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  1. scotty frank

    Ubuntu on iPad

    I think that Ubuntu would be great on the iPad. I love the linux platform.
  2. scotty frank

    Apple strikes again - Major Textbook Deal

    They may not be proper for high and middle schools but to people like me in college paying for my education I literally can't afford to be distracted. Therefore I don't see it as a deterrent to my education. But I know that some other people would not be able to resist its other features. This...
  3. scotty frank

    iPad vs HP Slate

    Apple and HP both better have their guns ready. I have a feeling that the chrome os is gonna make its appearance on a tablet to compete with this. Although the Chrome OS is useless without wi-fi if the kernel is modified to become more than a completely internet operated OS Apple and HP are...
  4. scotty frank

    Apple strikes again - Major Textbook Deal

    If all textbooks will be available this will be my prime use for the iPad, college books are too hard on the wallet this would be a perfect solution.
  5. scotty frank

    The Coffee Thread (now brewing up hot cups of info!)

    I am very very jealous sir.
  6. scotty frank

    The Coffee Thread (now brewing up hot cups of info!)

    You cant really beat a good local coffee.
  7. scotty frank

    The Coffee Thread (now brewing up hot cups of info!)

    I figured I would start a thread for the coffee freaks out there. Exchange different coffees, methods, foods that agree with types of coffee. So whats everybodys favorite kind of coffee?
  8. scotty frank

    Valentines Day.

    Ah no real plans, valentines day is a fluke lol. Maybe see if the little lady wants to go out to eat.
  9. scotty frank

    You laugh, You lose

    Whats say we start up a "you laugh you lose" thread. If you have never been part of one of these just post the funniest stuff you can find on the internet (WS of course) and post here, if you laugh then you lose. Annnnnd.....GO!
  10. scotty frank

    Initial Accessories Pricing

    Yes sir lol. I think that the dock should have just been available with the iPad in the box....but wait....thats not good business and marketing...and it would be to easy....
  11. scotty frank

    Threat to PCs.

    The iPad is a cool gadget but does not threaten the pc/netbook world at all. The iPad is appealing and might be a nice little thing to take with you on short trips so that you can facebook and what-not. But in my opinion to a business person the iPad seems useless compared to a netbook. But for...
  12. scotty frank

    400 users in 4 days!

    In the words of the great Ron Burgandy "wow...that escalated rather quickly didn't it?"
  13. scotty frank

    Steve Jobs speaks, we listen!

    Despite the fact this is an Apple forum, I have stated that I am a Googlenaut.With that being said I believe Jobs is barking up the wrong tree calling out Google like that. Google has a hand in every pot right now(for the most part) they are working on everything. I believe that Android is a...
  14. scotty frank


    Well hello to you too.
  15. scotty frank


    I am willing to speculate that the iPod hackers and "modders" will have a solution to that issue rather quickly.
  16. scotty frank


    I am partial to the Chromium OS idea but then again I am a Googlenaut.
  17. scotty frank

    The BAD.

    I too am very surprised at the lack of multitasking. Even the iPod and iPhone can multi task....
  18. scotty frank

    iPad Keyboard Dock

    I agree it would make taking notes in class a lot easier for me. Not to mention how much easier it will be to carry around than my huge honkin ASUS.