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  1. ravynshadow

    Help Using I-Tunes Make Folders & port PDF

    I add PDF files like this go to file > add folder to library > select folder from your hard drive I don't know how this will work for you I have only done three PDF files. There are several apps that are designed just for PDF files you may find more useful for your needs just search the app...
  2. ravynshadow

    We farm friends needed

    My id: ravynshadow
  3. ravynshadow

    Who doesn't own an iPhone . . .

    If I didn't have to go with AT&T to get an iPhone I would have one but until they are available through a different carrier I will stick with blackberry
  4. ravynshadow

    Just got my iPad. Have a few questions!

    Try an app called u and facebook for iPad, in the iPad manual it says some computers may not charge the iPad using USB and the USB doesn't have enough power to charge the iPad while the screen is on. From what I understand calculator will be included in the ios4 update I could be wrong though
  5. ravynshadow

    Shameless Promote Your Book Thread

    Nice everyone having read all of my favorite authors books I am always in the market for books by new authors and you have given me quite a few books to look at so thank you all and I can't wait to see more.
  6. ravynshadow

    Magazine suscriptions

    Yes zinio is a nice app I get iPhone life subscription it was ten dollars for a year (6 issues)
  7. ravynshadow

    iPad through Court Security? Hot Car?

    You can also get one of the insulated bags you use to transport frozen foods and keep it in the trunk so if you have to leave it in the car, the bag will keep the heat down I have used mine for several electronic gadgets in the past and they all have done good.
  8. ravynshadow


    Download Audio Books, iPod And Digital Audio Books | Downloadable Online Audio Books | Audible Audiobooks | has a good selection of audio books
  9. ravynshadow

    Stanza and Kindle Apps

    I didn't know that amazon bought stanza I do like the stanza app hope it doesn't affect it. B&N bought fictionwise I would like to see the bn app able to import and (also purchased by bn) books as I have a lot of books and the app they have is iPhone and...
  10. ravynshadow double billing?

    I had to call apple I was sent a ship notice and checked my account the money was still there so I called apple to see why they told me yes my iPad was on the way and the money was on hold in my account but should be taken in a day or two so I checked the next afternoon and the money was gone...
  11. ravynshadow double billing?

    They had the money on hold but didn't take it until it had been in transit for three days if you read before you tell me what happened you would have seen that I said it was pending/holding so don't tell me they didn't do it that way
  12. ravynshadow double billing?

    They didn't take the money from my account until a day before I got my iPad so it was already in transit for three days before the money was actualy taken not just pending
  13. ravynshadow double billing?

    Check your account online it should show if you have a debit and a pending give them a call and they can release the pending but you may find your bank is overly cautious and the first call was for the pending and the second was for the actual debit
  14. ravynshadow double billing?

    When I ordered mine they did a pending for the amount then released the amount then took the money it seemed like two charges but it wasn't
  15. ravynshadow

    Recently got an iPad :D

    So far there are very few things I can't use mine for I take online courses so I use it a lot for that only problem comes when I need certain software like dreamweaver other than that it's great you will go nuts waiting for it or at least I did but I'm impatient.
  16. ravynshadow

    Comcast mail

    Use two fingers to scroll a box on a web page I have to do it that way on blackboard
  17. ravynshadow

    Apple iPad case FINALLY!

    I have read several bad reviews on the apple case but come back after a few weeks and let us know if you still like it I'm still looking for the right case I have looked at zoogue but have not decided yet
  18. ravynshadow

    How often is your iPad with you?

    Mine is with me at all times even if I don't think I will use it I will still have it in the car who knows when you will get stuck waiting on some one or something and need to entertain yourself.
  19. ravynshadow

    Call me jealous

    I am looking forward to the folders I have to many apps some don't show and the multitasking will be helpful for my classes.
  20. ravynshadow

    What do you think you'll use your iPad for?

    I take online classes and I will use it for that plus I use it to read books get on the Internet and as an organizer
  21. ravynshadow

    Alice In Wonderland for iPad

    I tried the free version and I loved it I am going to buy it so when my nieces come over to stay the night we can read it. They are 3 and 6 years old I think they will love it we looked at magazines on my iPad the other day and they fought over who got to turn the page. It is an app I believe...
  22. ravynshadow

    Hello from Houston!

    There are tons of note taking apps it just depends on what you are looking for just look around a lot of them have light versions so you can give them a try before you fork out the money
  23. ravynshadow

    DVD rip

    I have 3herosoft DVD to iPad converter try it out I have only used it once so I can't tell you about any problems until I use it a little more
  24. ravynshadow

    Eye-Strain while using iBooks (iStrain?)

    I have had my iPad for about two weeks and have read seven books with no problem and some of them were quite large Stephen king books oh and here is a link to the Thai book rest good for propping up iPad to read...
  25. ravynshadow

    We Rule Friends Needed

    You can add me ravynshadow
  26. ravynshadow


    On zinio the magazines I looked at you could get a subscription or just buy one issue I mostly looked at tech and science magazines
  27. ravynshadow


    TFH Magazine :: The World's Aquarium Magazine Since 1952 For anyone interested in aquariums they have a digital subscription but you have to view it online but it is iPad compatible
  28. ravynshadow


    Just found eMagazines Digital Magazine Marketplace
  29. ravynshadow


    I am also interested I just got an email from TFH (tropical fish hobbyist) you can get a year digital for $1.00 and they work on the iPad you were also entered in a drawing for an iPad when you subscribe.
  30. ravynshadow

    What Do You Sync With (Mac or PC)?

    I use a laptop running windows 7 on one hard drive and Linux on the other no problems so far.:ipad-peacock:
  31. ravynshadow

    iPad owners average age

    31 here
  32. ravynshadow

    Am I missing the obvious?

    I also didn't realize how to scroll text boxes when I first got my iPad but it worked out good I did a search and that's how I came across this site so it worked out great. I found a great site and learned how to scroll plus many more ineresting things since joining.
  33. ravynshadow

    Convert B&N books to IBooks

    The cost is the reason I have books in all of the ereader apps some I only have a few books on others I have over sixty books so that is my desire to have a universal app so I don't have to remember what book I purchased for what app they would all be in one like a real book shelf
  34. ravynshadow

    Convert B&N books to IBooks

    There needs to be a universal app I have books in kindle, iBooks, bn and ereader. I would prefer to use one app for all of them I have used stanza but there always seems to be errors in them.
  35. ravynshadow

    Hello from Port Chester, NY - iPad as a speech device

    You can go to AutoVerbal app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch from No Tie Software and see a demo video of the auto verbal talking soundboard in use hope this helps
  36. ravynshadow

    Hello from Port Chester, NY - iPad as a speech device

    Gino I just took a look at the app store there is a program called auto verbal pro talking soundboard it is $4.99 it has pre programed buttons and text to speech it says it works for non-verbal patients but I really can't tell you anything more if you know someone with an iPad maybe they could...
  37. ravynshadow

    Am I missing the obvious?

    If I am understanding your question to scroll in a box you use two fingers in the box you want to scroll in. One finger will scroll the web page and two fingers next to each other and swipe up and down in the text box will move only the content in the box. It does take some practice until you...
  38. ravynshadow

    best iPad apps for students

    I use istudiez pro to keep track of the chapters I have to read and the work I have to do. Out of the 26 apps I have for students I like it the best. I also use iTunes U the last I download was to help with my java class so there are tons of things to help it just depends on what you are studying.
  39. ravynshadow

    Canadian iBook Suggestions

    Is available they are pretty good
  40. ravynshadow

    Greetings from grey, drizzly England

    Your welcome I wish there was a really good universal app to read them all stanza doesn't do to bad but I have found the prices and the books carried vary so I use them all. stanza I use for reading PDF books a lot of the time and the bn app let's you lend out your books.