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    10 Signs The Apple iPad Has Made You The Most Annoying Person Ever

    These are actually pretty funny because a lot of them are true. :D
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    2nd Impressions after a week

    Haha I do that ALL the time as well...hitting the "n" key when I type instead of the spacebar.
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    Power Tests

    In all these tests...WHY CAN'T THEY SAY WHAT THE SCREEN BRIGHTNESS WAS SET AT?! Seriously...that is the most important part of the test to me as it makes a HUGE difference.
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    Amazed with how cool the iPad runs

    It said it was 100% charged when I got it but Im hoping it was incorrect as I thought the charge was going down pretty quick. Now it's at 7%. I'd say I used it about 6 hours with just browsing the web really, screen brightness at full. Im thinking it will be better once I actually do a full...
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    1st Impressions.......

    First impressions... The screen is amazing. It's crazy fast when zooming in, changing Apps and other system stuff. Easier to type on then I thought it would be...getting about 35 WPM through a typing test. A little heavier then I expected. A but more awkward to hold with with one hand...
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    Sneak Peak at SleekGear's iPad Dock

    I like the idea but I don't like the ergonomics of it...too bulky. Hopefully other manufacturers will come out with similar products.
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    iPad Apps are up in Itunes!

    The Netflix app is live! Get it while it's hot!
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    Check with your local Apple Specialist...they may have iPads Saturday...

    Put in your Zip Code on this page and do a search and you may be surprised by the responses when you call. There are 2 stores within 35 miles of my location and I called both... Store #1 said: We will have them on display, I can't say if we will be selling them...
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    64GB 3G Auth Gone

    Best Buy...Saturday morning... 30 day return policy and no restocking fee (from what I've heard) You figure out the rest. :D
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    Apple is being reckless!

    The big line outside woudln't tip you off that it's for the iPad? So basically you are saying that you want to walk into the Apple store and pick up an iPad and be out of there in 5 minutes or otherwise it's a very souring experience and Apple is being reckless? I think you're expectations are...
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    Apple is being reckless!

    Great...then you go to the store and wait in line to get one and there is a chance that they may sell out before your turn comes. Isn't this how it has worked in the past with Apple or any sort of product?
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    Apple is being reckless!

    What are you talking about? If you reserved one...there will be one available for you until 3pm. Its as if you ordered online for home delivery...except this is delivery to the store instead.
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    UPS shipment changed locations (states) overnight?

    IT NEVER SHOWED IT WAS IN YOUR CITY! :) It showed "UPS Internal Activity"...not "ARRIVAL SCAN". The internal activity is just something at the UPS hub...some sort of notice they received, but it didn't mean they got the package. When it shows "ARRIVAL SCAN", then it's in your city.
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    I thought tracking would make it easier to wait?

    It means Saturday delivery is not available to your address.
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    UPS Exception Just Posted?!?!

    That's not true. It doesn't say that the iPad got scanned at your location, only that there is an "Internal Activity" going on there, most likely a meeting in the morning for UPS drivers.
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    64GB 3G Auth Gone

    Same here.
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    UPS Exception Just Posted?!?!

    No, you are the Consignee. What it's probably referring to is that the service selected, in this case Saturday Delivery, is not available to your address. You will probably get it on Monday.
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    I thought tracking would make it easier to wait?

    Just wait for all the heart attacks when some people check their tracking information on Saturday and it doesn't say "Out for delivery".
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    Shipped! With tracking number!

    Yea, Apple has said that if your area does not have Saturday delivery, then you would receive it on Monday the 5th.
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    Shipped! With tracking number!

    Yes, it is too late. All new orders being placed now will arrive April 12th. If you reserved for in-store pick up, they will not run out, that was the point of reserving. They will have one for you until 3pm. If you do not go to the store by 3pm, they will release them for people who did not...
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    Rumor has it that Canada release is April 24th - 3G too?

    MacDailyNews - Apple iPad to launch in Canada on April 24th? Apparently April 24th has been set as a "black out day" for Apple stores in Canada, meaning they can't take a day off. I wonder if the 3G iPad may also be released on this date.
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    The lamest criticism of the Ipad

    Why are people so offended that it's called a giant iTouch? It is a giant iTouch...AND THAT'S OK! The iTouch (and iPhone) is a great product...the iPad takes that and improves on it, by giving it a bigger screen and more processing power.
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    UPS Exception Just Posted?!?!

    It is probably because Apple asked them to hold the shipments until Saturday (or Monday). If Apple had not asked them to do that, they would probably already start delivering as soon as today or tomorrow.
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    We get at least one major OS upgrade for free

    By the time 5.0 comes out, Im sure all the early adopters will be ready to buy the next iPad with new hardware features. Shouldn't be an issue.
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    Apple posts iPad guided tours

    Where did you get that info? Sounds great, was just wondering though because on Apple's site, it says: Apple - iPad - Innovative spreadsheets in just a few taps. Works well with others. Numbers on iPad lets you open spreadsheets created using iWork or Microsoft Office. So if someone emails...
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    My NEW Problem--Opinions Please

    Did you check your Barclay's account online (if they have an online account site)? Does it show that you were charged? What happened initially was that Apple pre-authorized the charges but then they fell off, it was just a funds verification. When they went to charge it again to ship it...
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    Ebay auctions already?

    Hmm...I may just go and see if I can pick up an iPad or two from Best Buy on Saturday and put them on eBay...I mean why not, people in Europe would probably love to get their hands on them and with the Euro to Dollar conversion, it comes out good for them and good for us.
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    Apple posts iPad guided tours

    I think this is going to be the biggest obstacle for people to you hold this thing. We are used to keyboards on a desk or laptops on a desk or our lap, with the screen holding itself up, so you can type with one hand and maybe hold a coffee with the other, or the phone, or...
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    Apple posts iPad guided tours

    I remember reading somewhere that you can either view it as a bookshelf or you can view it by categories and sub-categories, and apparently very detailed.
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    Apple posts iPad guided tours

    Well...sure enough, it looks like propping your legs up in a requirement for using the iPad.
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    Apple posts iPad guided tours

    So far, after watching 4 videos...all of the people are shown with their legs propped up when using the iPad.
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    What other Apple products do you own?

    Man some of you guys have a crapload of stuff! Ive' got... PowerMac G5 2.2GHz PowerMac G5 2.0GHz 30" Apple Cinema Display 24" Apple Cinema Display Apple TV iPhone 3GS IPhone 3G
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    iPad CONTEST for iPadforum members

    You guys need to do this contest for every time zone as it's not very fair to anyone not on the East Coast.
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    Apple charged my bank account today

    Apple Pre-Auth'd the 3G's in error. Apple Online Supervisor just got an email stating to do whatever it takes to reverse pre-auths - especially if they are debit cards and have emptied someone's bank account early. The pre-auths for the 3G's should have been placed a few days prior to shipping...
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    Apple charged my bank account today

    Apple charged the cards right on pre-order day but the charge dropped off, it was just a funds verification. This could be another funds make sure people that ordered still have the money available. Kind of dumb though to tie up people's funds like this though.
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    Today apple charged me for the 32g wyfi/3g--too

    Apple charged the cards right on pre-order day but the charge dropped off, it was just a funds verification. This could be another funds make sure people that ordered still have the money available. Kind of dumb though to tie up people's funds like this though.
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    Apple charged my bank account today

    A bunch of other people are reporting their accounts are being charged, including 3G orders...and some called Apple and the automated system is telling them that their order is being prepared for shipment. iPad shipments getting started. Apple charging credit cards. 3G too! | 9 to 5 Mac
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    Apple charged my bank account today account just got charged and I ordered the 16GB+3G! Whats up with that?
  39. H

    Apple charged my bank account today

    Lucky! I got the's going to be a while until my account gets charged.
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    NEW!! - Sprint 4G phone: Instant wi-fi hotspot for 8 devices...

    To the user, does the core different really matter? If they look the same and function much in the same way, I would say it's the same. And yes...Snow Leopard and Leopard are basically the same OS in my eyes. Different OS's would be like OS9 and those are different. Or Windows 7 and...