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    The Olympic Torch Relay

    It doesn't head up my end for another few weeks but I'll be there taking photos no doubt. I'll probably be focusing more on the spectators though, as I'm mainly interested in street photography, but you never know.
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    What is the first app you ever download on your ipad?

    iBooks I think, because it told me too!
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    Just feel like raging

    Time to invest in cloud backup
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    Yahoo’s New Axis Search Browser Lets You Sync Bookmarks

    Just found out its only available in the US, and will be available in the UK later this year. Really annoying, I don't see the point!
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    Yahoo’s New Axis Search Browser Lets You Sync Bookmarks

    Same, and I can't find anywhere on the web that says its not available in the uk app store either. What's going on? This is quite annoying because it looks like a really good browser and I'm excited to try it out :(
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    Yahoo’s New Axis Search Browser Lets You Sync Bookmarks

    The link doesn't work for me, does that mean this isn't available from the UK app store?
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    Videos in Safari

    If you jailbreak then vlc is available on cydia. Then you can also use ifile to find the file you downloaded and paste it into the vlc app. I do this all the time with downloaded vids. Works great.
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    3rd party charger cable

    I bought a 3m long iPad charger cable so I can have my iPad on charge and still use it without having to sit near a wall socket. However, when I connect it a message pops up saying 'charging is not supported with this accessory' This is strange because my iPod nano will charge fine with...
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    Feeling a bit strange when in public

    I use my iPad on trains and coaches, not on busses or out in the street. I once saw someone using thier iPad to cross off items for their shopping in a supermarket. Even as another iPad owner I couldn't help but think 'what a prat'.
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    How many Brits on here?

    Chip barm dipped in gravy is the way forward. If you've not tried it, get ready for your life to change.
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    Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7 HELP

    This is the only part of the game I got stuck on. You have to ride the bike head on directly towards the dragon and contantly ringing the bell. Then when it covered its ears ride towards the right following the studs and don't stop ringing the bell. You should just be able to see the vault...
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    Making a portfolio app

    Over 2000 views and no replies? There's obviously an intrest for this. Surely somebody can point me in the right direction with this?
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    What kind of music do you like?

    I personally like house music, anything deep and soulful, 90s hip hop and a bit of indie. Not forgetting a few classics like the who, the smiths, and maybe a bit of ska. I really like modest mouse too, even though they don't really fit in with any of the above.
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    Best and Worse

    Best: Handing in the last piece of coursework for my degree and having a few drinks afterwards to celebrate. Worst: too much drink! ;)
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    How many Brits on here?

    I live in Blackpool
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    Scratches Already

    When your screen is turned on I bet you can't see them anyway. So what's the point in worrying about it? An iPad is a device made of glass that you use with your hands. It's going to get small scratches every now and again.
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    Web browsers that very rarely crash

    iPad 1st gen, 32gb wifi, iOS 5.0.1, jailbroken with redsn0w.
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    Web browsers that very rarely crash

    Im getting quite tired of how often safari crashes on my iPad now. Can anyone recomend a web browser that rarely crashes? I've tried atomic, but that still crashes often.
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    Paper Towel

    I'd have done the same. If you're really worried make sure it's completely off and leave it in a bowl of dry rice in a warm place for at least a week. The dry rice helps any moisture escape. I did this with my phone after dropping it a puddle and it worked for me.
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    College students: Tablets will replace textbooks by 2017

    It's true. I got my iPad shortly after they very first came out. In my first year. Everyone stared at it in lectures, and I felt like a show off for using it. Now I'm in my third year, and it seems like everyone has one!
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    Photo books

    theres ibooks authur. i have it on my mac, not sure if its available for windows.
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    April 1

    i told my girlfriend that we had maggots in our bed, and that there were thousands off them because a fly must have burrowed into our mattress and laid eggs. she nearly cried.
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    Making a portfolio app

    I'm interested in making an iPad app for my photography portfolio. Is this possible, and if so how would I go about it? Cheers
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    John Carter

    Thanks I'll have to have a listen
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    New iPad wifi rocks

    Haha gaylord...
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    Those with cameras

    I had the dp2 before the x100. Great little camera, especially on sunny days.
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    Who's made the jump from 1st gen to 3rd gen?

    That's exactly what is happening with mine, but at the same time I'm not sure I can justify it yet when I know I've still got an iPad right I front of me that (apart from the quirks you mentioned) works fine. I know that when I see one for the first time I'll probably want it. Also what...
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    John Carter

    Ive heard that this film is set to be disneys biggest flop. What did you think of it? To be honest, I enjoyed it, but I'm not going to lie and say it was the best film I've seen recently.
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    Those with cameras

    What kit are you using? I currently use a fuji x100, it's beautiful and perfect for street photography. I've always been a 'one camera one lens' person, so this camera suits me fine. Also I prefer using smaller cameras and rangefinders over slr's. Unless you're shooting landscapes...
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    Who's made the jump from 1st gen to 3rd gen?

    And is it worth it? It's either a week away in summer, or an iPad 3! So from those of you that made the jump, how satisfied are you?
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    Ipad2 webcam chat sites?

    Would it work using the sky fire browser? I've never used it, but it's supposedly allows flash...
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    Game emulators.

    Got a nes emulator but I only got it to play the lion king! Used to love that game when I was a kid
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    Narrow Minded

    Lots of people are like that. People develop a brand loyalty. Don't get me wrong, I love apple. I use a mac and I have an iPad. But I also have an android phone, because I don't see the point of having an iPhone and an iPad... I like to mix things up a bit. Android is brilliant.
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    Ipad keeps dropping apps

    Newer versions of ios use more ram and the iPad 1st gen doesn't have as much ram as the 2nd and 3rd gen models. Make sure you close all you apps regularly from the multi tasking bar. Sometimes fully turning the iPad off and on again helps too. Also when I want to play memory hogging games like...
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    No Wifi!!

    Have you tried a full restore?
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    Can anyone recommend any decent Space Exploration type games

    Galaxy on fire 2 Dead space Mass effect I'd say galaxy on fire 2 is probably the most suited for 'space exploration' it's brilliant! The other two are more 'shoot em up' based in space. But I'd say all three are probably the best iPad games on the whole app store
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    First impression, well....underwhelmed

    You have to take into consideration the lighting conditions you are viewing you're iPad in too. It would be nice if apple offered some kind of screen calibration option... But I'm not too bothered, that's what my MacBook is for.
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    Is there an App that-

    I think 'box' lets you do it
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    3d tv

    I'd say Avatar is a must!
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    Anyone who owns a 1st gen iPod nano

    Apple are recalling them due to a potential fault. I hadn't used mine for years, and it was in terrible condition, with a broken screen. I managed to find it at the bottom of a drawer and sent it off. That was 5 weeks ago, and I had completely forgotten about it... So I had a nice surprise...