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    Are you buying the iPad 2?

    I would like to but I'm being swayed by the Samsung Galaxy and Moto Xoom. I'll wait until June/July to make a purchase. I already own the iPad1 16gb (wifi only).
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    Bible formatted well for iPad?

    You can also try PocketBible. Go to apps store and search for PocketBible. It's my primary KJV Bible app. gB
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    PhatNotes for iPad

    Phatnotes for iPad can now be purchased from the App Store. As I stated in June, it's a fantastic app. gB)
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    Why would I want to upgrade to 4.2.1?

    No problems encountered with my upgrade. I'm happy. gB
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    How-Tos with 4.2

    Very helpful information. I finished upgrading 4.2 & a clean and error free upgrade - knock on wood. 'preciae y'all. gB
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    Well.. My screen got cracked today

    I'm with Hasty. Just get a new screen and cover. Great advice. What did you buy it for, looks or productivity?
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    Linux And IPad

    Interesting post and replies. Yay Ubuntu but my iPad is getting addictive.
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    The iPad is just too heavy! :(

    Too heavy? LOL.
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    Can't post in forums on the iPad??

    I can post to his forum using Safari. The iCabmobile browser don't work. I don't know why.
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    Best Third Party Calendar App

    Great app. I haven't experienced any crashing or freezing.
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    For the older users out there....

    Over 40 & mainly my iPad is used for Internet surfing, Twitter, news feeds and schedules and tasks. I read a lot using the Kindle app.
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    Hi from China

    Howdy from New Mexico, USA. Welcome Pard.
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    Looking for a Timeline app

    I figured it would be difficult to find a timeline app for iPad. So I, forgive me, I purchased this M$ timeline app at Timeline Maker Software | Professional Buy Now .
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    Wanting to use the iPad in the classroom

    For general studies I would use Note Taker HD, WritePad and Notebooks. I'm not a power user and I'm sure there will be others who will recommend their preferences. Good luck.
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    Lets see you with your iPad!!!

    You go first.
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    Looking for a Timeline app

    I've searched the App Store for a timeline app and can't find one. I would like to organize my school year using a timeline rather than a calendar. Any suggestions?
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    Stupid Mall Security Rent-A-Cops

    Sounds to me like his "assumed" authority has gone to his head; just like every wannabe cop I've dealt with.
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    how is the google ipad?

    Blow it off... Ain't worth the bother of tour time & expense.
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    My iPad is a tank (survival story)

    I was sitting with my iPad Friday evening, set it down, forgot it, and went to dinner with my wife. I returned five hours later, remembered where I left it, went outside and retrieved it. Yep, it survived a drenching rain storm. Not quite a gully-washer but pretty dern close. These are hardy...
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    What's the Secret to Putting on Screen Protectors?

    It took me about three hours of "practice" with my screen protector/anti-glare sheet before I watched a YouTube video and then after that I slapped on the baby in ten minutes. Viola! No herpes.
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    PhatNotes for iPad

    Phatnotes for iPad is a fantastic app for the iPad. I love it already and it's going to be a keeper - definitely.
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    iPad addiction

    Hi. My name is George...
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    prompter apps for iPad

    Are there any pastors who are using an iPad prompter app to deliver your sermons or lessons? If so, which app and how effective is it? I appreciate any responses.
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    How to Organize the Apps?

    Hey IPAD4ME: I appreciate the tip on resetting the icons in the home page. Cheers:D
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    What's the latest app you've downloaded?

    10 pin lite.