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    Okay need an app that does invoicing/bookkeeping.

    I searched for Fresh Books on the Apple Store, but nothing? I'm looking for an app like Easy Books or Time Master+Billing. Basically I'm a freelancer who contracts my time out for certain creative and/or marketing jobs. Sometimes I need to bill per hour other times it's a flat rate. I'd...
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    Best app to use FACEBOOK

    Check out MyPad for Facebook it's really cool. I'm using it and love it. There's a paid and a free version here's the link to the paid version MyPad+ - for Facebook for iPad on the iTunes App Store
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    Okay need an app that does invoicing/bookkeeping.

    Just to rebirth this thread, I'm looking for something along the line of Easy Books, but without the hefty price tag. Any suggestions?
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    The iFaraday Stylus---A Review

    Why was my post removed??? As I mentioned in the removed post I have the same set and none of the stylus' leave greasy marks. There is no substance impregnated in them.
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    The iFaraday Stylus---A Review

    Here's the link
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    iPad Stylus used for writing???

    I'm using SmartNote and have ordered the Faraday stylus set. I've tried all the other stylus' out there with little success.
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    Do you think the smart cover is the best case for ipad 2?

    I like the smart cover
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    How many apps do you have?

    I've got 80 on my iPad and a few others that I've taken off but left in iTunes.
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    A Much Better Notepad..

    Thanks for the information. I downloaded and you're right it is quite good.
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    Wanting to use the iPad in the classroom

    As I mentioned in another thread I really like CourseNotes App for the iPad! it's VERY good
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    CourseNotes a really great app

    I'm studying externally my Advance Diploma and came across this app. It's really a great app which has been well though out. Check it out at their website CourseNotes App for the iPad!
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    Anyone using Bento?

    I've been considering Bento, but not really sure if it's useful or just doubling up on existing apps like iCal, Address Book, etc I'd like to keep track of my studies (course outline, study program, results), keep my passwords in one place, keep track of appointments and clients and generally...
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    Sketchbook Pro

    I have ArtStudio. Would you say this Sketchbook Pro is better and why?
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    Early Edition or Reeder?

    I'm really loving Early Edition as well. It's the first App I load up in the morning before going to work
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    Yet another Office app released

    Check out Quickoffice site HERE They actually state "FREE Updates (coming in 2010): Create & Edit PowerPoint files" I'm a little annoyed actually because I bought the iPhone version a while back and now I have to fork out again for the iPad version
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    ===hello from Aussie!!!!===

    Hi from Canberra. I was going to get the 16GB but went with the 64GB wifi instead. You're really going to enjoy having an iPad.
  17. I Members - Suggest an iPad App

    Check out Whitenote. It's a great note taking app with both keyboard and writing recognition as well as many other features.
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    FREE Turn-By-Turn Voice-Guided GPS Navigation App

    Not available to Australia *sniffle*
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    Documents to Go or Office2 HD

    Go for Doc2Go it's way ahead and integrates so well with other apps like Google Docs
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    Anyone used Office2 HD?

    I'm using it and this version is easy and accurate to use. Makes me kind of regret spending all that cash on iWork.
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    Did anybody 'Reserve' their iPad In-Store?

    I reserved mine through the online store, but last Friday just couldn't wait any longer and bought mine at my local store b
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    Great weekend with iPad

    Glad you had fun with your iPad. It really is a must have gadget
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    How often is your iPad with you?

    I have an iPhone, but so far my iPad goes with me everywhere as well. Isn't it amazing just have useful the iPad has turned out to be?
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    What's the latest app you've downloaded?

    Check out Holoblog. Use it to post to Twitter, Facebook or email. Cool for Trekky fans
  25. I Members - Suggest an iPad App

    Holoblog is uber cool
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    Am I the only one sad enough .....

    The screen is the same as the iPhone 3GS. I've had that without a cover for almost a year and it doesn't have a single scratch. If you don't throw it in a bag with your keys and junk it'll be fine.
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    Before I go out and buy an iPad...

    You don't need to just buy it in an Apple online store. Go into an actual Apple retailer. I ordered mine online through and would still be waiting, but I went into my local Apple store and bought one last night
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    Official iPad Owners List

    Ok so I pre-ordered a 16 gb then changed my order to a 32gb. Problem was mine wasn't going to ship until June 7th and today was launch day here in Australia. Lots of folk lined up and early adopters receiving their pre-orders. It was driving me nuts! I'm sure a lot of you understand my...
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    Hi From Sydney - Awaiting my I pad

    Good luck to you. This is a pretty cool forum for iPadders. I'm in Canberra and the shipping date for my iPad is June 7th :(
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    DVD to iPad Converter - what do you use?

    I have Toast 10 on my Mac and they recently updated it to include an iPad convertor which is really cool because I have a few music video dvd's to do :) *EDIT* Having used Toast to convert a music video the sound was actually quite hollow. So I've gone back to Handbrake using the "universal"...
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    Skooba Netbook/iPad Messenger Bag Review

    No matter now I bought an STM instead. Locally made so much less shipping costs.
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    iPad Case Reviews

    Even though I have to wait until June 7th for my iPad to be shipped I've ordered the STM Micro iPad Bag. It's purposely made for the iPad and the Marware Micro Shell Clear
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    Skooba Netbook/iPad Messenger Bag Review

    Great review and I love this bag, but unfortunately it'll cost me US$40 to post it here even after speaking with Nancy from Skooba :( so it's a no go for me
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    What do you think you'll use your iPad for?

    I'll be using mine to hold my portfolio (I'm a professional makeup artist) which will be better than lugging around a huge binder of photographs. It'll also bemy appointment book, diary, time manager, emails, web surfing, portable entertainment (some games and occassional movies when on long...
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    Newbie from Canada

    Lucky you. Mine doesn't ship until June 7. Really looking forward to it too. Which one did you get?
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    Hi from Australia

    Hi everyone, I just pre-ordered my iPad from the online Apple Store (not shipping here in Australia until the first week of June). I ordered just the 16 GB model because I already have a 32GB iPhone with a ton of music and music videos on it. I don't plan on putting any of my music collection...