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  1. Bingoldsby

    Upgrade to new iOS 6.x.x without using DFU?

    Thanks, Willerz. Appreciate it.
  2. Bingoldsby

    iTunes Backup Date Won't Change

    "The voice of Dayton" - Thanks! I didn't think about the incremental thing. The last December's backup that IS in the list should be close enough. (In case you don't remember, I'm from Yakima and been through your town dozens of times.)
  3. Bingoldsby

    Upgrade to new iOS 6.x.x without using DFU?

    Alright.... thank you for the response. The next question is, which .ipsw files to select for my devices. I looked the other day and honestly, couldn't determine which ones were right for my devices. I have an iPhone 4 and an iPad 2. I got the iPhone in about April or May of 2011 and the iPad...
  4. Bingoldsby

    Upgrade to new iOS 6.x.x without using DFU?

    Is it really necessary now to upgrade my jailbroken 5.0.1 to the latest (6.1.2 now?) by downloading the .ipsw file to the computer first, then putting the pad into DFU mode? It seems like I read somewhere that upgrading through the normal iTunes restore method would work 99% of the time. Thanks
  5. Bingoldsby

    iTunes Backup Date Won't Change

    After having performed backups manually on both the iPad 2 and my iPhone 4 in the latest version of iTunes, I see that the date of "Last backed up to this computer: 10/5/2011 4:33 PM" remains. I have done this backup procedure many times since then and that date never changes. The backup...
  6. Bingoldsby

    Official IOS6 Jailbreak Status Thread

    Does the new Jailbreak method require a live connection to the Internet? That, given I have updated the iPad to the latest iOS and it's ready to go? Oh yes, and what is iPad 2 "Hardware Revision A" ?? (one of the .ipsw OS files offered for the WiFi-only iPad 2). I can't remember if I have...
  7. Bingoldsby

    iTunes backup date not changing

    After having just downloaded/installed the latest version of iTunes, I have also just syc'd the iPad and the iPhone. The date of the last backup did not change from 15 months ago for either pad or phone. I did a "manual backup" twice and that date still says "Date of last backup - 10/10/2011."...
  8. Bingoldsby

    Official IOS6 Jailbreak Status Thread

    My only Internet Connection is through the iPhone. Will this next iOS6 jailbreak (thinking about the phone now) be possible given that condition? The last jailbreak (iOS 5.0.1) to both iPhone and iPad was done using downloaded copies of the new iOS files, fetched by someone else and put on a CD...
  9. Bingoldsby

    Help - Lose 3G When Jailbreaking

    I had that problem with my Verizon iPhone about a year ago. I removed Mobile Substrate and re-installed it, and the 3G came back. One thing EVERYONE who has this problem might try BEFORE removing the OS and reinstalling/rejailbreaking is to put the device in safe mode (Hold the volume up button...
  10. Bingoldsby

    Icab web browser help

    There are more "Settings" for iCab Browser in the iPad's main settings app.
  11. Bingoldsby

    iOS 5.1.1 jailbreak

    The problem for me is that my only internet access, generally, is through the iPhone, and downloading that upgrade file would be painfully slow, and painfully consuming of my "unlimited" data allowance quantity. That goes double, because I have both the iPad and the iPhone to do. Thanks...
  12. Bingoldsby

    iOS 5.1.1 jailbreak

    I've kept putting off going from 5.0.1 onward. Anyone think there is a compelling reason to do it now? I don't, but that could be because I just haven't taken off the blinders for some time.
  13. Bingoldsby

    Offline Maps - again

    I guess I should have been a little more clear on my lack of understanding issue. It's not the Galileo app I can't figure, it's the Mobile Atlas Creator program that I can't get a handle on. It has a "readme" for instructions which provide about no guidance at all. I probably should send MOBAC...
  14. Bingoldsby

    Offline Maps - again

    I have just downloaded Galileo Offline Maps app (it's for jailbroken phones/pads), and then purchased the comprehensive package of add-ons. I'm sure it will be fine for my needs. After that, I downloaded the Windows application, Mobile Atlas Creator (MOBAC), which will create custom maps from a...
  15. Bingoldsby

    iPad and Bluetooth GPS

    I don't have much suggestions on your problem (you're probably one of the very first of us to have one of these), but please let us know how you get on with it. It does look interesting. One thing that comes to mind is that of doing the hard restart - holding home and on/off buttons until the...
  16. Bingoldsby

    Monitor WIFI usage for hotspot only

    Smaxwell, You don't say what kind of "Hotspot" you are referring to, so the responses seem to preclude that it is an iPhone. How about telling us what the hotspot actually is, and you might get some different answers. As far as me knowing about apps that can keep track of data flow between...
  17. Bingoldsby

    Cant update from 5.0.1 to 5.1.1 on Ipad2

    To me, a better bet when upgrading firmware is to fetch the entire .ipsw firmware file with another computer (the one that has iTunes on it, perhaps, as it has to be placed on that computer anyway), and perform the upgrade completely offline. Downloading a 720 (or so) Mb data file can be a...
  18. Bingoldsby

    Official iPad2 Jailbreak Thread

    How long should we (or could we) wait to upgrade a 5.0.1 JB iPad2/iPhone4 and jailbreak? Seems like things might go smoother if there aren't a billion folks trying to do the same thing at the same time. For that matter, is there really any compelling reason to upgrade and rejailbreak at all...
  19. Bingoldsby

    Apple Stylus!

    That linked story has a date of Feb. 3, 2011. I'm not sure it could actually be considered "news." I have a standard stylus that works very well on the iPad. Perhaps I'm somewhat out of the loop on what's important to those who are interested in graphics applications.
  20. Bingoldsby

    I need some help JB ipad 2 no 3g

    I had this same problem with my iPhone 4 on Verizon. It would not go off of Verizon O - which is the equivalent of Edge, I'm sure. I went into Cydia and reinstalled "Mobile Substrate." That fixed me right up and haven't had a problem since. I suggest you do that first. I had to something more...
  21. Bingoldsby

    Trouble with Cydia (on the iPhone)

    [[ EDIT ]] Oh, nevermind. I had failed to think about doing a hard reset, and that fixed it. pfffffff Today, on the iPad (which I tether through the iPhone), I was able to do some updates in Cydia to several apps and system modules. But, for some reason I can not do the same from the...
  22. Bingoldsby

    BtStack Keyboard/Mouse better on 5.0.1

    Boy, getting a concensus on about anything at a place like this might be difficult, but I like the Logitech BT mouse. I can't remember the number (and it's not listed anywhere on the mouse itsself). It's smallish and has a two-tone Blue/Black top. Works just fine. I also have the MS Bt5000...
  23. Bingoldsby

    Help with btstack mouse

    Look on Cydia for "Prevent Sleep." I'm sure it is a free app, and should keep your pad from loosing its connection with the mouse and mouse app. Let me know what comes of it. I'm sorry it's been a couple of days for you. I've been not keeping as close track of the board as usual. Good luck...
  24. Bingoldsby

    iPad Printing Solution - Portable Printer Needed

    Keith, Thank you for posting this information about the 470 mobile printer. I have one and have been trying to determine how it might be done. I have a laptop with the AirPrint addon software module, but that's a pain in itsself. I'll have to obtain the dongle and give that a try.
  25. Bingoldsby

    Why I can't read .epub book?

    Susja, I'm not sure if you also have a PC, but if you do, you might think about downloading and learning to use Calibre... an e-book (my generic term for downloadable books) management and converting program. Look it up and I'm sure you will be interested.
  26. Bingoldsby

    Any apps to take notes with a stylus?

    I have the app "Notes Plus" and although I haven't played with (used) it much, it does seem like it might be just what you want. You can scribble with a stylus and it has a resizable palm rest, use a keyboard, or audio record which continues to record even when the app is put the the background...
  27. Bingoldsby

    Just saw this posted on a RV site I visit.

    Didn't detract from the hilarity of it :D
  28. Bingoldsby

    Trying to understand AirPrint Printing

    Thank you, but I'm not interested in setting up a router. I am using my iPhone as an access point for internet and tethering my computer and iPad by WiFi to the phone. That in itsself is complexity enough and often problematic. I just thought that these wireless printers could actually be...
  29. Bingoldsby

    Trying to understand AirPrint Printing

    I have been looking at new printers, the HP Envy 110 / 114 models. I managed to find (in the very small print) that the printer requires a WiFi network to function as an AirPrint printer. I live in my motorhome (alone) and honestly, I don't really need a WiFi network, router, ethernet cables...
  30. Bingoldsby

    What happened to my iMovie?

    I'll have to look into that. I don't look at iTunes much anymore. It would have been the version for 4.3.3 - and not sure if it will function on 5.0.1. In fact, I had suspected that it is not installed now because of a gross incompatibility, but also not sure of that. I was hoping for some...
  31. Bingoldsby

    What happened to my iMovie?

    I just read through a post further up the list, which deals with that issue and something else that I don't understand. Thanks for the info, but I'm going to stay on the safe side of this one. I just cringe when I read about the poor folks who unwittingly made bad choices like that and are now...
  32. Bingoldsby

    Not iPad

    Many, many members of this iPad group also have iPhones. I'm sure you can be part of this group with questions or interests about iPhone. The iPhone is really just a tiny iPad :) It wouldn't bother me one bit to have you included. Welcome (from me).
  33. Bingoldsby

    prevent update to 5.1

    Now I'm having a problem - on my iPhone, which just this morning showed the update available message" with the "No Update" app already installed. When I open "Settings" the "No Update" loads and goes through its check... but when it says "working like a charm," it stays with that message on...
  34. Bingoldsby

    What happened to my iMovie?

    Ya, I didn't notice that it was missing after 4.3.3 which is where I last came from. Oh well... there might be something else (although I suppose this hints at how important it was to me). Thanks, FB
  35. Bingoldsby

    What happened to my iMovie?

    I was just looking at a "New" iPad review, which mentioned iMovie. I thought, "oh, I have that." ... but I see now that I don't - I guess after the 5.0.1 & Jb Updates. I looked at it on the Apple store, and inteed, it has an "install" button, but won't without an upgrade to 5.1 I bought and...
  36. Bingoldsby

    prevent update to 5.1

    I got it. I think I missed the "Respring" button at the top of the Winterboard theme console the first time around. Better write back to the developers and let them know of my folly. Thanks. Brian - Sent from my iPad using iPF
  37. Bingoldsby

    prevent update to 5.1

    I do have Winterboard installed after all, and have set the Badge Remover toggle to on, but still have the settings icon badge and others. It seems to not actually be working. Is there something else that has to be done to activate Winterboard theme controls otherwise? [[ EDIT ]] There are...
  38. Bingoldsby

    prevent update to 5.1

    Fooey... I don't think I have that installed, or want to. But to be fair, is it a safe app for installation now? I did put it on the iPhone in the beginning, but haven't given it much thought of fiddling since. Thanks for the update. [[ EDIT ]] I also installed "No Update" on the...
  39. Bingoldsby

    prevent update to 5.1

    I have an iPad2 WiFi I have just downloaded/installed "No Update" and "Badge Remover." I STILL HAVE badges. I have resprung and rebooted. It says this is a "Theme" and I'm wondering if there is a toggle for it or other control to activate it. I have SBSettings, but can't find anything...
  40. Bingoldsby

    Using ipad via my iphone to get online

    I guess we can presume you are in the UK. Despite that, we need to know where you plan to go and if you have made any arrangements with carriers, either at you home location or your destination, for service. You have not given enough information for anyone to make any reliable response.