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    How many apps did you install?

    mostly social networks for twitter and ai.found them on gizmodo. also some like netfilx,imdb etc. around 12 or 13.
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    Folders on home page

    i think in the next OS upgrade it would be possible.
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    iPad for Students

    cool.never though of it as a school tool. some good applications there too.
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    Further delivery delays because of vulcano ash?

    this volcano thing has screwed up the entire europe it seems. all airports closed and all. some of my relatives are stuck there due to this.
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    Gizmodo Reviews 99 Apps

    some vool social networking applications there,though only 6.
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    Some Universities have banned the iPad from their wireless networks

    wow,instead of upgrading there security,they are banning ipads? stupid thing to do.
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    Wireless Bluetooth headsets with the Ipad?

    so whats the verdict? which one should i opt for? i need them mostly for entertainment stuff like movies,music etc?
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    Hi Guys Lisa Here!

    lol.looks like u r in love with ipad. dreaming about ipad.:D
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    What do you hate the most about your Ipad?

    i didnt knew about the OS development. that would be a great thing to have. bcoz right now i hate both lack of multitasking and no flash support.
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    My iPad Review, and iPad vs. Kindle 2

    i agree that kindle is a good ereader but with apple being always famous for the applications and accessories,its much better option to have an ipad in the long run imo.
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    Fancy An iPad Stand for $0.69?

    i would simply love an ipad stand. quite useful. rather than using other covers and all to hold ipad,something much more appropriate would be great.
  12. L

    What iPad model will you buy?

    Apple iPad Wi-Fi 64GB - $699 though i now feel that i could have done with a smaller one.
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    What do you hate the most about your Ipad?

    As we know ipad is a great device but at the moment it has its limitations too. Especially multitasking and flash thing. I am kind of annoyed at mutlitasking not being possible? what annoys you the post?
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    What type of phone do you use?

    i own a blackberry storm 2. it is much better than the earlier one though nothing in comparison with iphone.
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    An eager iPad developer

    I am definitely interested in this. a couple of friends would like to test as well will tell them to post here.
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    Hi Guys Lisa Here!

    Already playing with my ipad here. got this baby the day it got out. BTW this forum is great. what are you guys liking about the ipad the most?