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    Cannot Turn Passcode Lock Off!!?!?

    Are you sure about that? I use gmail with Exchange server for push notifications and I can turn Passcode off. Is this only true with certain Exchange servers. I know gmail uses an emulator for IMAP services, but to the iPad it should appear as an Exchange server.
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    Steve's Legacy

    I know we all hope for Steve Jobs' recovery, but to be honest it seems likely this may be his last leave of absence. I was thinking about what marching orders he might give Apple in his absence. What direction to go. In fact he has always been going the same direction, as evidenced by this...
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    Why are people complaining about flash support?

    Except there is a second form of pancreatic cancer which has I very low morbidity rate. Which is what SJ has. He was first diagnosed in 1986, and had been doing well until around 2005. This is well documented.
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    Why are people complaining about flash support?

    Ya I was going to point that out. The author of AppAdvice saw it and was going to rag on Toshiba for being iPad hostile. Then he watched the video (on his MacBook) and decided the Toshiba tablet looks pretty cool. Good advertising knows it's market. I still haven't gone to view the video...
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    Why cant I run iTunes concurrently on 2 windows accounts on same pc

    I suspect it is mostly an iTunes design issue. They probably put a lock file under ProgramData and that will not allow two instances to be launched at the same time. I also suspect that if you could do this both copies of iTunes would try to bind to the same port and one would fail.
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    Double Resolution For iPad 2? Possible Retina Display?

    Not a crystal ball, it's just over a quarter century of building software and hardware myself. The processing power required to push over three million pixels is considerably more expensive and more power consuming than that required for the current one quarter of a million pixels at a framerate...
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    Double Resolution For iPad 2? Possible Retina Display?

    Remember that is not double the resolution, that is four times the pixels. Sadly they processing power isn't ready for a tablet device. That resolution will not be coming this year. -- Sent on my EVO 4G with Tapatalk
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    Biggest annoyance with the iPad?

    No you cannot. Can you see an iPhone or iPod touch or Android as a Windows Share? Ok, you can make an Android phone appear with an App, but most non PC devices don't do file sharing.
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    iPad 2 Minutes Ahead

    Two minutes into the future? Sweet. You could kill in Wall street with that capability. Sorry my iPad is currently on the second, but it doesn't seem to sync time very often.
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    iOS 4.2 too large to download

    Oh my goodness. I feel for you because with that plan I would go through the monthly data plan every day. As much as I get cranky with Comcast, I may have to hug my cable modem.
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    Here comes the competition

    I disagree, it only seems like bickering if you don't see the relevance of competition to the iPad. I believe the competition is going to make the products better for the consumers. While it is true a few people get into a religious fervor when stating their case, I don't believe that makes the...
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    Biggest annoyance with the iPad?

    You are reading too much into what people say. Just because someone says they "hate" some feature or some missing feature of the iPad does not mean they hate the iPad. You need to read what people say more discerningly. For instance, many of us hate how much college costs, but we do not hate...
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    Congratulation - New iPAD Application of OUR Forum

    Ok, after using this App for awhile I must say that it is really handy. Much faster navigation than with a browser. Easy to manage subscriptions. Handles quotes better than the standard browser interface, IMHO. And I like the Icon badge to see new posts are available. The only things I would...
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    Here comes the competition

    So because the Mac has a small market share you argue that it doesn't count as an example of OS market share? "I do not think that word means what you think it means." Except that iPhone is not and never has been: We call this the "ignore the...
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    An interesting read...are the competitors doing it wrong?

    So you really haven't followed Steve Job's career very long I see. ;) While he is a fanatic about design, he is also a fanatic about controlling his market and maximizing profit.
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    Poor video performance

    There are a couple of reasons this doesn't work as well as you might expect. First as far as buffering to the iPad storage I don't think most Apps even attempt to do that. They just use the iPad's RAM which is very limited. However, for a fast connection a small buffer pool is more than...
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    An interesting read...are the competitors doing it wrong?

    I agree for the most part. The other issue is that few people learn critical reading skills these days. People read something that agrees with their world view and never really consider the validity. The reports said Iraq had WMD, for example ;)
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    Congratulation - New iPAD Application of OUR Forum

    Interesting. I like Tapatalk pro on the Android because I visit a lot of different Forums. Unfortunately the iOS version is iPhone only and looks sad on iPad. I guess for now a dedicated iPad App is cool. I usually use Atomic browser for reading and posting. Has anyone here used the full Forum...
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    Here comes the competition

    We call that the "sticking your head in the sand" argument. It's like saying Macintosh is winning because they sell more computers than, say, HP. Ignoring the actual argument that Windows outsells MacOS 10 to 1. Android has eclipsed iPhone in the smart phone market. Argue anything you want...
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    Here comes the competition

    Nobody here has implied Android wil destroy the iPad. We have simply stated that Android is going to displace RIM as the top selling smartphone and iOS will be second place. Just as Apple invented the easy to use computer OS, but was overtaken by Windows because people perceived Windows...
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    What is your favourite iPad app?

    As someone else said you have to change the browser settings to identify it as a different browser. Many forums seem to think the iPad has a mobile browser that cannot handle certain text fields. I am posting this from Atomic right now.
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    An interesting read...are the competitors doing it wrong?

    Yes, I hadn't seen the new results published this week. Google Android Vs iPhone iOS: Subscribers Measured By ComScore : Online Social Media Android has overtaken iPhone for market share. Although I am not sure that is the case for international sales yet.
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    New Apple App Store Legal Agreement

    They usually boil down to two oddly opposed statements: This software is very valuable and any attempt to copy it or steal it will bring about extreme legal consequences. If for any reason you lose personal data or are damaged by our software it is completely useless and we can't imagine...
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    Locking down applications

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    iPAD Keyboard - Is it a joke ?

    ROFL... This is what happens when you post before reading the thread. Nearly sprayed my iPad with tea when I read that. ;)
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    What is your favourite iPad app?

    Atomic Web Browser - AppStore
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    An interesting read...are the competitors doing it wrong?

    Not a very good analysis, or more precisely what he is talking about is the low end market like cheap knock off products. The bigger competitors aren't as worried about what Apple is planning. Google has an excellent design team and Android is not copying the iOS look and feel because they...
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    Is there a way of connecting an external HDD to an iPad

    Remember with DropBox you can't stream. The files are copied to the iPad internal drive. So you don't really save space.
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    VLC player removed from App Store - Sucks big green donkey b...s

    How does a VLC developer asking for the App to be pulled from the AppStore seem to be iPad bashing to you? Or are you simply confused by the actual topic? The OP isn't about iPad at all, it is about a VLC developer who believed the GPL is incongruous with DRM.
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    My future tablet

    Hmm, at only 100 grams they cant have much of a battery, that is for sure. There is a reason the iPad weighs 1.5 lbs. It is interesting that in a survey taken of iPad owners the number one thing people said they liked was the battery life. As SJ said, you can't really call it wireless if the...
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    iPAD Keyboard - Is it a joke ?

    Actually those marks serve a purpose. Even though you cannot feel them they do serve as a visual cue when glancing at the keyboard. Professional typists and UI experts will point out that simply having the ones in the same place as they are on a physical keyboard helps the user to orient their...
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    Here comes the competition

    I think if you ask Steve Jobs he would disagree. While their software helps sell the hardware, Apple perceives itself to be a hardware manufacturer first and foremost. Otherwise they could make OS X available to install on any computer as an OS. They have tried that in fact, but decided they...
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    Here comes the competition

    I'm just glad we will see some serious competition. And we still haven't heard from HP and the new webOS they expect to ship this year. Apple will be "motivated" by these other devices.
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    iPad 2 with a few photos.

    Fake, and I like how they looked at the back of the tablet and saw a port for a "front facing camera." how does that work exactly? LOL
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    Here comes the competition

    Last year the iPad pretty much had the entire playing field to itself. None of the major manufacturers had a real tablet made to compete on form and functionality with the iPad. CES is wrapping up this week, and it is pretty clear that Apple's not going to be running unopposed. Several of the...
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    im taking requests for my next theme

    Some modern browsers have this feature built in, but just in case: iPad jailbreak - Google Search ;)
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    Anyone hoping for new ios UI

    The good news is that the competition is going to force Apple's hand. I don't think we'd have folders or the task bar on iOS today if it hadn't been for Android and others showing up on the scene. Google, HP, RIM, and Microsoft are not going to allow Apple to just run off with this market any...
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    iPad Apps Update Is A Pain

    Yes, the reason is the iPad has no mechanism for applying patches to fix only those bits that need fixing. I suspect that is more of a resource constraint issue. It is simpler to just replace the entire App than for Apple to implement a patch mechanism into iOS. I suspect that as we get more...
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    Poor video performance

    Video downloaded to the iPad plays slow too? Or just streaming. What router do you use? I watch Netflix daily on the iPad without issue.
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    Pressing the home and power button together is used to shut the iPad completely off. Perhaps you did that?