dumb, the iPad 2 is dated. Time to ..... Moderator edit: Please watch the language.
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    Ipad to TV

    For clarity sake, there is no such thing as a first gen ATV2 .. ATV2 refers to the second generation of AppleTV (aka 720p) then there's a 3rd gen Apple TV aka ATV3 aka 1080p. You'll need an airplay-enabled anything (receiver, tv, setop box) in order to get your iPad air to display on your TV...
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    iPad Pro

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    Itunes download

    If this is a rental, don't worry about it expiring as long as you haven't started watching it. If you're talking about a purchase, you'll need to load it into an iTines library with some type of space. If you're on your Apple TV you can find any purchases in home screen, by selecting, iTunes...
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    Apple iPad Air Screen Protector: Is it Necessary?

    Nah, don't bother with screen protectors. Waste.
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    New Apple user - New iPad Air owner, need help with Windows - large file transfer to

    If you're having serious issues, just get a free dropbox account, and then setup the app on your iPad and load all your epubs through your dropbox and open on your iPad. Problem solved. The only *Moderator Edit -- Please watch the language* part is that books will be available as long as you...
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    Welcome dude.
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    How do you carry your ipad mini?

    In my briefcase.
  18. Junior

    Ipad 5

    As the prices of storage media drops, the next model will have bigger storage options. That's the only reason I'd get one at this point.
  19. Junior

    Itunes photos - help !!!

    Use iPhoto for easy handling of your photos, so it displays properly on your iDevices and you can create, events, albums and folders. Simplest and easiest way. If you're on a Mac, there is an OSX application that is called 'image capture' which works well if you want to just manually...
  20. Junior

    In car charger

    I picked up a 12v cig. light charger that has 2 usb connections for $10 at Winners (in Canada)... Simplest and easiest solution. I also bought another Apple USB to Lightning cable so I could always leave it in the car.
  21. Junior

    I-Tunes library

    Have you sync'd the media library from your iTunes (computer) to your iPad?
  22. Junior

    Color of your mini

    White everything.
  23. Junior

    Photos with iPad Mini Camera

    Not really using the iPad mini for pics. iPhone 5 picks up the slack.
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    Separate iPads

    I'd get your wife to setup the iPad with her own Apple ID (for iCloud) and go through all the motions as if she's setting it up from scratch. Once it's complete and all is setup, go into Settings and change the iTunes store account ID to yours. Share apps and have two stand alone iPads with...
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    Is screen protector neededfor ipad 4

    Up to you. The 4th gen iPad uses tempered glass. A little more rugged against minor scratches. It comes down to your plans of keeping the iPad long-term or resale. Lots of people get screen protectors because they're thinking about resale value when the next iPad is released. Makes it easier to...
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    I need way to print from IPad

    Print Central allows you to use any printer on your network. The catch is that you'll need a network computer on and have the applet loaded to allow network print from iDevices. The cost of the app likely offsets the cost of buying a new printer though.
  27. Junior

    Play netflix from ipad on tv

    While I haven't done this yet on my iPad mini, I did do it with my iPad 2 and the answer is yes. I use airplay and Apple TV for that now though, so I can't confirm the iPad mini does it, but me thinks it does.
  28. Junior

    Ipad 2 apps to ipad mini?

    Welcome back.
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    Cleaning ink off smart cover?

    I've used magic eraser to clean up some wear dirt. Ink might be tough to remove though. That's pretty permanent. Good luck.
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    Clash of Clans right now. Religiously. (not Cydia) but it's free, so might be up your alley.
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    Should i upgrade

    Nothing to lose. Everything to gain.
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    So, ipad 2 users, what are your upgrade/update plans?

    Kept my 64 GB 3G iPad 2 and then added a 64 GB LTE iPad mini over the holidays. I like taking my mini with me when I leave the house. At home, I'll use both but I find myself leaning more towards the mini because it's easy to throw around.
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    I tunes

    You'll have to remove the credit card associated with the Apple ID you're using to make purchases in iTunes/App Store on your device. You also can't make an accidental purchase since any download/purchase needs to be confirmed by entering the Apple ID password before they charge you. Cheers.
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    So new!

    Heyo welcome.
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    Is it my iPad or is it Facebook?

    Glad to see it worked out.
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    App won't finish installing

    Which iPad do you have?