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    The New iPad

    Well, I think before you upgrade to the new iPad, you should know what the difference between the iPad 2 and new iPad(3rd-gen), and make sure you really need the new functions on the new iPad. If you clear this questions and can afford the new iPad, then turn to and go for it. FYI, some iPad 3...
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    How to Play 1080P videos in the New iPad ?

    Yeah, the new iPad(3rd gen) support 1080p in .m4v, .mp4, and .mov, so there is no problem to put the 1080p .mov on the new iPad and no need to crop~
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    iPad 1/2 to iPad 3???

    keep my iPad 1 just waiting for the iPad 3! So of course will turn and go for an iPad 3 ;)
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    Top Apps (Games)

    Well, maybe the free apps and games are popular. Such this list of free ones are in my collections: Moderator notice-no external links!
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    The NEW iPad? What the heck is the name?

    Yes, I think it should be the iPad HD, as it update the display to retina display.And with better resolution, better camera, I think I would turn to the 3-rd gen iPad, and sell the first gen iPad . Hope the apps such as I got before are compatible to the New iPad well... Moderation Notice:​...
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    Emailed videos

    Yup, Photos app won't work with WMV. You need mp4 or mov format. Maybe you could get GPlayer and have a try.
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    Suggest app

    Yeah, there are many apps, skype, MSN, Google+ chat...
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    Opening .MOV files

    Well, iPad support .MOV, you could open it. Oh, I know the problem, you should download the MOV video files off, you couldn't open in the email box!
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    free medical ebooks

    Yeah, you could turn to the Apple Store in iTunes, and this list you could take a look, might get the one you wanted: MobileRead Wiki - Free eBooks
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    Video formats for iPad2

    As your videos recorded using digital camera are in Quick Time Movie (.MOV) format, think maybe you'll need to convert it to 720p. Though the iPad is 1,024 by 768 pixel screen, the screen is in a 4:3 ratio which is the exactly the same as an old CRT television set. Many of us are have gone on...
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    best handbrake preset for ipad 2

    Apple TV or iPad, both are OK. Actually if you searched in this forum, you could find the answer: Handbrake Presets for iPhone 4 and iPad
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    Netflix vs. Hulu

    You could watch Hulu on the ATV: How to Watch Hulu on Apple TV 2
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    Kindle books

    And now the Kindle app has updated: Kindle for iOS updated gives iPad users access to Kindle Fire's magazine collection | TUAW - The Unofficial Apple Weblog
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    Just Google "Download and Embed YouTube video to Keynote on Mac" Maybe could get the solutions :D
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    What do u do with your Ipad?

    Think this thread is similar to this one: To the Op, maybe you could explore from that topic. I think could use the iPad 2 to do many things, reading books, listening music, watching videos...
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    Download free eBooks

    MobileRead Wiki - Free eBooks
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    Loading your DVDs to the ipad

    +1 Handbrake Well, for those who use Handbrake to convert DVDs for iPad and iPhone, can get the preset for iPad from this topic:
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    3D Wallpaper Pro Now live in the App Store

    Anyone have cool 3D halloween wallpapers? would like someone could share here ;)
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    ipad 2 and iOS 5 and iMessage

    Well, iMessenge let you can text from the idevice, and it's free to anyone that has an IOS 5 device. And the ability to play 1080p vids really makes me exciting! Then maybe I don't need to do so much converting with iFunia. Maybe could make the Apple TV to be a HTV centre. That's so great!
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    How the iPad Helps One Child With Autism

    Wow, seems great! And there is another reason to buy the iPad without this five list: 5 Reasons to Buy iPad 2 | The Apple iPad Fan - iPad 3 news
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    Apple is worth more than . . .

    AWesome, but we can'd admit that the Apple's value, as its product are so popular, maybe not only herd behavior, but really worthy that, just read this "5 Reasons to Buy iPad 2", I think there are more list of reason to buy an iPhone/iPad...
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    Ipad 2 build quality

    Or maybe you could turn to a Apple Store and get the tech help from there, :)
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    Welcome and enjoy your visit here. Well, for jailbreaking, you could turn to this column: Jailbreaking & Hacking Tutorials & How-To Guides - Apple iPad Forum
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    Best Buy or Apple Store

    I would like to turn to the Apple Store, and as you said, it's local, so you could use it and have a experience yourself! :)
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    Well, Air video will do this work for you. Read this Let's not and say we did ~ you can read this when you return. Please STOP posting external links!
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    audio codec

    How about use the Handbrake to do the converting for you? It has iPad preset, read this tips "Handbrake Presets for iPad and iPhone 4"
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    apple tv capabilities?

    And you also can play iPad video on the TV. No external links, please!
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    Just bought a ipad 2

    Enjoy it! But I just read this: Rumor: iPad 3 will feature safer, smaller, lighter battery | The Apple iPad Fan - iPad 3 news :D Of course you can stick with the iPad 2, it's cool, anyways.
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    Steve Jobs Resigns as Apple CEO

    Oh, an end of a fantastic era! Hope he's OK. BTW, may the iPhone 5 is his out of print Phone? That should to be a collection! News have rumored that the iPhone 5 will launch this Oct. Rumor: iPhone 5 Launch Oct 7, Pre-Order in Sept
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    free video player

    AirPlayer, Oplayer are great I think.
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    Analyst Says iPad To Dominate for the next Decade

    Have to admit that the iPad really is innovativem, and deliver an experience that a mass market enjoys and appreciates. Just like my iPad, watching movies(Much portable! though lack flash support, but with some tools like ifunia can easily solve the problem), check emails, surfing, reading...
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    Apple TV

    yup, that the app is not fully supporting AirPlay, you should check first for sure. For more Apple TV tips, this wiki could do some help: AppleTV 2 - AwkwardTV
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    Apple TV question

    And check this Appe TV wiki: AppleTV 2 - AwkwardTV
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    Yeah, some universal apps are comaptible with iPad and iPhone, then you can just download the iPhone version to iPad. For iPad apps, think this list of best iPad apps might interest you ;) Best iPad 2 apps - Pocket-lint
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    Syncing iPod touch using my iPad

    Well, for sync to iPad, found this post after searching, may this topic be similar to you? Any way to sync iPod directly to iPad? | iPad Forums
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    Best word app

    +1 iWork, do well jobs! ;)
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    Best free apps

    I would like to recommend Netflix App, Free and the coolest app for watching free movies on iPad. And sometimes the apps depends on your personal preference, here is a list of Best iPad(2) Apps: Best iPad 2 apps - Pocket-lint you may choose the one you like~
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    Original IPAD

    Hmm, 4.3.3 +1, so far stable for me, and I like multi-tasking~