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    Facebook share button .

    Same here - there's no sharing option in the iOS app.
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    Facebook share button .

    Still no sharing or tagging but, aside from that, the new app is an amazing update. So much faster and the iPad now supports Timeline properly.
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    my Ipad 3 doesn't charge from USB2

    A few of the motherboard manufacturers produce similar utilities - I use the Gigabyte one with my Gigabyte mobo and it works fine, allowing the iPad to charge although still nowhere near as quickly as from the mains charger.
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    Loving my Ipad, but.......

    I know what you mean but can you really blame them? Apple are leveraging their range of devices and iCloud to provide an entire "ecosystem" of products which work seamlessly together. The idea is not just that their products work well together but that, once you have one or two of them, you...
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    Scratched my new ipad using a charging dock

    Gelaskin FTW :)
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    What kind of speeds with LTE?

    We don't have proper 4G yet here in little ol' England but I heard some of the reviewers in the US were getting around 40MB/s downstream!
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    Folks couldnt see screen difference!

    Consider this though... The iPad is a 9.7 inch display, so assuming a 4:3 aspect, which it is, then when held in landscape mode that's 5.82 inches high (no I can't be bothered actually measuring it :p) On the iPad1/2, you had 768 pixels in this space, which is 0.007578125 inches per pixel...
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    Portable charger

    Wow, 54Ah!? Link please, this must be a monster! :)
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    Portable charger

    You're right, the iPad3 battery is 42Wh and I believe it operates at 3.7v, so that equates to just 11351mAh. The biggest external battery I could find from a quick search was rated at 11000mAh and even their own stats said it would only achieve a 70% charge of an iPad 3, obviously due to losses...
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    Portable charger

    Eh? The battery in the iPad3 is twice that capacity.
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    Folks couldnt see screen difference!

    I appreciate that some older people have deteriorating eyesight but I'm honestly staggered how many younger people have told me they can't see a difference, even when I load up stuff where there is a marked difference. I'm genuinely think a lot of people need to get their eyesight checked. I'm...
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    Retina screen - only on iPad

    A lot of it is subjective and depends on what you're used to. Displaymate tested the iPad screen and said the colour reproduction was extremely accurate and close to that of a calibrated reference display. I'm inclined to think that the iPad screen, providing you don't have one of the duff...
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    iTunes Wireless Sync problem

    WiFi sync is a joke. I used to have it working on all three of my devices. It was very slow and very shaky, with devices appearing and disappearing almost randomly at times. Now though, none of my devices will even show up via WiFi any more. Nothing has changed and I've checked everything...
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    WiFi Sync

    WiFi sync is the flakiest thing I've ever seen tbh. It used to work semi-OK for me but recently has just stopped working altogether. Nothing's changed but neither my iPhone, nor my iPad nor my iPod Touch appear in iTunes over WiFi. Nothing's changed, everything is set correctly and I've tried...
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    GPS ability with the iPad3 wifi only

    Still nowhere near as accurate as GPS and, if there are no WiFi hotspots around, you're screwed.
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    Apple's Official Name for the new iPad?

    To be fair, the vast majority of Apple products don't have versions or generations in their name, so the iPad 2 was the anomaly really. It's only really the iPhone which has a number in its name and even then this didn't reflect the actual version or generation until the 4 came along, as the...
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    New ipad takes lomger to charge then ipad2

    The battery is around 70% higher capacity so yes, it'll take much longer to charge. I've seen reports of around six hours from totally flat to 100%. Basically, just leave it overnight. Make sure you use the supplied charger rather than a generic one or a PC USB port.
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    Could I use new ipad 3 in UK?

    Forget 4G - even when we get it, the version in the iPad3 won't work as the US uses different frequencies. It'll work fine on 3G over here though. Can you actually buy a 3G/4G model outright in the US? I thought you had to buy them on contract from a specific carrier? If you can buy one...
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    iPad text messaging

    This is only possible via iMessage, which Apple introduced with iOS 5. If enabled then it allows you to send messages between iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches via Apple's iMessage service rather than SMS or MMS. The advantages are that it uses your data connection rather than SMS or MMS, and...
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    16 or 32GB

    What movies and in what format? I encoded Avatar direct from Bluray through Handbrake and it came out at around 3GB for a 3hr film, so the vast majority would be under 2GB. Granted I encoded it to the 1024x768 resolution of the iPad2 and, if you wanted it at higher res for the iPad3 then it'd...
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    16 or 32GB

    Jeez, anyone would think the apps will take around 5GB each! Read the OP's post again, for her needs and uses, 16GB will be absolutely fine.
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    How will I notice improved screen resolution on new iPad?

    It's like the argument of 720p versus 1080p - with continuous tones you won't really notice the difference but on high-contrast edges you will. For example, with most movies I find the difference between 720p and 1080p quite subtle, but when I watched WALL-E on a 720p TV after seeing it on my...
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    The NEW iPad screen

    The oleophobic coating works and works well. I don't have anything on the screen of my 4S and very very rarely need to clean fingerprints off it at all, whereas a colleague has a protector on his and is forever cleaning it as it gets so covered in muck. I really don't get screen protectors on...
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    Front Camera on The New iPad !

    Exactly what Gabriel says - the limiting factor is the bandwidth required so, even if they'd increased the resolution, it'd just end up being scaled back down before transmission.
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    ipad3 black or white?

    Sorry but personally I think white iPhones and iPads just look cheap compared to the black ones. I don't know exactly why - maybe it's that they just look a bit more 'plasticy'?
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    The Official I pre-ordered my iPad 3 Thread!

    Are we in the UK allowed to join in? :) Sold my iPad2 and have an iPad 32GB 4G on order for next Friday \o/
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    Watching movies on an iPad2.

    Handbrake works perfectly for me on Win7 x64. Have used it to convert all manner of formats and it'll even rip directly from DVD or Bluray and convert to an iPad format on the fly, providing you use something like AnyDVD to strip the DVD/BD protection. Excellent product.
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    Ipod to Ipad

    Ah right I'm with you now. Backups are a must really - I couldn't sleep at night without full, daily backups of all my machines (I have a lot). Regards the cloud, I'm not sure what this would do for you in terms of backing up your music. iTunes Match would allow you to access all your music...
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    Bluetooth problem ?

    Although more iPhone related than iPad, Apple really need to get with the 21st century and start supporting Remote SIM Access Profile for BT!
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    Ipod to Ipad

    As said, any music that's on your iPod must be in iTunes or you'd not have been able to get it on the iPod in the first place. At the simplest, just connect up the iPad and sync all the music from iTunes to it just as you did with the iPod before. Whether the tracks were purchased via iTunes...
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    Getting Iphone Messages Sent To IPad?

    Providing both the phone and iPad are on the same Apple account, then if an iMessage is sent to your mobile number, it will arrive on the phone only, whilst if it's sent to your email address, it'll arrive on both.
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    Buy iPad2 or wait for iPad3?

    If you wait for an iPad3, your wife will just nick it and you'll get her iPad2 so you may as well just get one now :D
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    Ipad 2 going back

    A "superior innovated device"? I've lost count of how many people seem to think that Apple need to add flexibility and more functionality to their devices and/or iOS to continue to compete. Various forums are filled with techies who think the answer to improved sales and continued competition...
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    Any media center ??

    Well they don't really have a full "media centre" type application but they want people to use iTunes for all their music and video needs really so they won't like third-party apps which promote sourcing material from 'other' sources I guess :)
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    Any media center ??

    You can install XBMC on a jailbroken iPad but I doubt Apple would allow any such software on a 'standard' one as it'd compete with their own offerings.
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    SweetPoison's iPad 3 thread!

    TBH, if you think the iPad3 will come with twice the memory, an A6 processor and a retina display yet be the same price then I think you're living in a dream world. I personally believe that Apple are waiting for the retina displays to increase in availability and come down in price before...
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    How do I delete Facebook messages from my iPad2

    I don't think you can delete messages, either from within the Facebook app or the Messenger app. Incidentally it's impossibly to permanently delete messages from Facebook at all - it looks like you can but, the moment that person messages you again, the entire history will re-appear. As for...
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    When to turn off my I pad 2

    Or just four-finger swipe upwards :)
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    Dock that's compatible with Coverbuddy?

    Bought a Switcheasy Coverbuddy rear case/cover for my iPad2 and I love it. The only issue (I knew this beforehand) is that it obviously won't sit in the dock with the case on, meaning I either have to remove the case or just not use the dock at all. Does anyone know of a third-party dock that...