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  1. Elizellen

    Looking to share audio and video on Zoom meetings - need help!

    It was good to see that you are still here J.A.! I have been trying to follow the instructions on the Zoom help link you gave for a few weeks but with no success - can never get a level of sound high enough for participants in my zooms to hear! But I will keep trying and if I find a solution...
  2. Elizellen

    Looking to share audio and video on Zoom meetings - need help!

    I am pretty sure you have to be Host or Co-Host to share screen
  3. Elizellen

    Looking to share audio and video on Zoom meetings - need help!

    Hello all! I used to post a fair bit here when I got my original iPad in 2010 and mini1 a year or so later and have been managing to do all I need without bothering you experts until recently. However after many google searches for a solution to my current dilemma I suddenly came across an old...
  4. Elizellen

    could recharging problem be caused by this cold weather?

    My apologies if this has already been covered but I am low on battery and so not much time to browse the forums to find a similar thread. this last week my mini ipad (original model so fairly old now) has not recharged consistently and the last couple f days has not recharged at all despite me...
  5. Elizellen


    I use my Mini 1 when out and about as well as at home. I also use my original iPad (bought June 2012) for stuff that doesn't need an up to date app like reading books, playing audiobooks, emails, playing card games etc as I prefer the larger screen and keeyboard when in bed without my contact...
  6. Elizellen

    iPad 2017 How to lock/unlock screen rotation?

    Thank you for that tip - it explains why she has only intermittent success!! I will pass that info on to her.
  7. Elizellen

    iPad 2017 How to lock/unlock screen rotation?

    Just reporting back! It took a while for my friend to get the hang of using a one finger swipe up to access the control centre, but she got there in the end. I also showed her how to use a 4 finger swipe to see all open apps, but she is still trying to master that consistently!!
  8. Elizellen

    iPad 2017 How to lock/unlock screen rotation?

    Thank you J.A. for the clear instruction. You are a star!! And thank you Lanny - as you guessed - I did not know how to access the control center but now I do!
  9. Elizellen

    iPad 2017 How to lock/unlock screen rotation?

    Hi all! My friend (who will shortly turn 85) has been given a new iPad 2017 by her son after her old one had problems and cannot find how to make the screen rotate from portrait to landscape. It is set in portrait mode, which means that when she watches TV or films the picture is small. The new...
  10. Elizellen

    iPad Mini 1 upgraded to iOS 9 - will it slow down?

    I have a Mini 1 and was intending not to update the IOS for fear of having problems due to the old hardware. However, though I am sure I have always told it not to upgrade, I must have clicked awry a few days ago as it now is on IOS 9.3.5!! I have not noticed any problems yet apart from it...
  11. Elizellen

    Today is my 6th year with iPad forums.

    Thank you to all the administrators and moderators who have deftly flielded all the questions about iPad problems over the past 6 years. Though I did not register here till July 2011 I was already "lurking" using the old app from 2010 to learn from others' questions and responses as I learned to...
  12. Elizellen

    Will jailbreaking iPad 1 enable it to run iOS 9?

    I use the native "mail" app on my iPad1 to access an assortment of email addresses. Have you tried adding your gmail account to Mail via the Settings page?
  13. Elizellen

    Mini2 losing emails and apps

    As for your IPF app - it doesn't work any more, hasn't for several years now if I remember correctly. Some people use Tapatalk to access the forum.
  14. Elizellen

    Replace digitizer/ touch screen

    I bashed my original mini against a wall (reading as I walked) and have cracks spreading across one corner from near the home button. I just covered the cracks with clear parcel tape and it has worked OK for over a year.
  15. Elizellen

    Shipping Speed?

    Wow - that was fast!!
  16. Elizellen

    Upload Textbooks Files to iPad Without iTunes

    I use Dropbox for this Not sure what their limit is for free use, so it might not hold all of your books for free, but you could transfer all of your books some at a time.
  17. Elizellen

    Where can I find a photo sent via Bluetooth?

    Thank you for your suggestions, Dave and Joanna I got her to email me the photo.
  18. Elizellen

    Where can I find a photo sent via Bluetooth?

    sorry I forgot you'd need extra info :( It is on 7.1.2 The photo was sent to me from a an Sony Xperia-1 phone using Bluetooth I had did have Bluetooth switched on it is not in my camera roll --------- edited to add . . . we have just tried again and it looks as if we need to connect the...
  19. Elizellen

    Where can I find a photo sent via Bluetooth?

    this is a very basic question, but I have been sent a photo via Bluetooth and cannot find where it is on my original mini IPad. any clues?
  20. Elizellen

    get rid of red dashed lines....

    It looks as if you have Auto Correct turned on. Go to Settings - General - Keyboard and slide the button beside "Auto-correction" to the Off position
  21. Elizellen

    IM on skype

    I always thought J.A. had superpowers - she just tells your ipad what it should be showing you and it follows orders!!
  22. Elizellen

    Can I "piggyback" my wifi only mini to go online via my Ipad cellular

    rats!! Thanks for the suggestion, Dave. I'll look into that option
  23. Elizellen

    Can I "piggyback" my wifi only mini to go online via my Ipad cellular

    I am going on holiday later this year to a holiday park where wifi will not be available in the accommodation. I have an original Ipad cellular model as well as a wifi only original mini ipad. Is it possible to get online to use my wifi only original mini ipad somehow using my original Ipad...
  24. Elizellen

    ipad storage size via serial number

    If you go to "settings" and select "general" then "about" you can scroll down and see the Ipad's capacity and what space is available
  25. Elizellen

    its worth reading and learning of other people's problems, just in case

    Good suggestion! :) I have found that a couple of times I have found the answer to my problem by reading about how someone else fixed it on the forum!
  26. Elizellen

    Documents app problems

    It would be fiddly to do, but you could always do a screenshot of each page of your CV and then upload those one at a time.
  27. Elizellen

    IOS Sucks thread

    It was the same for me just a moment ago! Edited a few minutes later to add I just went back to the thread and there is an extra post on it, so some people are able to post to it - maybe just "Staff Members"?
  28. Elizellen

    Ipad usage history

    Too late for this past incident, but if you had set up the "Find my Phone" facility you could have gone on line and set it to "Lost Mode" as soon as you realised you had left it there to stop anyone accessing it.
  29. Elizellen

    What are the people circles

    No, Sania, they are just people on the poster's contacts list with whom they have been in contact recently.
  30. Elizellen

    Ipad keeps resetting itself

    I find if I close all other apps down that I can watch a film or TV programmes without this happening. Sometimes there is the option to download the film or programme and watch it offline so you can even close your wi-fi down as well to free up as much RAM as possible.
  31. Elizellen

    Numbers...How to graph vs time of day

    Thank you, Larry!
  32. Elizellen

    Is it possible to interrupt a game at regular intervals?

    Better then for the OP to set his own alarm and just tell them to stop when it rings!
  33. Elizellen

    Is it possible to interrupt a game at regular intervals?

    Maybe you can set a timer and let them know that when it rings they must stop and (insert other activity) for x minutes? I assume that as they are small they are not too far away to hear an alarm going off.
  34. Elizellen

    Numbers...How to graph vs time of day

    I've just downloaded the free version for myself - thanks for mentioning it! Does anyone know if it is possible to put previous readings in or does it only log numbers for the current date/time?
  35. Elizellen

    Help with You Tube app

    I have just doublechecked and yes I am, Pvol
  36. Elizellen

    Help with You Tube app

    The YouTube app on my Ipad 1 started acting up a while ago so I deleted it then went to the Itunes Store and downloaded it again. It first told me the updated version was not suitable then offered to let me download an older version. This has been working fine for me - I have been catching up...
  37. Elizellen

    no sound when alarm triggers??

    Is your volume slider set too low at the top of the "Sounds" section in "Settings"?
  38. Elizellen

    Ok, new question

    Its small size so I can even put it into a (large) inside pocket and use it when attending hospital appointments without needing to take a bag with me. As I use a mobilty scooter I like to have no extra clutter to have to keep an eye on
  39. Elizellen

    if used 2-3years, battery must replace?

    My original Ipad (IPad 1) battery is still going strong after nearly 4 years of daily use.
  40. Elizellen

    Does anybody know what font is it in the picture?

    Have you checked out